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license plate light bulb


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the cadillac escalade is one of the most luxurious full-size suvs designed and built by general motors. it was introduced in 1999 to compete against ford’s lincoln navigator, mercedes-benz’s ml-class and the lexus lx. the current model features led lamps for its headlights and fog lights. 

bulb type used

the first generation (+61404532026) escalade uses a 9005 bulb for its headlights and an 894 bulb for its fog lights. the second-generation (+61404532026) uses a 9005 bulb for its high beam headlights, a d1r bulb for its low beam headlights, and an 880 bulb for its fog lights. 

the third generation (+61404532026) variant uses leds for its high beams and low beams, and a d1s bulb for its high beams and low beams where hid headlights are installed. 

the present model, which debuted in 2015, comes with leds for its headlights and fog lights. 

upgrading from factory bulbs to aftermarket led/hid headlights

led headlights were first introduced to the car market in 2004. since then, car manufacturers have moved from halogen lamps. this is thanks to the energy efficiency that leds provide. they also exert less power from the car’s electrical system. when upgrading to leds, remember to pick the correct bulb sizes and choose a fitting that is appropriate for your car. 

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advantages of upgrading to led/hid technology

  1. improved night vision
  2. longer lifespan
  3. easy installation
  4. improved safety
  5. better aesthetics

how to choose the correct bulb size for led/hid lamps

  • online search

our cadillac escalade light bulb replacement chart contains a list of all the bulb sizes fit for your cadillac escalade. to gain access, all you need to do is pick your vehicle’s model year to generate results. 

  • check your old bulbs

you can remove your headlights yourself to check the part number indicated on your factory bulbs. this will help to identify the correct bulb sizes for your car. 

  • consult your user manual

a user manual typically contains all the part numbers you may require when replacing your bulbs and headlights. check for the correct bulb sizes under the ‘maintenance’ section. 

  • vehicle manufacturer

alternatively, you can reach out to your vehicle manufacturer or car dealer to inquire about your bulb sizes. all you’ll need to do is provide your vin for them to retrieve the information for you. 

installing new bulbs

  1. open the hood of your cadillac escalade.
  2. pop the pins that hold the top panel using a push pin tool. this will help you access the headlight assembly.
  3. unscrew the two bolts that hold the headlight from the top. 
  4. unscrew the bolt that holds the headlight from the bottom. you can access it from behind the fender liner. 
  5. wiggle the headlight out and remove the power connector.
  6. replace the old bulb with a new one. 
  7. test your new bulb to see if it
  8. re-install everything back into place. 

additional equipment

  1. pushpin tool
  2. latex gloves

q&a section 

1. why is one headlight brighter than the other? 

one of the main reasons behind a dim headlight is a corroded ground connection that reduces the light output of the headlight. your car may be delivering enough power but due to the corrosion, the headlight may not be receiving it. 

  • first generation (1999–2000)
  • second generation (2002–2006)
  • third generation (2007–2014)

escalade ext

bulb replacement

today we’re working on a 2007 cadillac escalade with about ninety eight thousand miles customer’s complaint is the headlight seemed dim and if you look at that i have a headlight over here and i don’t have one over here so today we’re going to replace that hid bulb we’re going to show you how to do that now alright so get to this headlight bulb oneidas remove the air cleaner housing for the first thing you want to do is unplug this connector here this is your mass airflow sensor get that out of the way don’t forget to plug it in when you’re done they turn a check engine light on take this hose clamp loose and just pull this ductwork off that’s vineet there now i’m closing itself you have 4 20 torques 25 bolts they look like little stars you can see there is they come out…

  • fourth generation (2015–present)

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