Who Has The Cheapest Motorcycle Insurance Quotes In Virginia?

Who Has The Cheapest Motorcycle Insurance Quotes In Virginia?

motorcycle insurance will protect you and your motorcycle while you ride in virginia, and we recommend that all motorcyclists purchase coverage. we found that the cheapest annual rate for motorcycle insurance in virginia was $545.

compare motorcycle insurance quotes from providers in virginia

after collecting hundreds of quotes across virginia, we rounded up some of the best motorcycle insurers in the state. read on for our full review, or use the quote box above to get the best motorcycle insurance prices for you.

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best motorcycle insurance for most people: nationwide

“bannerdisclaimers”:[],”buttoncolor”:”primary”,”buttonicon”:”lock”,”buttontext”:”get a quote”,”cloudinaryimagename”:”referral_logos\/us\/insurance\/nationwide-4″,”description”:” nationwide has great motorcycle insurance rates, and the customer service is well reviewed too.”,”details”:[],”disclaimer”:””,”featuredtitle”:””,”link”:”https:\/\/insurance.mediaalpha.com\/zero-click.html?cu=https:\/\/www.nationwide.com\/&carrier=nationwide;tkzt2xwu22mnodqnj2a4rzov6brppnduopjcfh7rasgyilc61mafepvn5p1l6_miojtziazffd3kcrbybf9nindyo-7wqa”,”name”:”nationwide”,”hidebanner”:false,”hidedescription”:false,”hidedetails”:true,”hidedisclaimer”:false,”hidetitle”:true,”title”:”nationwide”

the good:

  • very affordable rates
  • home and auto bundle discounts
  • strong customer service

the bad:

  • not many motorcycle-specific coverages

we recommend nationwide motorcycle insurance to most virginia riders. its combination of great rates and well-regarded customer service made it the best option for a typical motorcyclist.

nationwide’s average price in virginia was just $545 per year, 20% less than the typical cost we found among all insurers and more than $200 more than the most expensive insurer we looked at.

we were also impressed by nationwide’s customer service reviews. it has a complaint ratio from the national association of insurance commissioners of just 0.36, meaning that customers were 36% as likely to file a complaint as they would for a typical insurance company. nationwide also has excellent financial practices, as it’s received an a+ from am best.

as a major u.s. insurer, nationwide has a full range of insurance products, including auto and home insurance. if you own a car or a home, you may be able to save a significant amount of money by bundling your policies together.

unfortunately, nationwide’s lack of speciality in motorcycle insurance means that it’s missing some of the extra coverages you might be able to find at another company, such as total loss coverage or rental reimbursement.

best full coverage motorcycle insurance: progressive

“bannerdisclaimers”:[],”buttoncolor”:”primary”,”buttonicon”:”lock”,”buttontext”:”get a quote”,”cloudinaryimagename”:”referral_logos\/us\/insurance\/progressive-2″,”description”:” progressive has a large variety of coverage options to protect you and your bike while you ride.”,”details”:[],”disclaimer”:””,”featuredtitle”:””,”link”:”https:\/\/insurance.mediaalpha.com\/zero-click.html?cu=https:\/\/www.progressive.com\/auto\/&carrier=progressive;tkzt2xwu22mnodqnj2a4rzov6brppnduopjcfh7rasgyilc61mafepvn5p1l6_miojtziazffd3kcrbybf9nindyo-7wqa”,”name”:”progressive”,”hidebanner”:false,”hidedescription”:false,”hidedetails”:true,”hidedisclaimer”:false,”hidetitle”:true,”title”:”progressive”

read our full review of progressive insurance.

