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top rated products in automotive headlight switches

4.8 | 1,003 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

    great direct replacement. thank you dorman!

my 2001 f250 is starting to show its age. the 7.3 engine is still a reliable beast, but the plastic froo froo items in the cab have begun to give up. first was the overdrive button cover on the gear selector. dorman hooked me up with that too. next was this headlamp knob. thankfully this part failed instead of the switch stem that

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by seth from haynesville

    very nice knob, but didn’t fit our 2002 ford

this knob is very nice, however, our son bought it, so i don’t know if it was bought specifically for our model of the 2002 ford ranger. if it was, then it is the wrong one. it didn’t fit at all. we did find one at a local car parts store. i’m sure it would be great for the proper vehicle as it is, as i said, a very nice

by elaine southmayd

    poor finish, doesn’t latch onto switch. still usable.

firstly, this is a very poor quality, fibrous plastic. it looks like old fiberglass, with a high amount of glass fiber reinforcement. it visibly doesn’t match the switch. the original switch is a clear plastic with white primer than a black finish, because it is back lit, so that function wont work anymore, also. second, and more

by joby

4.8 | 670 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

    excellent original head light switch for 1992 gm trucks and suv’s

good genuine gm product in original box. easy to install in 1992 suburban or trucks.excellent fit, switch feels solid when actuated. legends on switch are crisp and bright. just one tip: when installing the switch make sure that the ambient temperature is pleasantly warm or take the dashboard instrument bezel into a warm room. don’t

by claus g

    perfect replacement

fit right in to my 1990 chevy k2500. much snappier than the original switch. these are a common failure point on these trucks because all the current for the lights run through the switch. you can fix this by adding relays to your headlights and splicing the stock headlight connector wires into the control side of the relay. you can buy

by nick

    not that hard to install

installed in my 1994 gmc 4×4 pickup, reason why i ordered it was because when ever i went to turn on my lights it would take awhile for them to turn on, dash lights would come right on but not the head lights. i fill its a little pricy but not having to wait for your lights to come on made it worth it. now they come on as soon as i turn

by mike pardue

4.8 | 577 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

    must have, for factory looking foglight install !

easy install. i needed this to make my fog light install look factory on my non factory equipped silverado. ac delco part, so the fit was perfect, and the circuit from switch to fusebox was already in place, including the fuse and relay (thankfully)… i still had to make a harness from the fusebox to the fog lights, and purchase the

by man helen

    fog lights still not working but great product

i purchased this item as a replacement. i already had factory fog lights that did not work. after replacement the lights still do not work. good bulbs good fuse good relay. i have no power at the fuse. i noticed someone say if the switch is not turned on, there would be no power at the fuse, so could it be a bad switch out of the box or

by jeremy b.

    exact fit

it took longer for the six pack i bought for the install to cool than it did for me to install this switch. pulled a couple of dash panels, replaced switch, put dash panels back on, bob’s your uncle. i used this as an upgrade part to add factor fogs to my 11 silverado.

by some guy

4.7 | 813 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

    green backlight isn’t even noticeable.

don’t even notice the green backlight. fixed the intermittent dimming dash light. i even took the original switch apart cleaned contacts. was a temporary fix. the new switch is the way to go. it’s so easy to change. could be done while filling up with gas. you just have to set parking brake and move gear shifter all the way down as

by gary burnham

    buy this one

i looked at a dozen offerings. i usually only buy original gm or ac delco. but reviews were mixed, suggesting service parts are cheaply sourced like others. this brand had the best reviews and a great price. simple install. google for help. trim color is a little darker, but looks fine. i’m fussy, this switch is great. fixed my

by denise & jay pistana

    writings great on an 07 silverado classic crew cab pickup !!

super super easy to install. took less than 5 mins. i had the flickering dash light problem, and usually they would just shut off regardless of which way i turned the little wheel. this part took care of that problem.
writings great, only minor issue is that the lights are a green tint as opposed to the white tint i have throughout the rest

by ateam8774

4.7 | 511 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

    exact fit for 2005 silverado, solved my intermittent dash light problems!

this was a direct replacement for the switch in my 2005 chevy silverado 2500 hd duramax i had issues where my dash and radio lights would periodically go out when i had my headlights on. i did some online research and was pointed in the direction of this switch… and i was glad! the switch arrived in 2 days with prime shipping and i

by larry c.

    good replacement

my dash lighting started fading in and out while driving at night. i wasn’t 100% positive on what was causing the fading, but figured it may have have something to do with the brightness control on my old assembly. fortunately, i guessed correctly and after around a 10 minute project of pulling off the dashboard trim, replacing the old

by zax

    five stars

this is the perfect light switch. i’ve been messing around too much buying off brand electrical parts and pieces for entirely too long. it’s only ac delco from here out. it arrived in an ac delco box, has all the proper markings,
writings flawlessly and lights up the proper color and intensity. i’ve recently replaced my headlight switch,

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by vinny

4.9 | 122 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

    works perfect

i bought a used canam maverick and the brights did not work. after some research found the switch might be the problem. i ordered this, it came quickly, and it was a plug and play replacement and brights now work as

by 67surfjunkie

    easy install.

