6 Brightest Headlights 2021: LED, HID, & Halogen

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Many drivers don’t pay attention to their headlights until they are fading or burned out. Having the brightest headlights keeps you safe in a variety of conditions. It can also make your vehicle look much better. Faded yellow headlights just look bad. So to keep you safe, and improve the look of your vehicle, here’s our list of brightest headlights for 2021, including the brightest LED, HID, and halogen headlights.

Brightest Headlights 2021

Brightest LED Headlights:

Brightest HID Headlights:

Brightest Halogen Headlights:

Nowadays there are various headlight options available in the market – from HID to LED to Halogen headlights all claiming to be the brightest. With continued advancement in technology, it becomes difficult to decide which is the brightest after all. There are poor and good performers in each variety, but we have picked out two best options from each category to help you choose the one that is best for you.


Brightest LED Headlights

#1 – XenonPro LED Headlights Kit

These are the most incredible bulbs out there. They are extremely bright with your choice of colors: white, yellow, blue or purple. That light gets focused into a tight pattern to give you excellent vision both vertically down the road and horizontally out to the sides for the best vision in the game – but that’s not all.

These LED headlights fit right into the factory bulb housing, making installation easy with a simple plug and play installation. No cutting or splicing. Simply plug them into your factory bulb connector and be on your way.

For cooling, they use high quality micro fans. Even in the most extreme conditions, the fans will work. That is the kind of dependability that you have to have when it comes to your driving safety – and XenonPro is even willing to put their money where their mouth is with a lifetime warranty and free replacements.

There isn’t a better all-around package out there today which is why our top recommendation is this XenonPro LED Headlight Kit.

#2 – SNGL Super Bright LED Headlight Conversion Kit

The SNGL Super Bright LED Headlight Conversion Kit is at thetop of our brightest headlight list because of its extraordinary features andunmatched performance. These bulbs are designed with an adjustable LED chipposition that maximizes the factory housing and reflector. This provides acorrect light pattern without any dark spots. Furthermore, the output isfocused on the road where you need it the most.

Another great feature of the SNGL Super Bright LEDHeadlights is that they are engineered with SNGL high-power Led head lightingtechnology and powerful LUMILEDS LMZ7 LEDs that maximize the light output.These bulbs can provide 260% brighter light on the road without causing anyglare.

The exclusive SNGL Intelligent Cooling System keeps the LEDchips and the circuit board cool thus making it possible for these headlightbulbs to achieve a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours. This system helps theheadlights to maintain a maximum lumen output of 12,400 thus preventing rapidlight decay at increasing operating temperature.

The conductive heat efficiency of these bulbs is improved by300% as a result of the SNGL Red-Copper thermal technology. Many LEDs availablein the market face the problem of light decay, but the SNGL is able to maintainoptimum brightness at all times.

The embedded noise filter and efficient EMC design furtherfacilitate a smooth and quiet ride through effective noise reduction. Othersafety features such as prevention against an undue current, excessive voltage,electrostatic pulse or threats, and fan failure further enhance the performanceof this product. 

The SNGL headlights are constructed with high qualitymaterials and the best components thus making them the perfect upgrade forheadlights. Their exclusive design is bound to give your vehicle the safety andlook of a luxury car.


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  • Improved EMC design helps reduce noise
  • Built-in CanBus design
  • Various protection features in accordance withOEM standards
  • 6000K white light temperature
  • Overheat and fan failure protection
  • Exclusive Adjustable Beam technology
  • Turns on instantly; no warm-up time needed
  • Over 50,000 hours of lifetime
  • 2-year warranty


  • Flickering issue
  • Not designed to be used with daytime running lights

Brightest HID Headlights

#1 – RCP Xenon HID Headlight Bulb

The most notable features of the RCP Xenon HID headlightsare lightening proficiency and affordability. They are beautifully constructedwith diamond white metal base. Their compact design, efficient performance, andeconomical price make them one of the top picks on our list. They can fitalmost all car models and are comparatively cheaper than other headlightsavailable.  

