5 Best Ways to Clean Hats, Helmets, and Headphones After Lice

5 Best Ways to Clean Hats, Helmets, and Headphones After Lice

before getting started on cleaning, let’s address the larger question that i get asked all the time. 

why is it so hard to get rid of lice? 

lice have become immune to everything that used to work in the past. perhaps you remember your mom using a lice treatment and that doing the trick. those treatments no longer kill the new strain of head lice, that’s why lice today are termed by people, “super lice.” 

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they are called super lice, because they can’t be eliminated with treatments that used to work. lice treatments only kill the weakest lice and these super lice keep getting stronger and stronger. 

also, lice treatments don’t kill lice eggs, so if you miss just a few lice eggs on the head then they hatch, and lice start all over again.

that’s why, as a lice expert, i do not use lice treatments to cure lice. with my technique, you can be completely cured of head lice in one day. no lice treatments or re-treatments required. you can learn more about the method i use here.

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most people with lice are stuck in what i term the “never-ending lice cycle” that looks like this…

you discover lice; you spend hours treating, nit-picking, house cleaning etc.

you think it’s gone for a few weeks…

but then it’s back again!

many people think that they’re in this cycle because they’ve missed something in their cleaning. let me assure you it’s not because you missed something in your cleaning. it’s because you never really got rid of lice. lice are immune to lice treatments.

if you want to be confident that you’ve eliminated lice from your life permanently then check out the page how to get rid of lice in one day.

hats and helmets are blamed by many as the chief culprits for spreading head lice. is it true? before getting to the 5 best ways to treat your hat, helmet, and headphones, let’s answer some of the most commonly asked questions. 

how long can lice live on a hat, helmet, or headphones?

48 hours. lice can live on hats, helmets, and headphones for up to 2 days. most lice die within 24 hours of being off the head away from a human blood meal. but, when studied in labs under precise temperatures, lice were able to survive 2 days.

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can you get lice from a hat, helmet, or headphones?

yes, you can, but it’s not as likely as you might think. a study examined the hats of 1,000 people with head lice to see how many lice would transfer to the hat. how many lice do you think they found out of 1,000 hats? 

the researchers found zero lice in the 1,000 hats.

however, there have been other studies that indicate the chance of lice transferring to a hat is a little higher, closer to 4%. but still, that is a pretty small risk.

most lice are passed directly from head-to-head (or hair-to-hair) contact with someone else with lice.

most don’t want to take even a small risk like that, so here are the 5 best ways to treat and kill lice on hats, helmets, and headphones.

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