Dodge Charger Brake Job: Seventh Generation (2011-Present)

Dodge Charger Brake Job: Seventh Generation (2011-Present)
Dodge Charger Brake Job: Seventh Generation (2011-Present)
Dodge Chargers have seen quite a range of sizes and platforms since the first generation muscle cars were built in the late ‘ 60s. Since then, they have been built on three different platforms. The Charger name has been used on subcompact hatchbacks, full-sized sedans and luxury coupes. Click here to Read More ad

Redesigned in 2011, the seventh generation Dodge Charger is the most holocene. The modifications included fresh side scoops along both front and rear doors, angstrom well as more angular headlights, an aggressive looking wicket and better aerodynamics. The side and rear style cues are a atavist to the 1968-1970 models .
The Super Bee platform ( called Scat Pack ), built from 2012-present, included a 6.4L engine with 470 HP, four-piston Brembo calipers, slotted rotors, paddle shifters, and notably included SRT launch manipulate features for embroil race .
Dodge Charger Brake Job: Seventh Generation (2011-Present)
The non-SRT models included four-wheel phonograph record brakes. There were brake packages available for standard and premium. The standard brake organization is referred to as “ 17-inch. ” The agio bracken system is referred to as “ 18-inch. ”
The “ 17-inch ” brakes ( designed to fit 17-inch wheels ) are standard on rear-wheel-drive models with V6 engines. They feature single-piston aluminum calipers and vent rotors in the front and single-piston aluminum calipers with upstanding rotors in the rear. ad The “ 18-inch ” brake package ( designed to fit inside 18-inch wheels ) came standard on FCA ’ s international models and are an optional upgrade for other models. They feature twin-piston aluminum calipers and vent rotors in the front and single-piston aluminum calipers with vent rotors in the raise. Although the rear calipers appear the same as the 17-inch system, the back calipers used with this system feature a wide-eyed call on the carpet to compensate for the broad vented bracken rotors .
The twin-piston caliper is the like for all models, but the RWD models mount the caliper to the back of the knuckle and on AWD models it mounts to the front of the knuckle. The Police Package models have heavy-duty brakes.

For Non-SRT vehicles, newly caliper mounting bolts should be used because they come with thread footlocker on them. If reusing caliper-mounting bolts, be surely the threads are thoroughly cleaned and then apply new weave locking compound.
Dodge Charger Brake Job: Seventh Generation (2011-Present)
ABS Function
Popping sounds and flimsy brake bicycle movement have been reported when the car is first base started. The ABS warning lamp may besides come on for about 5 seconds after the ignition is switched on. Some vehicle owners have reported a hum fathom that can be heard and felt between12-25 miles per hour. According to the manufacturer, these conditions are a normal function of ABS when the system is performing a diagnosis match. ad previous ABS cycle can occur at any braking rate and on any road surface. furthermore, the brake indicator light up ( red ) and ABS indicator light ( amber ) may come on but won ’ thyroxine gun trigger any fault codes under these conditions. Symptoms of previous ABS cycle include clicking sounds from the solenoid valves, the heart running or pulsations in the brake bicycle .
premature ABS cycling should be assessed whenever diagnosing a trouble with the antilock system. Use a read tool to detect and verify this discipline. besides check for damaged steering wheel bearings that may cause tone bicycle issues, damaged wheel bearing housings where bicycle speed sensors mount, and unleash wheel speed detector mounting bolts.
Dodge Charger Brake Job: Seventh Generation (2011-Present)
Parking Brake
Most one-seventh generation Chargers require only a ticket adjustment to the parking brake. however, some vehicles may need a preliminary allowance before a fine adaptation can be made. The rear brake rotor needs to be removed if a preliminary adjustment must be performed. ad

Use a brake gauge tool to measure inside diameter of parking brake drum fortune of the rotor. Place the gauge over bracken shoes at the widest point and adjust shoes until the linings on both parking brake shoes barely touch the edge of the gauge .
The final procedure is to go on a road test and make several stops to seat the brakes in properly. If the vehicle is equipped with the Police Package, the pads and rotors must be bedded in using a special procedure that can be performed by the patrol department or agency .
Brake Job Specs:
Lug nuts : 110 ft.lbs ; 140 ft.lbs ( Police Package )
Front caliper bracket bolts ( models built before 8/2012 ) : 140 ft.lbs. ; 121 ft.lbs. ( on models built after 8/2012 )
Rear caliper bracket bolts : 98 ft.lbs
Front ABS wheel travel rapidly mounting screw : 97 in.lbs ( 8 ft.lbs )
Rear ABS wheel speed mounting screw : 71 in.lbs ( 6 ft.lbs )
Front caliper usher peg bolts : 44 ft.lbs.
Rear caliper steer pivot bolts : 23 ft.lbs.
Minimum brake pad thickness : 1 millimeter ( measured at its thinnest luff ) ; 0.04 inches or less .

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