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discussion starter #1 apr 1, 2010

i’ve been searching (with no success) for some tips on changing the front headlight bulb on a 2007 95 combi

. the bulb is not a hid bulb, however has a regular h7 bulb behind the “hid style” project type lens. the cover for the access is straight forward, being just a rubber friction cover.

the bulb is identical to my 2001 95 wagon but i can’t get access

. either i need very small and narrow hands to reach in to change this thing (which i don’t have) or there has to be a trick.

my dealer says “oh this is a big job. we have to take the bumper off to get access”. there has to be some easy way.

any advise here????



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shoul be possible without removing the bumper. removing the bumper is only neccessary for the turn signal bulbs.


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discussion starter #3 apr 2, 2010

purchased very long pliers

i got some good advise from work and purchased two pairs of very long needle neck pliers. one pair is almost 12″ long but it works!! you still need some steady hands and some time but will work (passenger side complete). i did not have to replace the driver side.


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discussion starter #4 apr 3, 2010

no real tricks but parts do need to come out

it took a little longer then i calculated but overall not bad. it’s a good thing the weather was good. the driver side bulb is much easier to change than the passenger side.

driver side bulb (15 minutes)…

– first remove the battery cover to give your hands just a little bit more room to access and work on the light housing

– remove the windshield wash hose clip beside the battery. this is so it doesn’t dig into your arm while you’re working.

– remove the rubber cover on the back of the headlight housing.

– the rest of the procedure is the same as for previous years of the saab 95 (ie disconnect wires, unclip the bulb, use a paper towel to install the new bulb with square marker on the bottom avoiding finger prints)

– re-install the rubber cover, clip and battery cover

passenger side bulb. this one is a pain (30 minutes)…;oops:

– to even get close to the rubber cover, the air intake rubber hose needs to be removed. there are two clamps that unscrew and it comes apart relatively freely. i found removing the end closest to the center of the car first (ie just above the rad) allowed the removal of the other end, right behind the light much easier. there is some sort of air flow sensor and inline filter in the hose. however i did not touch this and left it plugged in electrically.

– there is also an aluminum hose support that slides off the rubber holder. the hose can then be moved over to access the rubber cover. it’s still really tight though.

– the rest of the bulb replacement procedure is the same as for earlier 95 models.

– when re-assembling the hose, connect the end behind the light first then the end just above the rad (much easier this way). there are slots on the hose that line up with the sensor/filter. reconnnect the aluminum hose support and then you’re finished

a side note: while i was positioning the new bulb the wire clip got disconnected from the housing i thought i was “toast” because there was no way to see where the two female openings were to insert the male ends!!! i was lucky to have a small mirror on a stick. i held the mirror in a position to observe while i inserted the clip (my hands are still cramped up from working in this position).


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discussion starter #5 apr 4, 2010


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discussion starter #6 apr 4, 2010

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both light bulbs replaced

the weather was great this weekend so i changed both bulbs. no real tricks but a few parts needed to be removed so that your hands can get at the light housing.

driver side headlight (15 minutes)

– remove the battery cover to provide enough room to access the back of the light housing

– remove the two clips that hold down the windshield wash hose. if you don’t, these are sharp and they dig into your arm as you’re working.

– remove the rubber cover on the light housing

– the rest is the same procedure as for earlier 95’s

– space is really tight so don’t drop anything

passenger side headlight (30 minutes ) ;oops:

– disconnect the air intake rubber hose and move it out of the way. to do this, two clamps need to be loosened. remove the end over the radiator first, then the other end behind the light, comes off easily. i did not disconnect the sensor/filter. the hose is supported with an aluminium arm that i also disconnected. (on installation, make sure to line up the slots on the filter/sensor to the hose)

– now there is clear access to the light housing. very tight though.

also note: during the instalation, the wire clasp that holds the bulb got disconnected. i thought i was “done” . because you can’t see the female openings for the male ends of the wire to go into. i used a small mirror on a stick and was lucky getting it back. there was a huge sigh of relief after that. my fingers were cramped up though.

so no bumper removal and no special tools. space is very tight still though. overall well worth the effort.


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i figured out how to get to the bulb for replacement, but i can’t get it to stay in or turn on. do you push it straight in, or do you have to twist it? i cannot see how it will stay in without a clip. has anyone had this problem, if so please advise?


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discussion starter #8 jul 26, 2011

there is a metal wire clip that holds the light bulb in place. to remove the bulb you unhook the clip. change the bulb and then hook the clip to hold the bulb in. this clip is identical to previous years saabs. there’s a reference to this clip on this link…


you can test bulb by plugging it in and turning on the engine before you install it back into the housing.

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