Kia Optima Brake Light Switch Replacement

Kia Optima Brake Light Switch Replacement
You know what a switch is, right ? Okay, well, a brake inner light switch is a switch over. .. for your brake lights. Crazy, justly ? Okay, let ’ s get a small morsel deeper than that. The brake light switch is responsible for turning your brake lights on and off. And precisely in case you need a refresher, the brake lights are the lights that illuminate in the back of your car when you press on the brakes, to alert cars behind you that you ’ re slowing down. so, how ’ s the trade solve ? It ’ sulfur reasonably childlike. Cars have varying brake light switch designs, but most have a reasonably universal joint system. When the brakes aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate being used, the resting brake bicycle presses a button on the switch which turns the brake lights off. any meter your metrical foot depresses the brake bicycle, the pedal releases the release on the interchange, which turns the brake lights on. When you let go of the brakes, the pedal point returns to the push button, turning the lights off again. hush with me ? Good, then let ’ s tackle the concluding duty of the brake light switch. In many cars with push-button ignition, the switch besides sends a bespeak to the ignition and automatic gear sceneshifter when the brake bicycle is pressed. This makes it so the car won ’ triiodothyronine let you shift out of park, or turn the ignition without your foot on the brake .

Symptoms of a failing Brake Light Switch

Brake lights won’t turn on

A malfunction brake light switch might be stuck in the off status. Do I need to spell out why that ’ south bad ? If the substitution is stuck on off, the brake lights won ’ thymine turn on. Without bracken lights, the car behind you doesn ’ t have any indication that you ’ re slowing down .

Brake lights stuck on

conversely, your brake lights might have the opposite problem : they might not turn off. With brake lights stuck on, your car however won ’ t have any manner of indicating to other drivers that you ’ re using the brakes. now, you may think that you don ’ t need to see other people ’ mho brake lights to be a beneficial driver, but possibly don ’ t give other people that benefit of the doubt.

Dead battery

It ’ s not constantly noticeable when your brake lights are stuck on. specially during the day, you ’ re credibly not going to notice that your brake lights are on. Brake lights left on will lento drain your car ’ second battery. finally the barrage will run out of juice, and you won ’ thymine be able to use the electrical systems, or turn the car on.

Car won’t turn on or shift out of park

If you have a push-button ignition, always try to turn your car on without having your foot on the brake pedal ? Or shift the gear selector out of park without your foundation on the brakes ? Your car won ’ thyroxine let you, because the brake luminosity switch sends a signal to those systems when the brake is being depressed. If the brake pedal international relations and security network ’ thymine pressed down, then the ignition may not let you turn the car on or shift out of park. so, when the brake light switch calls in disgusted for the day, the ignition and gearing selector may not get the message .

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