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the good:

  • lots of coverage options, especially for a new, high-end or customized bike
  • generous extras included in base policy

the bad:

  • insurance premiums are more expensive than average

if you want to get full coverage insurance for your motorcycle, we recommend progressive. progressive offers an unmatched variety of coverage options for motorcycle riders while still offering affordable rates and a positive customer service experience.

the average price for motorcycle insurance from progressive was $750 per year. that’s 10% more expensive than the average rate we found in virginia and $205 more costly than our top choice, nationwide. so riders looking for a great deal may want to look elsewhere.

where progressive really shines is with its coverage options. while all insurers offer liability, collision and comprehensive coverage, progressive has far more choices than a typical motorcycle insurer. for example, it offers up to two years of full replacement cost coverage: if your bike is totaled in a crash, progressive will pay for a totally new bike. you also have the option to add original equipment manufacturer (oem) parts coverage and carried contents coverage.

riders may be able to offset progressive’s higher rates by taking advantage of its many discounts. for example, riders can get a lower premium if they also insure a car with progressive, as well as for being a member of certain affinity groups.

best for members of the military: usaa

“bannerdisclaimers”:[],”buttoncolor”:”primary”,”buttonicon”:”lock”,”buttontext”:”get a quote”,”cloudinaryimagename”:”referral_logos\/us\/insurance\/usaa-3″,”description”:” usaa offers a discount on motorcycle insurance from another company to its members.”,”details”:[],”disclaimer”:””,”featuredtitle”:””,”link”:”https:\/\/www.usaa.com\/inet\/wc\/insurance-products?akredirect=true”,”name”:”usaa”,”hidebanner”:false,”hidedescription”:false,”hidedetails”:true,”hidedisclaimer”:false,”hidetitle”:true,”title”:”usaa”

the good:

  • great customer service
  • discounts for military members

the bad:

  • limited in-person locations
  • coverage backed by another insurer (usually progressive)

people in the military looking for motorcycle insurance may be interested in buying a policy from usaa. the company is well known for its great customer service that is tailored to people in the military, as well as affordable insurance rates.

however, usaa doesn’t actually sell motorcycle insurance directly. instead, it directs its members to one of a few different partner insurers (most often progressive), where they receive a 5% discount off the standard rate.

usaa also has very few in-person locations, so you may want to look at another insurer if you prefer to buy insurance face-to-face.

how we chose the best motorcycle insurers in virginia

when deciding which insurance company provided the best motorcycle insurance policy in virginia, we looked at three main categories: the price of the coverage, the strength of the provided coverage options and how well reviewed the customer service is. these are the three main ways an insurer can set itself apart from its competition.

  • affordability: does the insurer offer the best price for the amount of coverage you’re buying?
  • coverage options: can you customize your policy to match your needs?
  • customer service: is the insurer’s customer service well reviewed by its customers?

affordability: finding cheap motorcycle insurance in virginia

choosing an affordable motorcycle insurance company can save you hundreds of dollars per year while receiving the same amount of insurance coverage. we collected hundreds of insurance quotes across virginia to find the most affordable rates.

the typical motorcycle insurance cost in virginia is $683 per year. this is slightly less than the typical price across the country, which is around $702 annually.

who has the cheapest motorcycle insurance quotes in virginia?

nationwide $545 -20.2%
geico $613 -10.2%
average $683 0.0%
progressive $750 9.8%
dairyland $823 20.5%

the cost of motorcycle insurance in virginia can vary significantly based on who you are, where you live and what kind of motorcycle you drive. a young person riding a sport bike is going to pay much more for coverage than a senior riding a cruiser, even if they buy the same level of coverage.

we don’t recommend that insurance shoppers simply buy the minimum coverage amounts, either. you should buy enough coverage so that you won’t be ruined financially by a crash or theft, while still staying within your budget for insurance.

we gathered quotes for a 45-year-old homeowner with 20 years’ motorcycle experience, riding a 2019 harley-davidson flhx street glide. our selected levels of coverage were:

  • bodily injury liability coverage: $100,000 per person/$300,000 per accident
  • property damage liability coverage: $50,000 per accident
  • collision coverage: included/$500 deductible
  • comprehensive coverage: included/$500 deductible
  • all other coverages: not included

compare motorcycle insurance quotes from providers in virginia

coverage options: comparing motorcycle insurance policies and benefits

not everyone has the same insurance needs. if you travel a lot on your motorcycle, you might want trip interruption coverage; if you depend on your motorcycle to get around, you might want rental reimbursement. everyone has their own requirements, so we prefer insurers who offer a wide range of coverage options.