for a 2012 commander 1000. replaced my original and got my high beams working. easy

by robert w.

by amazon customer

4.7 | 335 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars


the knob on my light switch for my truck had broken and it was very loose. when i opened the door of my truck it fell off and rolled under my truck. that was an ordeal, but once it was recovered, i glued it back on. someone else in my household used my truck and it must have fallen off when they hit a bump in the road. i did not

by amazon customer

    better than expected.

a few months ago i purchased a 2002 f150. for the last several months i’ve been awkwardly turning my lights off and on by contorting my thumb, index, and middle fingers, which has been very parts stores only carried the entire assembly, which i didn’t need. and they wanted $90 for it, which i didn’t have.this small piece

by nasty nate

    easy install, great value. slow shipping

easy install great value but it took them a long time to get here the package was late and it’s getting ridiculous the fact that all my packages are late not that’s my driver’s

by toni carver

4.6 | 2,214 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

    writings perfect in my 2006 tahoe.

slipped right in my 2006 tahoe and works perfect! it took less than 5 minutes to replace. i love easy fixes. my dash lights, radio lights etc would all randomly go dim then bright then dim on their own while driving and i couldn’t adjust it anymore with the roller adjuster. the push button would no longer turn on or off my cabin /

by td-rn

    great part!

good quality part. fit well, plug/play. can’t notice any difference from the oem parts on the dash. have been using for a couple months now and no issues.
writings well. would recommend the

by kat


writings as well as original however it does not look exactly like the stock part. if you don’t want to spend a lot of money and time at the dealership for replacement of the same part, i would highly recommend

by john allen

4.8 | 165 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars


i bought the wrong color but thata my fault.. this one is black, i needed gray. but since color wasn’t important to fit and function and this one is perf, i installed it.

by jdm


writings and cost less than the other guys. whats not to

by amaris

    good replacement

it replaced the old and does the job.can’t tell the difference other than it’s

by anthony ray

4.7 | 285 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

    easy way to upgrade mustang to auto on lights

installed this on a ’13 mustang to replace a standard switch (no auto light option).
writings like a charm and easy to install with minimum skill. plenty of instructions on youtube. just make sure you have the right year where the sensor is already installed (’11-’14 i believe but verify for yourself). if you are thinking about this and

by marcus h

    wish i had purchased for my 2010 v6 years ago!

since the 2010’s come pre-wired for auto headlights and even already have the light sensor installed, i couldn’t believe they didn’t just come standard. but i guess ford wants v6 owners to know their model is inferior :-(this simple to install switch solved the problem and turned my manual headlights into automatic ones. i recommend

by kittie2176

    so easy anybody could do it

$22.80 you cant go wrong. this is my 1st mod to my 2011 mustang premium. easy to install. remove two 7mm bolts from the bottom cover panel by your feet. pull the panel off with some force as it is held in with some clips. remove the 7mm bolt connecting the switch housing to the dash. use something flat plastic to pry from the top and the

by foosking

4.7 | 244 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

by ddpapesh

    a little on the dim side.

controller works great with the only issue being that it lights up dimmer than the original. other than that the dimming feature works as do the auto on/off switch and interior done light button control. i would still recommend this switch looking to save a little for the install, it was a pretty simple task as i have done this

by i.t.

by lonnie pasquini

4.7 | 167 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

    quick drop-in replacement in 2004 suburban

nearly indistinguishable from the factory original, except for the green-tinted backlight once installed (which is very close in brightness to the other dash lights, fits in nicely). installation is very easy, in part thanks to gm’s design of the dash, and so far it’s working

by christopher

    exact replacement / plug n play / 2005 suburban

this is an exact replacement for my 2005 suburban lt 1500 with awd. i stress this because i have found that the model of suburban that i have is somewhat odd and not all parts that are for suburban vehicles of this year are compatible with my suburban. easy to install and worked as

by texian

    i can’t believe that i waited so long.

i can’t believe i waited so long to change this. easy to install and works perfectly. if you have an issue with your switch just get it asap and pop it in. watch a video on youtube and get it

by m. feddeler

4.7 | 162 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

    fixed my problem and well worth the cost

this is an easy part to change and i used that excuse to buy a cheap aftermarket switch first. was that ever a mistake. fortunately i was able to get a refund on the junk switch and this genuine delco switch solved the problem. i’m in no way connected to gm or amazon, i’m just an old guy with an old chevy truck that i plan to keep on

by big tony

    writings like the original

needed to replace the headlamp instrument lighting control module. i went with the acdelco part because of some feedback about some of the other aftermarket oem units not being identical in functionality as the acdelco part is.this part is made in mexico and apparently used in export model vehicles …it is labeled “export

by mike

    internal instrument lights don’t work

for the money, i expected this oem unit to be flawless. i installed it today. while it operates my suburban’s lights the way it’s supposed to, it’s own internal instrument lights don’t work, so i can’t see the switch at night. very disappointing. it goes back tomorrow. i’ll give them one more chance.follow-up: u exchanged the unit. the

by jj knights

4.6 | 286 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

    1991 f250 4×4 xlt lariet extended cab

worked great. the wires in the pigtail for the connector that connects to this piece all melted together in my truck and damaged the switch. after fixing the harness/connector i replaced this switch and its been working

