What is the 2004 chevy silverado headlight bulb size?

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You're reading: What is the 2004 chevy silverado headlight bulb size?

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the 2004 chevy silverado headlight bulb size is9006. the light bulbs will burn out eventually. if it becomes dim, you will have to replace them. they aren’t too expensive, so they won’t hurt your wallet. being able to see at night is crucial for driving down the road. your lights need to be functioning or you might get into a crash. some problems will arise at some point. blown fuse might come about. a failed relay means a failed light source. corrosion is very terrible to deal with. lights could burn out prematurely. a faulty wire might come about. these issues need to be dealt with as soon as possible.

for this truck you will want to use “h11” bulbs for low beams and “9006” for high beams.

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