Although these headlight bulbs are budget-friendly, they donot compromise on quality. They provide crystal white colors of 6000K. The RCPxenon HID headlights are engineered to comply with the needs of the drivers.Their uniformed beam pattern allows you to have an optimum night drivingexperience.

The shock-proof mechanism of these headlights preventsagainst electric shock. These headlights produce 3200 lumens which are threetimes brighter than halogen lamps and utilize approximately 35 watts which ishalf of the wattage used by halogen lamps.

The RCP headlights do not only provide a stable light outputand a service life of more than 2500 hours which is five times more than the halogenbulb. These headlight bulbs are wear-resistant, heat-resistant, andoil-resistant due to good quality materials and wires used in theirconstruction. Moreover, they are waterproof which further reduces the chance ofa short circuit and rain leakage.

The white light of these headlights prevents glare thusproviding more driving comfort to the driver, and the anti-UV quartz glassprevents the cracking of the mirror and the shade.  


  • Improves visibility by up to 200%
  • Safe and durable
  • Precise focal length avoids glare
  • Mercury-free
  • Brighter and more efficient than halogenheadlights
  • Water and dust proof
  • Eco-friendly
  • Constructed with high quality materials
  • Uniform and accurate beam pattern


  • May be difficult to install in some car models

#2 – Philips Xenon HID Headlight Bulb

Philips is a well-known and trusted brand that manufacturesvarious high quality electronic gadgets. Everybody has used a Philips productat least once in their lifetime. Needless to say that their products areconstructed using high quality materials.

These bulbs come in a pack of one. However, it is always wiseto replace both the headlights at the same time to ensure uniform lightening.By replacing your halogen lights with Philips HID, you can get the highestlight output as they emit a white light which is comparable to daylight. Theseheadlight bulbs are made from a quartz glass which is able to resist thermalshock.

The Philips HID bulbs are durable and have the highestcustomer satisfaction rate. They use state-of-the-art lighting technology intheir manufacture and are DOT compliant.


  • Consumes less power
  • Affordable price
  • DOT compliant
  • Requires zero warm-up period
  • Proactive products made with state-of-the-arttechnology
  • 2-year warranty


  • Not CanBus ready
  • Fake products available

Brightest Halogen Headlights

#1 – Philips X-tremeVision

Philips is a popular brand that has been dominating thehalogen headlight market and providing a wide variety of options. The PhilipsX-treme version is a high performing bulb that provides 130% more light ascompared to stock bulbs.

The main reason for the popularity of Philips X-tremeVisionis that these halogen bulbs provide outstanding performance that is similar toHID headlights. Moreover, they are easier to install, provide natural whitelight, and do not blind other motorists. 


  • Color temperature of 3,700K
  • High quality UV-quartz glass
  • Patented gradient coating
  • Provides 130 meters of light
  • 450 hours lifespan
  • Road legal and ECE certified


  • Some people find the light to be fuzzy

#2 – SYLVANIA SilverStar Ultra

The Sylvania SilverStar Ultra makes it to our top brightestheadlight list as they illuminate more side-road and provide brightestdown-road performance thus ensuring driver comfort. The white light of theseheadlights easily distinguish items on the side of the road.

These headlights are specially coated to achieve a whitelight that is rated at 4100K. The Sylvania SilverStar Ultra headlights are muchbrighter than the stock bulb. The patented Tri-band technology increase objectvisibility and improved contrast while enhancing your night time drivingexperience.


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  • Makes night time drive less stressful
  • Street legal
  • Doesn’t increase glare
  • Cobalt blue nano-coating technology
  • 50% increased brightness
  • Highly engineered filament
  • Tri-band coating technique
  • Propriety halogen gas mixture
  • 40% increase in down-road visibility
  • Friendly plug-and-play installation
  • 50% improvement in side road visibility


  • Very short life span

Headlight Bulb Buying Guide

Most motorists do not give much importance to themaintenance of their headlights until it is time to have their vehiclesexamined for roadworthiness.  Researchshows that headlight bulbs lose up to 20% of their lightening capacity withintwo to three years. Therefore, it is possible that you would be driving with aless than perfect pair of headlights if you do not maintain them. 

LED vs. HID vs. Halogen Headlights. Which is best?

