2013 Base Soul – Best & brightest low-beam H11B…

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replacing my headlight bulbs was the first thing i did for my 2013 soul.

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i had replaced the bulbs in my last three cars, with the sylvania/phillips silver star ultra bulbs.

the high beam bulb or the 2013 soul turned out to be the h7 bulb. (single element)

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they are like twice as bright as the oem (phillips) bulbs and are available at almost every

auto parts store. i’ve heard complaints about them having a short life span, but….

i’ve never had to replace one on any of my last three cars, in well over 100k miles.

when i got my soul in sept. 2012, there was not any listing anywhere for a replacement bulb for the 2013 soul.

so i took the bulb out and took a picture of it….

then i printed out the picture and took it to the advance auto parts store and compared it to the sylvania bulbs on the rack.

i found the exact replacement with no problem, bought the new bulbs, installed them and have had good night vision ever since.

they are white, not blue, so they are perfectly legal in all states. blind a cop at night and he can ruin your day. eh?

cheers mate!


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to be clear, you only replaced your high beam bulbs, not your low beams? in other words, this philips 2f25 is a high beam bulb?

my brights/high beams are bright enough, it’s my low beams that are too dim

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