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what are the best h1 led headlight bulbs to use

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  1. Product Highlights Super durable, longer lifespan: high quality all-aluminum housing, ensure each bulb was durable and no breakable. unique hollow-carved heat sink design and powerful 12,000 rpm turbocool fan to ensure good heat dissipation. long lifespan> 50,000 hours, if you use led headlights to work 8 hours a day while driving at night, you can work more than 17 years. Powerful driver chip, can bus-ready: powerful built-in driver chip enables h1 headlight bulb to work with constant power without light attenuation due to unstable power supply, and has a power-off protection function to ensure product usage time> 50000 hours. and upgraded canbus work with 98% of vehicles without computer system error problems. Brighter and safer: h1 led headlight bulbs adopts the exclusive technology of top automotive-grade double-arrayed led chips structure, 16000lm / pair, 6500k cool white, 300% higher brightness than halogen bulb, perfect focused beam pattern and longer lighting distance, no dark spots in the lighting, to ensure safe driving at night! 10-min easy installation: almost 1:1 mini design same as halogen, perfectly fit into your housing and factory sockets without any modification, just plug and play h1 led, fast 10 minutes installation. (tips: if the led headlight bulbs does not light after installation, please reinsert it in the opposite way) Opl5 customer service: need help? all the car bulbs in our shop are guaranteed 2 years; if you have any questions about the product, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we have a customer service department to answer all your questions.

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  2. Product Highlights 【adjustable mounting】in addition to the brightness, we have designed the last fully adjustable 360 degree mounting collar, you can make simple angle adjustments for proper alignment of the bulb holders in order to obtain a luminous flux and a perfect luminous flux. 【very easy installation, ready to use】 the heat sink part is only 23.5mm long, suitable for 98% of the vehicle, after installation there is enough space for the headlights to breathe. can be installed in 20 minutes plug & play. some special cars may need canbus, like ford, so please contact us by email before you purchase it. 【super bright application on dobtechnology】 dob chip led in 6000k pure white color, improve light efficiency by 200%. beam angle of 360 degrees, no blind spots. boldly using an ultra-thin side design, make sure the uniform 360-degree light without any dark spots provides a wider viewing angle. do not blind oncoming traffic, no glare for other drivers. ensure your safety. 【perfect heat dissipation performance】the unique design of the double ball bearing fan, combined with 12,000 rotations per minute and double foldable copper core heat sink, guarantees maximum heat dissipation and makes our headlights shine up at 30,000 hours. ip67 waterproof driver and connectors. perfect performance in bad weather, like fog/rain/overcast ect. 【professional customer service and guarantee】 we are the professional manufacturer and supplier of this type of product, equipped with a team of professional technicians and a customer service team. we will do our best service to help you. we also offer 2 year warranties, all returns and dissatisfied points will have good service and will be accepted, contact us early, …

  3. Product Highlights 【emc system reduce interference】with built-in emc system, h1 led headlight reduce radio interference. besides, the possibility of causing error on dashboard will be reduced and even prevent the aftermarket headlight bulbs from turning on and off intermittently. car headlamps kits with emc anti-jamming and short-circuit protection, which can effectively protect the origi… Notes: to enjoy better purchasing experience, please check the original bulb’s size before place order. this led bulbs can work with most 90% vehicles without error, but for some european vehicles( audi bmw dodge jeep),it may not light up or flicker first installation which indicate to install a strong decoder to avoid the error . 【easier installation】 there are 2 leads red lead(+)/black lead(-), you need a extra adaptor to connect headlight in your car if there are no anode and cathode difference for connector. with removable socket, you can easily mount it in the reflector/projector headlight. small size, plug and play. you don’t need to replace the dust cover for the bulb’s height only 7.2cm/2… 【super bright】made by high quality zes led, 12000lm/pair(6000lm/bulb), 100w/pair(50w/bulb) produces similar xenon 6000k white light, 300% more brighter than halogen bulbs. much more focused than cob/csp by the same energy consumption and achieves a longer distance, wider field of vision. ensuring safety for night driving, foggy days driving, snowy days driving. 【better heat dissipation】over 50,000 hours working time, aluminum casing, high optical density; built-in independent 12000rpm high speed hydraulic cooling fan, twice faster heat dissipation; ip68 waterproof. all these advantages made h1 led car lights work longer and efficient.

