Add Turn Signals To An Old Car

Add Turn Signals To An Old Car

Add Turn Signals To An Old Car

Article by Mark Trotta

Besides being a prerequisite in most states, adding turn signals to an old car makes them better suited for nowadays ‘s roads and traffic. As an add bonus, you besides get 4-way safety flashers .
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recently, I converted an old CJ Jeep from 6 volts to 12 volts, and in the action added change state signals. The procedure is about the same for any old cable car or truck .
The first step is figuring out where to mount the extra lights on your fomite .
add turn signals
Although the Jeep CJ2A came equipped with front running lamps that could have been hooked up as signals, it was decided to add a match of signal lamps under the battlefront bumper.

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The raise signals were incorporated into the existing stop/tail lamps .
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Mount Signal Switch

The adjacent step was mounting the T/S throw to the steering column. To find the best localization, put your hands on the steering bicycle and reach down with your leave hand to “ feel ” where the best spot will be .
add signals to old car

Wiring A Turn Signal Switch

about every turn signal switch made today is from oversea. That means the instructions were translated from a foreign language into English. sometimes they ‘re hard to understand, and sometimes they ‘re just plain wrong. It ‘s common for one manufacturer to copy another manufacturer instructions, leaving more room for errors and confusion .
All you actually need from the education sheet is the wiring diagram. Most aftermarket turn bespeak switches, like the one I installed, have seven wires. The colors of the wires can vary. I ‘ve only listed them for character .
turn signal switch wiring diagram

7-Wire Turn Signal Switch

  • 1) From fuse box to flasher socket (black)
  • 2) From stoplight switch (red)
  • 3) Ground (blue)
  • 4) Left front (yellow)
  • 5) Right front (green)
  • 6) Left Rear (orange)
  • 7) Right rear (brown)

might starts from the fuse box, goes through an in-line blend, and into the flasher socket. I hooked up the switch to a “ hot ” lead, meaning it ‘s on all the time flush without the key. This was done so the flashers could be operated without having to turn the samara or start the motor .
The auxiliary lamps mounted below the front bumper were two-wire units ; one wire goes to the t/s switch, the other goes to a ground. The rear sign wires were spliced in with the brake lights.

add turn signals

Thermal vs Electronic Signal Flasher

Although electronic flashers have been around since the 1970 ‘s, I prefer the old school thermal flasher, which contains a bi-metallic spring. Both work .

Flasher Function

When you push the turn-signal stalk up or down, the thermal flasher connects to the turn-signal light bulb through the turn-signal interchange. This completes the circuit, allowing stream to flow. When ability is put into the flasher, the spring heats up the internal airstrip, then cools polish, then heats up, in succession, until the stalk is moved back to the center position .
signal flasher 552

LED Lights

LED lights are brighter than conventional medulla oblongata, and they besides draw less current. Most of the time this is a thoroughly thing, but in some cases, this will affect the flashers “ heat and cool ” ability. The specify for this is to install a “ no load ” LED flasher to replace the ceremonious thermal exhibitionist .
If you ‘ve hooked everything up, and none of the lights come on, it ‘s a might provide problem. Check the power coming into the flasher socket with a 12-volt screen Light .
test light for old car signals

Universal Turn Signal Switch

Aftermarket units such as the 7-wire whole I installed on the Jeep have been around for decades. besides available, but less democratic, are 8-wire turn signal units. The extra wire would go to the front parking lamp end on the headlight switch. This would allow parking lamps to stay unhorse while the headlight ‘s are on. This may be a law in your state, so check before you purchase the switch .
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Chrome Turn Signal Switch

For those looking for a chrome turn signal trade, you ‘ll credibly find them offered with a fictile housing. here ‘s one that will work with closely every vintage car or truck, provided it is 12-volts.

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chrome turn signal switch for hot rods and old cars

Metal Turn Signal Switch

If you prefer one with a alloy caparison, here ‘s one by Vehicle Safety Manufacturing. It ‘s based on the previous Signal Stat # 900 switch .
metal turn signal switch for hot rods and old cars

Supplies Used During Turn Signal Switch Install

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18-gauge wire ( consort colors ), inline glass fuse holder, solderless wire connectors, shrink tubing, coffee, cookies .

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