Toyota 4Runner Brake Light On Problems

Toyota 4Runner Brake Light On Problems
Toyota 4Runner owners have reported 24 problems related to brake light on ( under the military service brakes class ). The most recently reported issues are listed below. besides please check out the statistics and dependability analysis of Toyota 4Runner based on all problems reported for the 4Runner.


Brake Light On problem of the 2003 Toyota 4Runner

Driving on a 3 lane interstate highway, stopped traffic, avs/abs/brake lights came on with a pierce noise. Traffic began moving approx. 10 miles per hour, behind trailer truck, brakes went to the floor. No brake ! ! ! ! from center lane was able to go the the left lane into the the shoulder. Stopped adjacent to cement barrier between union tie and confederacy restrict traffic ( both 3 lanes ). Sat there shaking for tow hand truck driver for an hour and a one-half with semitrailer trucks flying by ! got it to a automobile mechanic. They called back the following day to say “ we are good-for-nothing but the part that runs the brake pump is malfunctioning. “ “ we reset it and the brakes are working now, but it will only fail again. “ it will cost a total of $ 5,000 to repair ! ! ! ! the vehicle is only worth $ 4,500- $ 7,000 ( at best ) ! ! ! ! like others on here, this has happened many, many times ! ! ! no echo ! ! ! this could have been deadly ! ! ! what happened to prevention of health and guard ? ! are they waiting for person to die before they do something ? ! ! ! this vehicle was going to my 16 year old niece for her first fomite. Thank god that it was not her driving ! ! ! now she will not have a vehicle because we do not have $ 5,000 to fix it and a good overall vehicle sitting in our driveway that ca n’t be used. I have had Toyota ‘s most of my biography, presently drive a tundra a well, this is the inaugural time that I can truly say. .. .. pity on you Toyota/manufacturers ! ! ! !.

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Brake Light On problem of the 2016 Toyota 4Runner

Driving dwelling, on us 1, about 60-65mph, I had to abruptly brake. The vehicle brakes locked up, and yanked me to the right, pulling me off road. I took my foot off and was able to correct and move back onto the pavement. The ab, active treatment and brake lights with warning doorbell began. I had no brakes for a few moments, pedal going to the floor, momentarily. then, the brakes functioned, but lights and warning sounds still activated. I was within a sea mile of home. I opted to continue at slow focal ratio to the house, where I pulled in and used emergency brake to stop. I have 25000 miles on the fomite and it ‘s just out of guarantee. Going onto the forum, I found this is n’t a rare problem. This could have absolutely caused an accident had another car been beside me at the time my brakes failed I pu.

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Brake Light On problem of the 2002 Toyota 4Runner

Skidding when pumping brakes lightly on gravel ( only going 15 miles per hour ).

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Brake Light On problem of the 2003 Toyota 4Runner

catastrophic brake loss without warning. Vsc, tac and e-brake lights with forte audible alarm with personnel casualty of ability to brake. merely with strong blackmail on brake was able to slow vehicle. fortunately, no collision or injuries occurred. Report this to Toyota – no advisory or recall notification has been issued. representative told me that no one would contact me and the casing would be close. This flies in the face of a manufactures indebtedness to notify of likely merchandise failure as long a product is in use. This is a 2003 Toyota radius runner with 166830 miles. Toyota work order list this as a baker booster centrifugal assy internal character failure. cost to replace this necessity safety equipment was 3,817 dollars .


Brake Light On problem of the 2004 Toyota 4Runner

Abs, vsb trac on/off, and brake lights come on abruptly along with continuous high-pitched alarm. Brakes finally become unmanageable to work. Had towed to dealer, by the clock dealer looked at, it was n’t happening and they could find nothing ill-timed. Picked up car, happened again on way dwelling ( both times making right hand turns ). I am tell this may be an electronic trouble but careless, to fix it, it will cost thousands of dollars ( $ 4500 beginning quotation ) and requiring refilling of a number of parts/an stallion assembly : brake booster/accumulator/master cylinder assembly. Besides the dangerous condition, do n’t understand why is built such that so much would have to be replaced and cost so much. anterior to this, seemed to have had more than common problem with brakes, with multiple freeze calipers for example.

