How to Fix the EPC Light on a VW

How to Fix the EPC Light on a VW
EPC Dash Light
The EPC warn lighter is one of several crucial dashboard warning lights that can be found on mod Volkswagen vehicles. EPC stands for Electric Power Control, and the clean lets you know there is an issue with the accelerator system or sensors in your fomite. A common question we hear from Arlington drivers is how to fix the EPC light on a VW. Keep in heed that if the EPC light is on, it is credibly indicating a significant problem. You should bring your fomite to the Alexandria Volkswagen service kernel to have it looked at by a professional .

What Is the EPC Light?

What does the VW EPC light mean when it shows up on your splashboard ? It is a sign that your fomite is in indigence of immediate repairs. You should still be able to drive the vehicle, but no more than necessary to get it to a service center .
Alexandria Volkswagen has provided a list of the most common causes for a Volkswagen EPC warning light to become light :

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  • Throttle pedal or throttle body issues
  • Cruise control trouble
  • Engine speed sensor error
  • Mass airflow sensor error
  • Issues with your brake light switch

For some drivers, it may be just a elementary fix like switching out the old detector. These start to wear down over prison term after commuting through Washington DC and Springfield. For early drivers, however, it may be necessity to replace components of the restrict system. These repairs can be a spot more costly, which is why it is a good idea to peruse our rotating parts specials.

Should You Ever Perform a VW EPC Light Reset?

If you ’ ve been keeping up with your Volkswagen alimony schedule, it ’ s apprehensible that you may be concerned when one of the splashboard warning lights comes on. While some may want to perform a VW EPC light reset at home plate, you truly should have your vehicle evaluated by a technician.

The highly-skilled technicians at our state-of-the-art service focus on know the Volkswagen lineup inside and away, so they can cursorily and efficiently diagnose what is causing the EPC light to go on. Although you may be interested in purchasing a diagnostic tool at the nearest Volkswagen parts department, the sensitive repairs required to reset a VW EPC light should placid be left to train technicians .

Let Alexandria Volkswagen Get You Back on the Road!

Learning how to fix the EPC light on a VW is far from easy, but our mechanics have the cognition and expertness to get you back on the road in no meter. You can set up an date on-line, or contact us at your public toilet. We look advancing to assisting you .
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