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progressive $250,000/$500,000 x† x x† x
geico $250,000/$500,000 x
dairyland $100,000/$300,000 x x x x x
nationwide $500,000/$500,000 x x† x

customer service: evaluating insurer quality in service and claims

to evaluate the customer service of the major motorcycle insurance companies in virginia, we looked at three main sources of data: the national association of insurance commissioners’ complaint index, j.d. power’s insurance satisfaction survey and am best’s financial stability rating.

allstate corp 0.63 816 a+
berkshire hathaway inc. (geico) 0.62 845 a++
erie insurance 0.79 852 a+
liberty mutual 0.00 792 a
nationwide 0.36 826 a+
progressive 0.42 834 a+
state farm 0.57 838 a++
travelers 0.09 821 a++
usaa 0.84 898 a++
va farm bureau federation 0.00 a-

naic complaint index: the naic complaint index is a comparison between the number of complaints an insurer has received and its market share. the higher a company’s complaint index, the more complaints it’s received relative to its size — a lower score is better. the average score is 1.00.

am best financial strength rating: am best’s financial strength rating is a grade that describes an insurer’s overall financial health and its ability to pay out insurance claims, regardless of high claim demand or negative economic climate. financial strength ratings range from a++ to d.

j.d. power rankings: jd power conducts annual surveys of insurance customers, assessing how satisfied they are with their insurer’s service and value. results are on a 1,000-point scale, with a typical score being between 700-800.

virginia motorcycle insurance: costs by city

we collected hundreds of quotes for the major metropolitan areas of virginia and found a significant difference in price for our sample rider based on location. see how much you can expect to pay for motorcycle insurance in your area.

alexandria $784 14.8%
amelia court house $755 10.5%
arlington $834 22.1%
bedford $634 -7.1%
big stone gap $647 -5.3%
bristol $629 -8.0%
burke $709 3.8%
centreville $674 -1.3%
charlottesville $648 -5.1%
christiansburg $668 -2.2%
clintwood $647 -5.2%
culpeper $634 -7.1%

show all rows

for an overall look at the cost of motorcycle insurance in the united states, see our study on the cost of motorcycle insurance.

virginia motorcycle insurance requirements

virginia has minimum motorcycle insurance requirements. all motorcycle insurance policies sold in virginia must include at least this much coverage, though we recommend against simply buying the minimum amount.

bodily injury: per person $25,000
bodily injury: per accident $50,000
property damage $20,000

motorcyclists in virginia may also choose to pay the “uninsured motor vehicle fee,” which costs $500 per year, instead of getting insurance. however, we don’t recommend this option as it’s only marginally less expensive than buying motorcycle insurance, and you will be personally responsible for any damages you cause or incur in a crash.

how do you get a motorcycle license in virginia?

virginians who want to ride a motorcycle have to get a motorcycle-specific license or get an endorsement on their regular driver’s license in order to do so.

if you already have a driver’s license, get an endorsement

to get a motorcycle endorsement, you must take a vision screening and knowledge exam to get your learner’s permit, then have that for 30 days before you can take a road skills test. the virginia dmv also offers a rider training program, which will allow you to waive the knowledge and road tests.

if you’re under 18, you must have your motorcycle permit for nine months before you can take the road skills test.

if you don’t have a driver’s license, get a stand-alone motorcycle license

to get a stand-alone motorcycle license, you must do all the above, plus pass a road knowledge test that covers road signs and rules. riders under 18 must also provide proof they’ve taken driver’s ed.


to perform a comprehensive analysis of motorcycle insurance in virginia, we collected over 300 quotes from 77 cities across the commonwealth. all quotes were for a 45-year-old male rider of a 2019 harley-davidson flhx street glide. our rider was a married homeowner who has 20 years’ experience riding motorcycles. your rates may be different.

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