Which is better? ProBeam vs Day Maker. The BEST LED…




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Recently I did a video comparing my old Headlight set up, the Harley-Davidson Day Maker Head Light with my New Custom Dynamics ProBeam Headlight. I was running a Stock Harley-Davidson Headlight with an LED bulb. I thought it was bright but and it looked great with the Custom Dynamics LED turn signals but it didn’t really illuminate the road in front of me all that well. I didn’t realize how poor a job that it was actually doing until I installed my New Custom Dynamics ProBeam Headlight. I made a video comparing the New Headlight with my old one and the Harley-Davidson Day maker. Let me know what you think.

Thanks for watching.

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The Daymaker needs to be aimed up a bit.

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Great informative video! So, is the stock headlight with the LED oem? Or do ya have to mod the stock lamp with an upgraded led bulb?

Funny, I haven’t had a chance to ride my 3wk old 2015 SGS at night yet so I have no idea how bright it is.

I am assuming my headlight is stock as I’m sure it’s not the Day-Maker. I see that’s about a $300 upgrade which is probably worth it if it looks like it would in your vid. Thanks and ‘stay illuminated’!