700c vs 27 inch Bike Tires – Beau Turner Youth Conservation Center

700c vs 27 inch Bike Tires – Beau Turner Youth Conservation Center

are you looking for a brief comparison between 27-inch bike tires vs 700c? well, you have found the right article. keep reading below to understand how these two bike tires differ from each other.

during the early years when bicycles were invented, there were only a handful of manufacturers who provided different types and sizes of tiers that could fit in only one particular type of bike.

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but then the time changed and now if you buy wheels and tubes from two different manufacturers they will surely fit your needs as long as you hunt for proper type and size.

now, when it comes to the diameter of the tire, considered it the most crucial aspect for measurement followed by its width. the majority of the bikes you see out there in the street or stores have a diameter of either 27-inch or 700c. but what is the difference between the two? let’s find out.

difference between 27-inch and 700c

27-inch bike tires

there were few road bikes that used these 27-inch tires in the 1980s and before that. you may find these on “10-speed” bicycles. yes, those bikes which could remind you of your childhood days. but, these are not similar to 700c tires that you see on modern bicycles.

there are many manufacturing companies out there that still make replacement tires, wheels and inner tubes for those matured bicycles. many modern bikes are designed with a 27-inch tire size today. it is available in following widths:

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  • 1 to 1/8 inches.
  • 1 to 1/4 inches.
  • 1 to 3/8 inches.

these are the common widths available for some mature hybrid bikes and cyclo-cross bicycles.

note: the tread pattern on the outer surface of the tire could affect the outer diameter. however, it is the inner diameter that makes different tires compatible.

the bead seat diameter or also called bsd is the measurement that determines whether a particular tire will be compatible with a particular rim or not.

the bead seat diameter of 27-inch tires is around 630mm or 24.8 inches. 27-inch tires and 700c tires are not too much different in relation to size. continue reading to find out about how 700c tires are different from 27-inch tires.

700c tires

700c is considered a standard tire size for many european-style chaser bicycles and you can also find it on many cyclo-cross bicycles and hybrid bikes.

if you break down the name given to the tire you will learn that 700’ in 700c represents a very rough exterior diameter though the exterior diameter will greatly vary, depending on the tread pattern and type of tire. and the letter c’ represents nothing. many folks misunderstand it for centimeters but it is not.

there were few available alternatives of tire sizes many years ago. these were:

  • 700a
  • 700b
  • 700c
  • 700d

the bead seat diameters of all the tire sizes were different but all the variations had similar exterior diameter. now, it is important for you to note that due to some reasons, except for 700c all variations were discarded.

the bead seat diameter of 700c tires is around 622mm or 24.4 inches.

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there are many high-performance bicycles with tires width measuring 23 – 25mm however, there are some bikes with tires width measuring 18mm (narrow) to 28mm (wide). cyclo-cross bicycles on the other hand range from 28 millimeters – 38 millimeter.

note: officially-authorized cyclo-cross competition will have 32-millimeter tire width.

lastly, hybrid bicycles have a width measuring of 35 millimeters to 45 millimeters.

the manufacturing company prints the size of the tire on either side of the tires. for example, it could be printed as 700cx32. in many cases, manufacturing companies can change the position of the letter c’. for example, 700x45c.

this could confuse the buyers and they end up buying a huge one instead of the required tire. in addition, some manufacturers can change the order and print the size including the width and bsd. for example, 28-622.

that is why it is advisable to properly check the printing before buying the 700c tires.

final words

there you have it, difference between 27-inch and 700c. in conclusion, both tires do not differ too much. a 27-inch tube (inner) can be compatible with a 700c tire, vice-versa. and, a 27-inch tire
wont be compatible with a 700c wheel, vice –versa. this is it, hope you find the information on this article helpful. good luck!

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