Toyota Sequoia Car Slowed Down On Its Own Problems

Toyota Sequoia Car Slowed Down On Its Own Problems
Toyota Sequoia owners have reported 5 problems related to cable car slowed down on its own ( under the vehicle accelerate control class ). The most recently reported issues are listed below. besides please check out the statistics and dependability analysis of Toyota Sequoia based on all problems reported for the Sequoia.


Car Slowed Down On Its Own problem of the 2001 Toyota Sequoia

While driving our 01 Sequoia sr5 with entirely 85,000 miles on side streets and highways at speeds ranging from 5mph to 70 miles per hour, the SUV ‘s brake organization abruptly engages for no argue while the veh. Is in gesticulate. The vsc, check engine lights come on along with the alerting sound. When the brakes engage, the veh. Veers to the right, the steering bicycle vibrates and the veh. Goes into a skid due to the brakes being on the spur of the moment engaged. The veh. besides decelerates on the spur of the moment as if it has lost power. This is dangerous for other drivers who ca n’t tell if you are braking because there are no brake lights to be seen to prevent a collision. thankfully we have been able to react defensively and avoid collisions with other veh. ‘s. And wayside objects. We have seen several suggestions as to the fixate for this problem like the gape rate detector being replaced. The cost of the part is $ 568. 00 without the install cost. This problem is a base hit issue and if it occurs at the incorrectly time, a preventable calamity is going to occur. I have seen well over 50 complaints on this from other owners and a closed NHTSA probe on this accurate offspring. They recalled the 2003 Sequoia for the like write out. Toyota needs to fix this in all model years before a life is lost. . Read more …

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Car Slowed Down On Its Own problem of the 2003 Toyota Sequoia

While I was driving at an approximate rush of 40 miles per hour, I noticed my bracken, trac off, vsc trac, engine light all came on at once. I noticed that braking was not as responsive ( increased brake distance ; ab does n’t seem to be engaging ) and when speeding to over 50 miles per hour, the vehicle feels as if it is slowing itself down. It is presently an expected heavy rain temper where I am and having the vehicle in this state is identical dangerous particularly when the brakes are not working efficaciously or when it starts to slow itself down suddenly. After shutting the vehicle down and restarting it after about 2 hours, the lights mentioned are hush illuminated except the bracken light. After reading all the other exchangeable complaints, I am surprise Toyota is not paying for all aspects of this defect associated with the vehicle and not driver misuse.

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Car Slowed Down On Its Own problem of the 2005 Toyota Sequoia

3 incidents in the last 90days, each one while the vehicle was in motion between 15-40mph with 5 passengers and in traffic. On each affair, the brakes abruptly engaged, causing a loud bang/thunk audio followed by a austere rock in the vehicle. Speed & control was drastically reduced to the point of being irrepressible. Within seconds, the vsc trac, vsc off, brake and maintenance lamps illuminated. Vehicle was very unmanageable to drive, as if the brakes were fully engaged. After pulling over, we shutdown the vehicle and let it sit a short period of time, on restart, all lamps were on, the vehicle was drive-able however, the brakes we placid being applied but slenderly allowing the vehicle to move but on handout of the accelerator, the vehicle slowed quickly. After dropping off fomite to a local anesthetic non-dealer service center on each of the foremost 2 incidents, the codes were no-longer active and the shop indicated that nothing could be done unless the codes were active again. Research indicates the 2003-04 had skid operate calculator echo, reflashing/reprogramming the calculator but merely a TSB was issued on the 2005 model year. After the third base incident, the most dangerous, we went to a Toyota principal. They confirmed the recall & the TSB. In discussions with the service adviser ‘s and technicians, they both reported that they have had numerous 2005 models with the same publish. The dealer informed us that the skid control condition computer will need to be replaced at a total monetary value of $ 1100. however, numerous posts on on-line blogs & forums indicate the trouble persists even after the skid control calculator was replaced. We are golden that this event did not solution is an accident as we were in dealings and vehicles behind us would not expect our vehicle to suddenly brake causing them crash into us at full focal ratio. This is a severe known base hit emergence and Toyota should issue a recall.

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Car Slowed Down On Its Own problem of the 2002 Toyota Sequoia

Since end of June 2010, I had to have my 2002 Toyota Sequoia towed because it had started to veer off and the bicycle became besotted and I could n’t control the steer. The vsc lights came on vitamin a well as the “ squiggly car ” light. I was scared to drive it again as I was 100 miles off from home, so I had it towed. I had taken it to the Toyota franchise and they diagnosed the bearings but could n’t diagnose the failure I had felt deoxyadenosine monophosphate far as the vsc incident. They charged me for inspection but said they did n’t know precisely what was wrong and sent me home with the car. I experienced this for a few days and last took it to an autonomous car haunt. They did a zero recalibrating and saw there was issues on the calculator coming up but could n’t besides precisely pinpoint what was incorrectly. It took a workweek before I got it back as it did n’t reoccur with them. The comply day as I drove it, the vsc lights and squiggly cable car sparkle came on again. every time I made a turn it seemed it jumped and it would n’t gain acceleration quickly when I pressed on the flatulence. Plus it made this loudly noise as if something was rubbing and it would slow down, then after a few seconds, regain travel rapidly. I took it in again and they replaced the yaw detector. The come day, again taking the streets it seemed that everytime I stopped and pressed again it shifted something as I felt it under the pedals, the vsc lights would turn on but then turn off and then finally regain speed. Each and every clock I was stopped at a light and then pressed on the boast, it did this. I last looked up a recall that one technician told me about and noticed the 2003 recall for grip control arrangement. however Toyota will not help since my cable car is 2002, hence why I ‘m complaining about it immediately. I believe the exact matter is what is happening to my car. I ‘ve had it swerve on the expressway when the vsc light came on and am afraid to drive it on the expressway for reverence of it slowing down unexpectedly.

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Car Slowed Down On Its Own problem of the 2001 Toyota Sequoia

The contact owns 2001 Toyota Sequoia. While driving 70 miles per hour, the vehicle slowed down quickly without warning while he depressed the accelerator pedal. The principal was ineffective to duplicate the failure. The stream mileage was 100,000 and failure mileage was 5,000. The VIN was unavailable .

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