Answered: Rear third brake light

Answered: Rear third brake light
For some reason, Cadillac thought it was a cool estimate to make the third base brake light a ‘neon ‘ clean. Yes, it appears to be an LED brake light, but unfortunately for you and me, it ‘s not. fortunately, if you have any patience, you can convert this to an LED light for less than $ 50. First remove all of the feel lining attached to the trunk eyelid. Be careful with the feel ; it rips easily if you use besides much force out in one area. Next you will need to remove the bolts, I believe these are 10 measured ; you will need a deep socket to reach some of these. once removed, the merely thing holding the housing to the proboscis should be an electrical electrify, which can be unplugged in the trunk. This will remove the third brake light and the overrule lights. There is one bolt holding the third brake light ( remove ). now for the hard partially. The third brake faint has two pieces ; the red credit card that you see from the away of the cable car and the grey plastic on the inside. These two pieces are glued together, but not glued very well. Being identical careful not to break the house, you will need to separate these two. I used a flat head screwdriver ( and a little hammer action in certain areas ). Do n’t bother with a razor sword, trust me on this. I started at the corners and worked my way in. Once you get these two pieces separated, you will see the neon lights, bannister, and some wire. Locate the wires that come into the housing and to the bannister. Cut the wires as near to the bannister as possible ( so you have adenine much cable as possible to work with ). Pitch the bullshit ; the neon lights, light clips, and bannister. I found Advance Auto carried 12 ” or 14 ” red LED flexible light strips that had 3M tape on one side. Yes, use crimson. If you use absolved LED lights, it will look pink when the bracken is applied. I bought two of these and taped them to the inside crown of the silver credit card, where the neon lights used to be. Just make certain everything is dry and that you have a well surface to apply the 3M tape. One LED leach will have the electrify connection in the middle of the third base brake light unit ; do n’t fret, you have enough wire to work the wires around and solder these wires together. The wires are small and wo n’t be visible from the outside. Connecting is easy. Black to black and white to white. Tuck the leftover wires where the neon bannister used to be. Test the light before you glue the unit back together. I did n’t and paid for it by having to start over. Fire up the caddie and see if it works .

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