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Brake Light On problem of the 2003 Toyota 4Runner

While pulling into a grocery store memory parking lot, aloud cabin alarm clock sound and acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene, vsc and trac and brake warning lights on the dash came on. My vehicle seemed to stop o so we did our denounce, when we started the car it still had the lights lit up and braked ok. We were close to family so I drove slowly trying to get there about one-half way home I applied the brakes and the pedal was hard as a rock and would not slow down the cable car applying emergency break and using sceneshifter in order to stop and avoid crashing we got it home accident absolve. Today a spill the beans to a Toyota peculiarity shop class and explained the problem and his first base reply was the ab heart and passkey cylinder failure. Vehicle has 105000 miles and this is a safety publish I have never had a vehicle brakes fail without a back up system for safety. I have read 1000s of posts and threads in blogs from Toyota owners with exchangeable publish, and some that caused accidents. I had just come off the highway, so this could have caused a dangerous accident fair minutes early. This seems to be a very park happening and Toyota is very mindful of the situation but no echo. This situation merits an probe by Toyota and a hark back should be awarded before homo life is lost in an accident .


Brake Light On problem of the 2004 Toyota 4Runner

While driving, an alarm began sounding and the brake inner light, asb easy and vsc lights all came on, we stopped and checked the brake fluid and found it was full moon. We then continued to drive home. Within 2 miles the brakes went out. There had been absolutely no indication of anything wrong up to that item. It is a miracle that we were not in an accident .


Brake Light On problem of the 2003 Toyota 4Runner

I ‘ve been doing research on-line for the not stop vcs trac, vcs off, abs and brake warning lights and buzzers going away. It has been described as a park emergence with Toyota and can lead to complete loss of brakes, but no recall. The franchise wants $ 3200 for the character and $ 600 to install. I guess Toyota needs fatalities to back their product. shame on Toyota .


Brake Light On problem of the 2003 Toyota 4Runner

Owner was driving vehicle in a city at 10 miles per hour when ab, vsc, trac and ebrake idle came on along with an alarm sound. Brakes wholly failed and would not respond on several attempts. Managed to slow cable car to side of the road without hitting anything by pressing ebrake and pumping brake pedal. Towed to car rectify denounce and was told that the hydraulic bracken booster completely failed and brakes would not work without replacing the stallion brake booster assembly. Quoted $ 3100 for compensate. Based on some internet searching, this appears to be a fairly common topic on this model/year. Disappointed that Toyota has not provided some repair for this issue which could prove incredibly dangerous .


Brake Light On problem of the 2003 Toyota 4Runner

Tl- the contact owns a 2003 Toyota 4 runner. The contact stated while driving in a residential area, the reach came to a idle put when on the spur of the moment the bachelor of arts, parking brake idle, vsc and grip control clean illuminated on her instrumental gore. The contact lost all braking control immediately. The dealer advised her to drive her to the franchise. however, fearing for her safety the contact towed her vehicle to the principal her expense. The principal stated the master cylinder that controls the ab and booster was bad and would need to be replaced at her expense. The manufacturer was made mindful of the bankruptcy however decline to provide any aid. The vehicle was not repaired. The failure mileage was 100,000. Az .


Brake Light On problem of the 2003 Toyota 4Runner

I was driving normally with no issues on local streets. Suddently the vsc, trac, and e-brake lights came on the dashboard with a very brassy audible alarm. No prior issues with this organization. I was able to drive lento home on slope roads ( 1. 5 miles away ). I made it to my driveway, pulled in on my upsloping driveway and then I had no brakes. Pedal went all the means to the floor. I was able to get the car into the street and had it towed to the shop. I feel lucky to have had this find at abject focal ratio and in town. There was small to no warn for a critical system failure. diagnosis by machinist is brake passkey cylinder/ttraction restraint module, at approximately $ 3000 to replace. I have found multiple incidents of this failure across multiple vehicle types. The miss of responsiveness upon failure ( including the emergency brake ) and the short window to react makes me feel lucky that I did not hit or harm myself or anyone else with this failure .


Brake Light On problem of the 2002 Toyota 4Runner

Vsc, trac off, abs and brake lights came on while driving. High pitched buzzer/alarm started and remained constant. Brakes became very hard to depress and I lost most brake power .


Brake Light On problem of the 2003 Toyota 4Runner

We were driving along normally, the vsc, trac, ab and e-brake lights came on on the dashboard, along with an audible alarm. then we had no brakes. I had to push with all my potency just to slow down at all. We were lucky we did not crash, we could have been killed. I am finding out it is a common problem on this class and model, equally well as other Toyota models that use the like brake headmaster cylinder/traction control faculty .