Halogen headlights are affordable and easy to install. Theyhave a fairly reasonable lifespan and can be switched from low to high beamwith just the flick of a switch. However, these bulbs generate large volumes ofheat and consume high amounts of energy.

HID stands for high-intensity discharge and these headlightbulbs have a longer lifespan, father reach, broader coverage, greaterefficiency, brighter light, and less power consumption than halogen headlights,but they are relatively costlier than halogen and have a strong glare that candisturb oncoming traffic.

LED headlights, on the other hand, are energy efficient, aresmaller in size, don’t glare like HID, and are brighter than halogen. However,they are expensive, needs cooling, are difficult to install, and heat upneighboring assemblies.

If you want affordable headlights, then you should go withhalogen but if you are more concerned with performance then LED headlights areright for you. However, if you want affordability and performance then HIDheadlights are better.

What to Look for When Buying Headlights

Having your headlights suddenly go out on a dark and lonelyroad is an experience that you will surely want to avoid. Therefore, it isimportant to keep the following considerations in mind when buying thebrightest headlights:

  • Type of headlight – Before buying the brightest headlight you should decide about your preference in lightening. HID headlights typically work great but can have a blue hue to them; Halogen headlights are cheap and familiar while the LED headlights are manufactured by using the latest technology but require some good cooling.
  • Know your local law – Although different types of headlights are generally accepted, but in some communities, there are rules that limit what you can do with headlights. Before buying new headlights make sure that your new lights will not cause a problem.
  • Durability – How long your new headlights will last is another consideration that plays an important role in their selection. Choose bulbs that are longer lasting as they will not only serve you for a more extended period; they will also help you save more in replacement costs.
  • Installation – Some bulbs are easy to install as they are the plug-and-play kind while others require professional installation. Make sure that you can easily install the bulbs that you choose as this will help you save additional costs.
  • Price – The prices of headlights can range significantly from product to product. They can be pretty affordable and pricey as well. Although it is beneficial to buy high quality headlights even though they can be expensive, budget buyers can also find efficient and affordable headlights. 
  • Brightness – Your night driving experience will be much safer with bright headlights. Compare the lumens of the various headlights before making a purchase. If you drive more at night, then it is better to buy the brightest headlights that have 6000K as these headlights make the daytime look like the night. These headlights also have the best range thus enabling you to see better.
  • Reflector support – If you are going to upgrade to LED headlight bulbs make sure that the built-in reflector supports them as they are essential in guiding the beam properly as directed.

What to Avoid When Buying Headlights

When buying headlights, it is better to stay away fromlow-quality products. Also, make sure that the headlights that you choose arein compliance with the law.

Headlight FAQs

What headlights do I need?

Different cars require different headlights depending ontheir make and model. You can contact your vehicle manufacturer or go throughyour vehicle handbook to find out the headlights that are best for yourvehicle. You can also go to https://www.sylvania-automotive.com/apps/vlrg-us/Vlrg/and start searching by part number or by selecting your vehicle.

Are headlights covered under warranty?

Yes, most headlights are covered under warranty.

How do I adjust headlights?

A car’s headlights could become misaligned with the passage of time or by frequently replacing them. This could result in reduced visibility which can be a nuisance, especially when driving at night. In order to adjust the headlights, you can consult the vehicle’s manual or watch an online video demonstrating the right way to align your vehicle.

How do LED headlights work?

An LED is a semiconductor that emits light when a currentpasses through it. They require less current to illuminate therefore the energydrawn from the battery is less than required by halogens and HIDs. Thesemiconductor then emits photons that illuminate the road ahead. There is nofilament in these headlights to burn out.

How do HID headlights work?

HID headlights, like neon signs, are arc lamps. In order toproduce light electricity arcs between two electrodes instead of heating afilament inside the bulb. HID headlights are more efficient than halogen bulbsas they make more light by using less energy. They also last considerablylonger than halogen bulbs.


It is clear from the above discussion that choosing thebrightest headlight bulb is not difficult if you know the key factors that playan important part in bulb replacement. Picking the right one depends onaffordability, your personal choice, and having crystal clear concepts aboutthe different aspects of headlight bulbs.