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ha, well this has turned into a funny thread as the same tire wont fit on seemingly similar(and identical in one instance) bikes.

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looks like ill try some 28s, have a 50-50 chance of them working, and post some probably conflicting results when compared to others in the thread!

appreciate the responses- i know its at least worth trying to get 28s on the bike.

yeah, it seems like schwinn reduced the clearance of some of their road bikes over the years.
1) the early-80s panasonic-built bikes seem to have more “classic sport-tourer” clearance, and 700 x 32 usually fits (helped by the original 27″ wheels). i fit 700 x 28 tires easily on an ’83 super sport 19″ for my daughter.
2) then, the greenville ms-built (tenax tubing) bikes had a bit tighter clearance, but still fit a 700 x 28.
3) for 1988, they tightened the clearance even further, and a 700 x 25 is the largest tire that fits.

i saw a nos ’89 prelude (red/white/blue) at my local trek shop (hall bikes) the other day. i should have looked at the tire label, but they couldn’t have been wider than 19 mm actual. way too skinny!

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this shop sold schwinns until the bankruptcy, and they have a cool collection upstairs. it’s not open to the public; we were up there for their staff party (my girlfriend
writings there).

i’ve been bugging them to at least do a picture session and setup a virtual museum on their website.

they also had a nos ’88 premis, a nos ’80s predator, and lots of other cool paramounts, raleighs, and vintage schwinns. many of them were family bikes (currently 5th generation owners), trade-ins, or just bikes that bud (3rd gen) found over the years.

on my ’88 prelude, i swapped the 28 mm strada lggs for some used 700 x 25 continentals i had lying around. they fit, with not much extra clearance.

i realize that i will probably ride this bike very rarely; 28 mm tires are already almost too skinny for my liking. i guess i should just tune it up and flip it.

my ’88 project kom-10 mtb, on the other hand, is a gem that i will probably never sell.

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