Fiat 127 128 Ritmo Yugo A112 rear brakes disc conversion kit

Fiat 127 128 Ritmo Yugo A112 rear brakes disc conversion kit
Using this kit the 13 edge stock wheels ( or any bigger size ) can be fitted to the car. As visible on the photograph, the bracken calipers have the handbrake lever. specify contains : -pair of mounting adapters made of stainless steel -set of distance plates to be fitted between the bracken phonograph record and rear wheel hubs -pair of new brake calipers -pair of bracken calipers brackets -pair of brake magnetic disk rear wheels, brake disk coversion kit out, suitable for : -Autobianchi A112 ( for all types and series ) -Fiat 127 -Fiat 128 ( all versions ) -Fiat Ritmo – Strada -Zastava 101 1100/1300 -Zastava 128 -Zastava Yugo Using this kit the 13 column inch broth wheels ( or any bigger size ) can be fitted to the car. As visible on the photograph, the brake calipers have the handbrake lever.

rig contains : -pair of mounting adapters made of stainless steel steel -set of distance plates to be fitted between the brake magnetic disk and rear wheel hubs -pair of new brake calipers -pair of brake calipers brackets -pair of bracken phonograph record back wheels, brake magnetic disk coversion kit out, suitable for : -Autobianchi A112 ( for all types and series ) -Fiat 127 -Fiat 128 ( all versions ) -Fiat Ritmo – Strada -Zastava 101 1100/1300 -Zastava 128 -Zastava Yugo big size/weight shipments Engines, gearboxes, bonnets and some other items need particular treatment ascribable to their size/weight and extra pack requirements. We ’ ll send you the shipping quote after your order confirmation since your savoir-faire and parcel size/weight is needed to calculate accurate transport costs. 60-day return policy* You can make an exchange or return within 60 days of your purchase, american samoa long as the item ( mho ) are calm in the same condition as been delivered. *Products manufactured upon order ( custom-built exhaust systems, wheels brake lines, etc ) can not be returned. Parcel tracking once the cargo has left, you will receive an e-mail with an information about messenger and a track total, which will keep you informed about the condition of the cargo. Lowest Price Guarantee We strive to maintain the lowest prices, that ’ s why we use economy ship method. If you would like to use Express shipping method please contact us before placing an order. Proccesing time The goods will be shipped to the customer adenine soon as all of ordered products are ready. normally the goods are shipped to the customer in 24-48 hours ( working days ) from the confirmation of the orderliness ( unless otherwise specified ). The box will be delivered to the address you provided when ordering. Every day, we ship orders all around the world ! That ’ sulfur right, we are trying to do our best to deliver our products to any part of the world .

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In the encase that the postage for your item is not listed, please contact us before ordain .
At the latest within 12 hours, the customer receives an automatic pistol electronic mail confirmation of the order .
In case of technical errors during the ordering action buyer is award to report the error to the electronic mail address : information @ in a menstruation of 4 hours .
In the case of payments on bank account, can customer get a performa invoice on his press out wish in 1 ferment day. After reciving the payment the dispatch will be dispached and customer will be infomed by electronic mail address about the cargo .
In the lawsuit that the product is not on stock, the customer is informed of the expected delivery date. In the case that the pitch time extended, or that it is confirmed that the items are inaccessible seller assumes no province in the event that this may lead to far damage. In the consequence that items are inaccessible, the seller shall refund the wax sum of the purchase .
Order process for corporate clients :
order proces for the corporate clients is the same as for individuals, except for cross-file companies who are established in countries of the European Union .
For companies established in the European Union is recommended that they contact us on e-mail address information @ before processing the order. For the proper requital amount and bill .
Terms and conditions for corporate clients differ in that they do not have the possibility of withdrawing from the contract without specifying the reason within 14 days of receipt of the article, as it applies to natural persons ( consumers ) .
All prices include VAT and are in Euros .
price are valid at the time of ordering confirmation .
Prices are submit to change without notice .
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Items will be delivered to the Costumer in the shortest possible time, ususally 1-2 working days after recieving the payment. information rescue times are given in the table below ( pitch times in the follow postpone are informative and may deviate from the actual delivery clock ) .
Seller is not apt for any delays by the shipping company .

