Mom of 5 dies in crash; boyfriend says he cut brake lines to make crack pipe: police

Mom of 5 dies in crash; boyfriend says he cut brake lines to make crack pipe: police
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SCRANTON, Pa. — Friends of a Pennsylvania woman who was killed when her car collided with a tree say the circumstances of the crash never made sense – now, the charwoman ’ second boyfriend is charged with homicide after admitting to cutting her bracken lines, according to WNEP .
Tammy Fox ’ mho car slammed into a tree on the corner of North Washington Avenue and Pine Street in Scranton final workweek. It ’ sulfur now become a memorial to her, and friends gathered there to remember her .
“ I fair never bought that it was just an accident, ” Lisa Vargas said. “ I knew it in my heart, and I barely want justice for her. I very do. ”

A few friends placed Tammy ’ s favored flower — red roses — at the infrastructure of the tree where she was killed. It ’ s grown into a memorial to the charwoman who police now say was killed by her boyfriend .
state troopers say Fox ’ s boyfriend, John Jenkins, 39, admitted to cutting Fox ’ s bracken lines the night before the deadly crash .
“ immediately that the truth came out, we felt it all along. It was like she was giving us a sign, ” Vargas said .
Vargas and Fox were friends for more than two decades. Vargas said she hadn ’ t met John Jenkins but had a bad impression about him.

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According to police, Jenkins said he cut the brake lines of Fox ’ sulfur car to make a pipe he would use to smoke crack cocaine. That ’ s an excuse her friends don ’ metric ton bargain .
“ I mean, can ’ t you find something else around your sign of the zodiac to smoke crack in ? Aluminum hydrofoil ? Something else. I ’ molarity pretty sure if you ’ re a career ace head, you can find something else besides a brake line to smoke ace in, ” said one charwoman who didn ’ thyroxine want to be identified .
Fox was a key witness in a case against several Lackawanna County corrections officers accused of sexually abusing female inmates. She was besides a plaintiff in a federal civil lawsuit against those corrections officers and several Lackawanna County offices .
Her friends say that separate of her life and the way her life ended doesn ’ t define her.

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“ She loved her family. She loved her friends. She loved her community. She was actually in recovery. She was speaking at meetings and going to meetings. She was a fantastic person and we need to give her the honor and deference that she deserves. ”
Tammy Fox ’ mho friends have set up a GoFundMe history to help pay for her funeral services and support her five children .

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