Brake Light On problem of the 2004 Toyota 4Runner

Driving on the interstate in north carolina vsc light up turned on, tsc light turned on, bachelor of arts light turned on, brake sparkle turned on. car was drivable for a short period of time then braking became highly unmanageable. Limped home plate with my 3 year old in her car seat and fortunately was able to do thus without incident as given time of day and locaiton from home, identical light traffic made travel potential. respective times though I contemplated stopping and calling a tow service. Took the cable car to the trader, it ‘s a $ 3000 function the acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene module and $ 700 facility price .


Brake Light On problem of the 2004 Toyota 4Runner

1. ) 4runner baby-sit for 10-15 minutes with radio on ( not running ) ( battery tested good/700, 701, 691 our of 75 CA ) 2. ) 4runner would not start, battery exit, and was subsequently jumped. 3. ) drove 4runner 10 minutes, parked, tuned off and started back astir just fine. 4. ) 4runner sat for 3 hours, started 4runner, buzzer/warning reasoned emitted and brake and abs light were on. 5. ) tried disconnecting barrage to see if organization would reset after speaking to Toyota dealer to no avail. 6. ) backed 4runner out of parking spot, lights and doorbell placid in effect, and 4runner had no breaks. 7. ) took 4runner to dealer, principal cleared codes, battery test, reset brake system, test repel, all worked. 8. ) drove 4runner approximately 10-11 miles, stumble brakes, brakes failed, abs and brake clean on, warning/buzzer reasoned, crash – no fatalities. 9. ) codes from dealer c1223, c1251, c1256 ; brake fluid level estimable. 10. ) dealer replaced abs and overcome cylinder. $ 3,356 haunt cost. 11. ) trader ( from multiple dealers in the orlando, FL msa ) indicated this is a common occurrence and only by unacceptable odds do you avoid crash, death or unplayful injury. 12. ) Toyota has no safeguards for early indication problem could or may occur. 13. ) Toyota has no care specifications for preventing or recognizing a possible fateful malfunction in the brake system. 14. ) Toyota has no economic solution to resolve/replace the ab pump/master cylinder and is in the clear 5 most expensive parts of the vehicle. 15. ) Toyota has received multiple reports from orlando, FL msa dealers from what I am told and has disregarded, neglected, refused, declined to address .


Brake Light On problem of the 2004 Toyota 4Runner

I started my vehicle @ 3pm when I got off exploit ampere soon as it started the vsc, abdominal and brake unaccented came on adenine well as a alarm in the dash. I besides noticed the clock in the dash said 1:00 alternatively of 3:00. When I depressed the brake I had about no brakes. I have read up on this and found that a bad ground cable on the battery can send a first gear voltage signal to the cars computer and shut down the brake system. I think this needs hark back ! .


Brake Light On problem of the 2004 Toyota 4Runner

Driving to coral gables at around 20 miles per hour, all of sudden four lights comes on and loud beep randomness. Vsc, trac off, acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene & brake lights on at the lapp fourth dimension, brake peddle is hard and no brakes at all. I had to go into neutral try the emergency brake to try and stop and pull over, I had to tow my truck home, I call the Toyota dealer they told me they I need to replace the complete brake dominate cylinder forum costing $ 2600. 00 .


Brake Light On problem of the 2011 Toyota 4Runner

Brakes applied at 45 miles per hour, vsc activated, rear brakes locked on and would not release. Vehicle was driven to a safe placement off the highway and was transported to owners home plate via flatbed. The rise brakes were very hot and grabbing as I exited the highway. The parking brake lightly in the console illuminated. And the audio beeper sounded continuously. incident was reported to the Toyota principal. They did not request to inspect the vehicle.

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Brake Light On problem of the 2003 Toyota 4Runner

Brakes failed causing me to run off the road about rear ending another fomite. The vsc, abdominal and brake lights came up on the dash along with an audible alarm clock. Repair workshop said brakes are fine and that is a computer related problem .


Brake Light On problem of the 2004 Toyota 4Runner

The even of 8/10/11 as I was leaving make, I turned the vehicle on and a senior high school pitched alarm-type strait started ; vsc light, brake lights came on. At this point, I asked a about by supervisor to take a spirit at the vehicle ; upon inspection he did not find anything out of place. He test drove the fomite around a couple of parking spaces as I watched. He stopped the vehicle and asked if I had been having brake issues. He then asked me to test it to see if my brakes normally responded as they did with him. When I got into the vehicle to test repel, I besides went across a few parking spaces but when I got fix to brake, the brakes wholly failed. The control of the goal parking outer space stopped the vehicle, it came to rest and the truck was later towed to Toyota franchise. On 8/11/11, Toyota franchise called me and stated that the skid control actuator/ecu assembly needed to be replaced which would cost $ 3,000 .


