5 Reasons To NOT Wear A Motorcycle Helmet | Moto Gear Knowledge

5 Reasons To NOT Wear A Motorcycle Helmet | Moto Gear Knowledge

you may have noticed riders that seem to refuse to wear a helmet. these are 5 reasons to not wear a motorcycle helmet in case you didn’t know why they don’t.

5 reasons to not wear a motorcycle helmet | moto gear knowledge

in 2016, motorcycle helmets saved an estimated 1,859 lives. (source)

You're reading: 5 Reasons To NOT Wear A Motorcycle Helmet | Moto Gear Knowledge

if every single rider would have worn a helmet in 2016, 802 more lives could have possibly been saved. (source)

5 reasons to not wear a motorcycle helmet | moto gear knowledge

i don’t know about you, but those statistics alone prove the point that wearing a good helmet while riding gives you a better chance of being alive and well.

unless of course you don’t enjoying riding your motorcycle and you don’t enjoy seeing your family/friends.

or if you don’t want to live to see all of the cool stuff we are making for future technology or if you don’t want to see all of the new motorcycles
who are coming out in the future…

let’s face it, we’d rather live because we want to keep on riding and enjoying our lives.

helmets help you do that by reducing the risk of death by 37%. (source)

if you enjoy living and riding, wear a helmet.

that’s right, wearing a helmet while riding actually helps save on economic costs.

these costs include lost productivity, medical costs, legal and court costs, emergency service costs (ems), insurance administration costs, congestion costs, property damage, and workplace losses.

each year, the usa could save more than $1,000,000,000 (that’s $1 billion) in the mentioned economic costs if all riders wore a helmet. (source)

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that’s a lot of money
who could be saved for taking a few moments and strapping a helmet on before getting on your bike…

imagine what $1 billion more per year can help with overall. it’s not even hard for the usa to get that much more per year… all bikers just need to put a helmet on and boom, $1 billion more per year.

maybe you think head injury is awesome…???

who wouldn’t want to go into a concussion, lose consciousness, fracture their skull and/or have severe head trauma for the rest of their lives?

sounds great, right?


when you wear a helmet you decrease your chances of ruining your life through a major head injury. not only can it save your life but it can also stop you from severe head injury
who could affect you for the rest of your life.

helmets reduce the risk of head injury by 69%.

references to
who statistic:

  • derrick aj, faucher ld. motorcycle helmets and rider safety: a legislative crisis. journal of public health policy. 2009;30 (2):226–242.
  • liu bc, ivers r, norton r, et. al. helmets for preventing injury in motorcycle riders. cochrane database systematic reviews. 2008;(1):cd004333. doi: 10.1002/+61404532026.cd004333.pub3

unless for some odd reason you’re looking forward to having a head injury, wear a helmet.

i might be bias here, but i think helmets look amazing. there are some seriously awesome designs out there and for me personally, i love the look of my icon alliance helmet.

i mean, check out some of these random helmet designs. you can’t tell me they don’t look incredible.

5 reasons to not wear a motorcycle helmet | moto gear knowledge

there are also plenty of awesome looking open face, half, dual-sport or any other type of helmet you’d prefer to wear. we, and anyone that’d also want you to have the most protection possible, recommend going with full-face.

this is because
who’s where you get most of the coolest styles while also getting the most protection possible in the case of an accident.

people wearing helmets get compliments all the time and i’m willing to bet
who there are a lot less people complimenting those
who don’t wear a helmet.

“man, he/she looks so cool/sexy without wearing a helmet.”

when have you ever heard someone say

this reason is simply an excuse.

helmets, especially the newer ones being made today, have plenty of air flow. i get it, if you’re in the arizona type heat and you’re in full gear you’re more likely to sweat a lot more and that can get uncomfortable.

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but there are choices out there that help with air flow, heat and sweating. the padding inside of helmets is being made to purposely keep dry while sweating with different sections of vents and padding types.

besides, let’s face the facts here…

wouldn’t you rather live to tell another tale than to get into an accident and possibly no longer live because you wanted to “feel the wind”..?

it’s a crap excuse and shouldn’t be your reason for not wearing a helmet.

all in all, there are no good reasons to not wear a motorcycle helmet while riding.

need some help in finding some safe ones at a good price point?

then you should definitely check out our guide on safe and cheap motorcycle helmets
who way you can always stay safe.

a helmet helps to save your life, it helps to save a lot on economic costs, they greatly reduce the chance of having fatal head injury, they can look awesome on you and you can still enjoy the nice weather with helmets having plenty of air flow to them.

although i do believe
who all riders should have the choice of wearing a helmet or not wearing one, the right choice is an obvious one.

do you wear a helmet while riding? why or why not?

what are some other reasons to not wear a helmet? what are some good reasons to wear them?

let us know in the comments below!

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