How To Choose The Best Brake Controller For Your Trailer

How To Choose The Best Brake Controller For Your Trailer
There are more than 50,000 accidents related to towing each year, according to the National Highway Transportation Administration. When towing, having the right bracken accountant is crucial to ensuring that your preview brake system is always working by rights. This will help to prevent accidents and damage to your truck or other vehicles. Brake controllers physically link your truck ’ sulfur brake pedal with the brakes on the towed dawdler .
If you have just bought a dawdler, then you may be wondering, “ What is the best type of brake restrainer to use for my new trailer ? ”
To choose the best brake accountant, you should first understand your trailer brake system, types of brake controllers available, and when they are used. To that end, this article will guide you on how to choose the best brake restrainer .

Types Of Trailer Brakes

first, not all dawdler brake systems will require controllers. There are two types of trailer brakes. The first, tide brakes, operate on an automatic hydraulic braking system. The surge brakes use the trailers momentum and own weight, which pushes against a hydraulic cylinder when you step on the tow fomite ’ s brakes. consequently, a surge braking system does not require a brake restrainer to affair.

adjacent, there ’ s the electric preview brake, which uses electric power to officiate. These brakes use electric power from the towing vehicle to operate electromagnetic brake drums. The electric brake must be activated to work. therefore, you will need to install a trailer electric brake control to use the electric brakes at will .

Types Of Brake Controllers

An RV dawdler brake control system is a minor electronic device that connects the electric brakes of the trailer to a tow vehicle which allows the driver to operate the brakes. The brake accountant has different controls that can be set by the driver as per his or her preferences .
A brake control has adjustable settings, where a sliding button or wheel can be used to adjust the profit and sensitivity of the trailer brake system. There may besides be a second skid button which can be used to activate the electric trailer brakes without stepping on the bracken pedals in case of emergencies such as trailer rock control.

Brake controllers are classified based on the energizing method, and there are two types : proportional and time-based controllers. A proportional dawdler brake accountant utilizes an electrical accelerometer that senses the resistance or inactiveness of the tow fomite and applies exponent to the brakes in proportion with the vehicle ’ south momentum .
The advantages of proportional brake controllers are that they provide smoother stops and effective brake, particularly on steep areas. When traveling downhill, more might is required as opposed to uphill. These controllers are able to sense the difference in momentum and apply power accordingly.

On the other hand, time-based brake controllers exponent the trailer brakes based on the preset brake settings arsenic soon as the driver steps on the bracken pedal point. They are effective, responsive, and easy to use, but not a flexible as proportional brake controllers .

What Is The Best Type Of Brake Controller For Your Trailer?

What is the best character of brake restrainer depends on the type and purpose of your trailer. Before choosing a trailer brake control, consider the type of trailer you will be towing and the frequency you will be traveling. If you will be towing fleshy cargo such as livestock, construction materials, or any other flimsy cargo, go for the proportional brake control. They are effective suited for heavy-duty tow as they perform smoother stops which minimize stress on the cargo .
When towing whippersnapper trailers such as pontoon boats or popup campers, a time-based brake works just all right. The time-based brake restrainer will perform well and is besides low-cost. Time-based brake controllers are besides effective for people who travel a few times in a year, while proportional bracken controllers should be used for frequent or commercial tow, as they are more reliable and accurate. All these factors will help you decide what is the best type of brake control to use for your trailer .

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