Brake Light On problem of the 2003 Toyota 4Runner

We have a 2003 Toyota 4 smuggler limited with the all wheel drive v8 engine. I noticed that Toyota was going to recall the 2003 sequoia for brake, slowing issues. We have had like issues with our vehicle with apparently automatic brake. The vehicle does have a down mound assist button for what I understand to be used in low gear on the remove. The vehicle being all wheel drive does have a eminent and low transportation with a center locking differential gear. The vehicle with decelerate about which little lunges, as if the transmittance was downshifting with the revolutions per minute ‘s being excessively high for the gearing. That is the best I can explain. It is not a sudden stop, no brake lights appear, but the vehicle does slow, as if its embroil, possibly that is some automatic pulsation of the brakes. Should I take the vehicle to Toyota .


Brake Light On problem of the 2003 Toyota 4Runner

The vehicle would rev itself up to a high revolutions per minute, from a hold on position when I stepped on the natural gas the fomite would go in reverse. The franchise finally replaced the transmittance only after the director borrowed it overnight and experienced it himself, but I have noticed the problem get down again. Another problem is the radiator leak and needed to be replaced ( I was told it had the wrong kind of antifreeze ; it was green and it needs a red kind ? ? ? ). When replacing this I was notified that my front brakes were wallpaper sparse and needed to be replaced this repair monetary value me about $ 2000. Another problem is the back window clean-cut has shrunk. I besides had the sunroof replaced after owning the vehicle less than two years. The brake light on the rear hatch does not work vitamin a well as the back wipers ( besides when I hooked a preview to it the electric system seems to be messed up because the trailer lights will not work ; went to autozone and tested the trailer and it is fine ). The vehicle is starting to act curious again, the engine revs itself to high revolutions per minute ( this is not the automatic tranny because it happens when it idles ampere well ). The last incident was when I pulled out from a street parking position and american samoa soon as I put it in force the vehicle stalled and we lost all exponent, when I pressed the accelerator pedal point it was as if it was in impersonal even I triple crack and it was in drive. All of the sudden it acted convention and drove about 10 feet then it happened all over again. I besides have the icky egg smell ( sulfur ? ) which is sporadic. Of course the principal always says they can find nothing wrong, nothing is coming up on the computer. fortunately no injuries have occurred as of so far but I feel it is only a matter of time before I am on the highway and it decides to play these games. identical defeated in quality of this vehicle, particularly since I purchased it because of the reputation .


Brake Light On problem of the 1997 Toyota 4Runner

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Tried to make a uracil turn from a paved roadway into person ‘s tamp down annoy driveway. Slowed to 25 miles per hour and started the plow at less than 20 miles per hour. Applied brakes lightly to continue to slow the vehicle down to less than 12mph. suddenly the bracken pedal would go no further ( felt a hard stop ), but the vehicle kept moving. Could n’t turn by rights anymore and fomite kept rolling. There no skidding sounds or sliding sounds. Vehicle moved as if brakes were not engaged. ultimately at about 10mph hit a post that ultimately stopped the vehicle. Felt a hard bang on the brake pedal and some thrill just as the vehicle crashed and besides after it stopped. Once it stopped there was a loud klang and a give recoil noise ( identical loudly ). Front plastic surround broken, bumper crushed and bumper re-inforcement browning automatic rifle bent. Dealer contacted. No trouble found with abs and they claim that is how it should function ( all the randomness ). Have never had a problem with anterior vehicles ( without ab ) in similar situations. This vehicle has off and on displayed some particular ab behavior. Brought to the dealer once ahead and was told the klanging came from the skid plates rattling. This time the randomness was the ab itself. .. What following ?.

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Brake Light On problem of the 1998 Toyota 4Runner

When driving on wet pavement the ab luminosity keep coming on, and the brake light comes on non-emergency situations when coming to a catch. besides, when applying the brakes they do n’t slow the vehicle down fast adequate, causing vehicle to lose master, about hitting other vehicles. consumer can hear the brakes moving backward and forward, and the principal ca n’t determine the problem.

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