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what is the best headlight for a hhr

I used to run Silverstars all the time, but they would consistently blow. I went through about 3 pairs and had enough. I emailed Osram Sylvania and they were going to reimburse/replace them for me, but I would have had to ship the blown set with a receipt or UPC to them for proof.

Here is their response email.


Kevin, thank you for taking the time to contact us and sharing your experience. We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused to you, our valued consumer.


The life of any halogen bulb varies based on vehicle type, vehicle voltage, amount of time the bulb is on, road conditions, proper installation, and correct application. The average life of SilverStar® headlights are approximately one year. If the bulbs do not meet your expectations, we will replace them within a year of purchase when obtained through an authorized US retailer.

With our SYLVANIA SilverStar® products, the primary goal is to offer the brightest, whitest light. Research has shown SilverStar® headlights improve driver visibility and reaction time. However, since our SilverStar® headlights are up to 35% brighter and our SilverStar® ULTRA headlights are up to 50% brighter than standard halogen, they may have a shorter life span compared to our other products.

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Additionally, vehicle electrical systems are designed to operate around 12 volts DC and halogen bulbs are designed and rated to perform at a nominal 12.8 volts DC to achieve optimal performance. However, some vehicles are running higher at 14 and 15 volts in order to accommodate the increase in power needed to run electronics being used on vehicles. The result is shortened bulb life because an increase in voltage of as little as 5% can cut a bulb’s life in half. This is true for standard OEM bulbs and particularly, high performance halogen bulbs. Unfortunately, no adjustments can be made to the voltage since this is a function of the alternator output and electrical architecture of the vehicle.

We offer a wide variety of products to satisfy customer needs including brightness, durability, color options and increased visibility.

Please remit the following for each purchase along with a copy of this e-mail:

þ Failed lamp (s) or

þ UPC from the package and

þ Receipt copy


Attn: Consumer Care Specialist

275 West Main Street

Hillsboro, NH 03244

We’ll then process two sets of any SYLVANIA halogen product you like. We can do this for multiple vehicles if you choose just provide the year/make and model of each and specify what replacement product you’d like.

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We hope this helps restore your faith in SYLVANIA.


Keep your UPC and receipt, for when they blow. I mean, sure, sometimes these things happen, but literally happened to me 3 times. THREE TIMES in one year alone. No other bulb ever gave me a problem. I think maybe the filaments are weaker/thinner or something to output more light, therefore making them more fragile to voltage variations.

They state specifically that they are only projected to last a year. Its your call.