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by jim

    direct replacement.

direct replacement for my 1990 ford f-250 xlt lariat. do strongly recommend getting the replacement harness with it since they have a tendency to be burnt if the switch went

by christopher d spencer

by victorian bell

5.0 | 65 customer ratings
100% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

    add fog lights to your truck!

i mounted oem style fog lights on my 2013 ford f-350 super duty xlt truck. unfortunately, the fog light kit didn’t include an oem headlamp switch with the fog light feature. the ws-6637 switch fits & functions perfectly with my fog lights. my truck didn’t require a ford dealer to “flash” the computer, to activate the fog

by denny

    ford f-150 xl auto headlights

this was a perfect fit and upgrade to my 2014 f-150 xl supercrew 4 door 4×4 which allowed me to add auto headlights to a stock ford f-150 xl: nothing else was needed or required for this modification just simply plug and play. sw6637 also known as 9l3z-11654-ca. give my review a like or helpful if helps you out.

by ray quiles

    wonderful technical support

product was spectacular. manufacturer that i had emailed to find out if it would fit. was prop and on target with what the switch fit. it did not fit my truck. it was very useful information. unfortunately i did order and it was too late to cancel. it is now stuck at ups and i am still being charged for it but hoping to correct

by amazon customer

4.7 | 143 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

    this switch..includes the oem socket..

if you own a 1996 dodge 1500 truck…a problem with main lighting switch….look no further…!our dodge truck donny…only has 65,000 orig miles…purchased new.over time..the headlights really bad…poor design…i replaced with a set of those hot quartz units..the amperage draw..damaged the light control replace…dodge

by cliff & sandy

    direct replacement.

1996 ram had no running/parking lights. all other lights worked. bought this switch/harness combo, and happy i did. i installed it over the last weekend. upon removing the old switch, i noticed both the old switch and wiring harness was fried. not wanting to invest the time in soldering i tried plugging the old harness to new switch. no

by amazon007

    good replacement switch

i ordered & installed this on my 1996 dodge ram 2500. the only reason i gave it 4 stars is because the heat shrink that comes with it is for if you are soldering the wire connections. i used butt connectors & had to run out to get heat shrink that would fit over those. otherwise so for its a good replacement switch. fyi… since they

by highplainsdriftedin

4.6 | 228 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

by gordon r. fleming

    worked straight across on my 1978 gmc heavy half

i thought there may be some connection issues given the connector i had since the new switch had 8 connectors instead of 7, but it hooked up with no issues using the same connector with no connection to the additional contact. be sure to spray clean out the connector harness before hooking it up. mine was full of muck and i sprayed it

by steven piotrowski

    fits 87 k10 perfectly

fit perfect on my 87 chevy k10, had one extra contact pin compared to what i pulled off but my connector hooked right up and everything
writings as it should and the switch feels great. nice and crisp movements, part says made in taiwan, i’ll take it as things from taiwan seem better than mainland china. did not come with knob or retaining

by john l

4.7 | 135 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

    writings great for my fog lamps

works as advertised. make sure to pay attention to with or without fog lamp image. will need to shut off and restart truck after installation for system to

by amazon customer


writings. lights go out when dial is turned off

by david jones

    writings, easily replaced.

replaced old switch fine. (watched youtube video on replacement proceedure) headlights would not turn off inthe 0 position till truck was off and i could not turn on driving lights alone (which i use driving thru campground at night). put this in and everything was working fine for about a month, but now when i turn headlights on, they

by mikefrommichigan

4.5 | 528 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

    replacement for old chrysler oem switch, be careful on the install!

for my 95 dodge ram 2500. my headlights were flickering on and off while driving on the interstate, and it totally freaked me out. after a couple hours of internet research and some youtube videos, i thought maybe my headlight switch was to blame.quickly pulled off my dash panel and got the screws off to pull the switch. after removing

by christopher randall

    will switch work on 1996 dodge 3500

the answer is yes. however if you look at my old switch vs the new one there is an additional ground connector. i took the connector off and screwed it in to the back plate of the switch panel with the existing screws and everything seems to work fine. still cheaper than auto zone or advance auto

by austin

    could have killed us!!!!

ok so this is the second headlight switch we have bought from this company. the first one did not work right so we got another one just incase we got a bad one. this one is the exact same way! you can’t just pull out the knob to turn on the headlights. nope it won’t turn on, instead you have to find just the right spot to turn them on.

by natalie cross

4.6 | 170 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

by handy

    fixed my problem – works well.

the lights on my +61404532026c always came on when i turned the car on, fog lights would not work and no matter where i turned the switch the lights would remain on. once in a while the headlights would go out during the day. from what i found out if the fcm could not determine the light switch setting, it would automatically turn the

by anthony g.

by jaret

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