  4. Product Highlights 【chips on board light】hi-lo beams, each bulb has 2 pcs of high power csp chips made in taiwan, perfect light pattern without dark spot and foggy light, 6000k white, 55w/bulb 6000lm output each, 12000lm per pair. 【easy to install:】all in one model , same as car original bulb , no external driver or canbus, just plug and play. firstly install the mounting plate, then install the rubber cover, finally install the led bulbs. if the light do not light up and fans not work after installation, please 180° reverse the plug and reconnect. 【high quality- modify-gt h1 headlight】using whole aviation aluminum alloy, and built-in powerful fan to improve maximum heat dissipation,which makes h1 led bulb lifespan up to 5,000 hours lifetime, six times than the halogen bulb.ip-68 waterproof can reduce the chance of rain leakage and short circuit occurs. 【mini ultra-light design】as much as possible to restore the original size of the car, adapt to all models, simply plug and play like oem bulbs. csp chips with high efficiency, low energy consumption and high brightness. 【12 months warranty】can be installed in 20 mins.if you meet any problem, we hope you can contact us first, we are always at your service.

  5. Product Highlights 【super cooling system】-the xenplus led bulbs strike a perfect balance of performance and lifespan, the bulb can last for 20 years even you drive for 6 hours at night every day.built-in 12000rpm/min silent cooling fan provides super heat dissipation.even if your ears are sensitive, it will not make annoying noises, you can enjoy your driving. 【10-mins easy installation】- h1 led headlight only need plug and play. its size is 1:1 design based on the original halogen bulb, perfectly fit into your car housing and factory sockets without any modification. note: if there are flickering or errors on the dashboard, it means that your car needs to be decoded.xenplus decoder:b093pbg31s 【amazing visibility】- h1 led headlight bulb, super bright 5530 led chip (double-sided, 6 chips per light), the luminous efficiency is 350% higher than csp/cob chips.each pair of output can generate 60w 10600lm, while halogen bulbs are only 500-800lm.the illumination distance is up to 300m, 6500k cool white light allowing you find the road risk fastly and increase confid… 【360°adjustable beam】-the latest 360°adjustable beam design, the led adapter can be rotated seamlessly, get the best beam pattern for your vehicle. and the h1 led bulb has a clear cut-off line for cars, which will not cause glare to oncoming vehicles.if the vehicle is extremely special and the original adapter is not suitable, please refer to the model number l04-l26 an… 【perfect beam pattern】- h1 led headlight bulb effectively simulate the beam pattern of halogen bulb to make the beam more focused without dark areas, safer driving.the h7 bulb driver has built-in emc system and uses a shield power cable to reduce the possibility of radio interference or error.we offer 30 days return and exchange and 2 years warranty.24 hours after-sales…

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  6. Product Highlights Heat dissipation system:novsight h1 led headlight bulb aviation grade aluminum heat sink, thermal protection, built-in fan to control, which speed up to 12,000 rpm/min, making 50% faster than other automotive headlight coolers. Easy to install:no need any driver or tools, plug and play, rapid installation. choose novsight vision headlights for increased comfort and safety, more than 100,000 hours usage. High power:led headlight with 60w/pair, high luminous 10000lm/pair, 6000k white light, 3x brighter than your stock halogen headlights. perfect performance in bad weather, like fog/rain/overcast ect. Configure:led headlight assembly built-in anti-interference, emc.ip68 rainproof drive, headlight using advanced chips cps chip focused beam technology, perfect light pattern without dark spot. night driving has a good view in rural areas and dark streets. Attention:please check out the socket type and dimension of your vehicle’s led first to see whether it is compatible with our product before purchasing.

  7. Product Highlights 【optimal beam pattern】the h1 headlight adopts latest 360 degree adjustable mounting collar, the led adapter can be rotated seamlessly for geting a perfect beam pattern. the external driver can keep the bulb constant light output. ultra-thin 0.04 inch copper board makes the chips of h1 led bulb closer, 360 degree illumination, extremely focused light beam, without any da… 【can bus-ready for 98% vehicles】 upgraded canbus work with 98% of vehicles without computer system error problems. built-in emc system to reduce the possibility of radio interference. almost 1:1 design same as halogen, perfectly fit into your housing and factory sockets without any modification, just plug and play. the filter system may not be 100% accurate or up to dat… 【super brightness & road-friendly】 the h1 headlight bulb is make of top automotive grade led chips. 80w power (40w per), 6000k xenon white color temperature, high luminous efficacy flux 16000lm ensures maximum light output. katur h1 led headlight bulb can light your way super far and wide, enables you to see signs and obstacles clearly in advance, increasing your confid… 【superior cooling system & super long lifespan】 13,000rpm high-speed cooling fan, superconducting copper substrate and built-in intelligent temperature control chip, which keep the h1 headlight bulbs get a better protection and performance in heat dissipation. 6063 aviation aluminum body, excellent waterproof and dustproof performance make it works normally even in extr… 【perfect after-sale service】 we always provide good customer service and purchase experience to our customers. every h1 led headlight bulb comes with 60-day full refund guarantee and “two year” warranty. if you have any questions, please email to our after-sale team, we will try our best to solve your problem. note: some sensitive models may require additional can bus d…

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