Delivery time (working days-excluding the day of award)

2 days

Austria, Germany, Hangury
3 days

Belgium, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Slovakia
Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom

4 days

Italy, Netherlands, Denmark, France, Greece, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Montenegro
5 days

Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Finland, Ireland, Serbia, Iceland, Canada, Norway, ZDA
6 days

Other countries
7-14 days

Items are delivered throught the Post of Slovenia and Feniksšped Ltd which corporate abroad with many other delivery company. The ship costs are displayed in the moment dance step of purchase, so before the final payment step. In the case that your shippment is not visible please contact us at electronic mail address : information @ Seller sends each shippment with tracking number so is potential to check the condition of the cargo. Oldtimer workshop offer worldwide transport .
All items in Oldtimer shop class are on stock, if not is this writen beside the detail .
Payment methods
Oldtimer shop provides two payment methods :
-Bank transfer to the bank account of company MAS Ltd .
company name : MAS Ltd, Address : Partizanska cesta 123, 6210 Sezana, Slovenia, IBAN SI56031791000150716, BIC/SWIFT : SKBASI2X
Oldtimer denounce attach printed invoice to the cargo. On invoice are divided prices for the article and transportation. Buyer is obliged to check the correctness of the data before confirming the arrange for later correctness of bill issued .
The right to withdraw from the purchase, complaints, returns
The customer has the right to notify the seller within 14 days from concluding the narrow that they are withdrawing from the contract without any reason. This time period starts one day after the customer recieves the detail. In this font the only price for the customer is the shippping costs for returning the item. The customer must return the token to the seller undamaged and in the lapp total, unless the item is destroyed, damaged, lost, or its quantity is reduced with no incrimination to the customer. The customer shall not use the products freely until they withdraw from the contract .
Refund work :
-customer notify the seller with a affirmation of withdrawal to the electronic mail address : information @
-retuned dispatch must be by rights prepared for transport advised that the render items sent with tracking number
– transcript of the bill has to be added in the parcel
– address for the render of items : MAS Ltd, Partizanska cesta 123, 6210 Sezana, Slovenia
refund payments for items that the buyer returns will be made equally soon as potential, but no late than 14 days from receipt of detect of secession from the contract, but the seller reserves the right to withhold a refund of payments received to accept render items, or until the customer provide tell that the items sent second .
A clerical error
If a product has a clerical mistake, the customer must, within the statutory provider inform of the error and the error message detail description of the situation and enable the supplier to check the product .
For items in Oldtimer shop class you get guarantee, for use you have to show the bill. The guarantee time period is 1 months from the date of the welcome item. Warranties can not be enforced to repair defects caused by misuse, negligence and mechanical damages .
Data protection and privacy
Oldtimer shop with your order receive and storehouse that data : name, mailing address, e-mail address, telephone count. Personal data shall be used entirely for the purpose of the condense award and selling of our products. Personal datum will be kept in a safe place and these will not be forwarded to third parties. In addition to the personal data you Oldtimer denounce reserves the right to storing the datum of purchase ( the date of buy, character of purchase, message and rate of the purchase ) .
extra purposes of the processing of personal data referred to in the abridge are :
– Send ad material
– Information on raw services and operations
– Marketing and statistical research .
With the above-mentioned purposes of data processing buyer agree upon ratification of our cosmopolitan terms and conditions before making the purchase .
The customer can at any time in writing or via electronic mail request to the data control permanently or temporarily discontinue the use of their personal data for send market purposes. The operator will do then deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as possible but no late than within 15 days .
Final provisions, complaints and disputes:
The seller is trying to ensure the accuracy of the data published on the web site But be aware that in certain cases the nature of items, delivery or monetary value change thus quickly that the seller fails to correct all the information on the web site. In this case, the seller will inform the customer about the changes and to cancel the contract or replace the order token .
Customer objections, comments, requests, statements and complaints can be sent to electronic mail savoir-faire information @ or writing to : MAS D.O.O Partizanska 123, Sezana 6210, Slovenia. The resolution of appeals, comments, complaints and claims will be in accordance with the applicable legislation.

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