9 Best Bicycle Touring Tires for Adventure Bikepacking[2021]

9 Best Bicycle Touring Tires for Adventure Bikepacking[2021]

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9 best bicycle touring tires for adventure bikepacking[2021]

9 best bicycle touring tires in 2021. long-distance touring or adventure bikepacking tyres
schwalbe, continental, vittoria, michelin, kenda… ride smooth and puncture free!

a bicycle tour is one of the best ways to unravel the world. you may ask, why? well, unlike traveling in a car or a train, a trip on your bicycle helps you get more of your surroundings. and when this trip comes with all the necessities you need, it’s like a cherry on the cake.

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a smooth and sound bicycle tour is highly dependent on the tires fitted to your bike. as the terrain of your bicycle voyage may vary, it is imperative to invest in versatile best touring bike tires to keep your journey smooth.

if you are planning a bike tour in the upcoming months, you better get going making your bike ready for it. here are some best bicycle touring tires for a seamless biking experience.

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9 best bicycle touring tires for adventure bikepacking[2021]

the 9 best touring bike tires

to put your mind at ease, we have shortlisted some of the best touring tires for you here. read ahead and check them out!

schwalbe marathon plus tour

best puncture resistant bike tire

9 best bicycle touring tires for adventure bikepacking[2021]

the first of this list it’s also what we used for about 7 years of round-the-world bicycle touring. we fit a pair for our europe bike trip, went to north cape and then cycled east africa with the same pair. about 15,000km without a single puncture on two bikes.

this is thus one of the prime schwalbe tires to choose from for your next cross-state bike tour. the core aspect that differentiates this tire from others on this list is its puncture resistance capability.

the 5mm thick puncture protection rubber belt ensures a smooth ride by shielding it from sharp-edged objects and debris.

the wired type tire is made from premium quality nylon that promises long-term use. other than this, the tire is also proven to deliver superior performance in extreme weather conditions.

one minor downside of this tire is its weight; the protection belt in the tire makes it a bit heavy while not compromising its performance.

dimensions 24.8 x 1.18 x 24.02 inches
wheel size 26-28 inches
build type wired tire
material nylon
weight 0.98 – 1.05 kg
pros cons
low rolling resistance expensive choice
versatile design heavy design
handles a range of tire pressures

schwalbe – marathon winter plus

best for winter cycling on icy roads

9 best bicycle touring tires for adventure bikepacking[2021]

if the terrain of your bike tour involves snowy or icy roads, you need to be extra careful as friction can become your enemy. in this case, schwalbe marathon winter plus will be an ideal choice for you.

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the unique characteristic of this tire is the spikes along with the center tread. these little points ensure a safer ride over icy surfaces at minimal pressure.

moreover, if the road is not icy, the sound made by these spikes is reduced to a minimum at high tire pressure.

apart from this, the tire also features a kevlar strip that shields it from punctures. this aspect makes it one of the best puncture-resistant bike tires.

dimensions 27 x 27 x 1 inches
wheel size 20-28 inches
bead wire
pressure 30 – 85 psi
weight 0.92 – 1.265 kg
pros cons
excellent stability not for long rides on snow roads
versatile (low-pressure for snow and high for normal terrain) heavy tires
great utility to price ratio

schwalbe marathon supreme

best in terms of rolling resistance

9 best bicycle touring tires for adventure bikepacking[2021]

the third-in-line also belongs to the schwalbe tires family. if you want a genuinely tested tire, go for this one. the schwalbe marathon supreme is made from the onestar compound and features a micro skin layer that offers the lowest rolling resistance.

if you are worried about punctures, the tire has an hd speed guard puncture protection layer that ensures fewer resistance cuts. a cool feature of this tire is the liteskin reflective sidewalls that enhance visibility at night.

so, if you are looking for a speedy bicycle experience, maybe a lightweight bikepacking setup on tarmac roads, this tire will be the best bet for you.

dimensions 10.3 x 4.4 x 4 inches
wheel size 28 inches
bead folding
pressure 30 – 85 psi
weight 0.44 kg
pros cons
lightweight design expensive
low rolling resistance
it comes in a plethora of sizes.

continental ride tour bicycle tire

best for durability

9 best bicycle touring tires for adventure bikepacking[2021]

the thing that makes this tire worth purchasing is its durability. the center treads of this urban bike tire offer immense durability so that you can ride for miles without any hassle. along with this, the tire also takes absolute care of your riding experience on different tracks, whether it is wet, dry, or filled with dirt.

the combination of center and side treads makes cornering easy and safe. the tire is equipped with a breakdown protection belt that makes sure that it does not go flat from sharp objects. moreover, it is available in multiple sizes so that you can choose the one that fits your bike.

dimensions 12 x 2 x 12 inches
wheel size 12-27 inches and 700c
bead wire
pressure 80 psi (max)
material rubber
pros cons
highly durable high rolling resistance as compared to other models
puncture protection
ideal for all terrains

vittoria 28-700 randonneur

best for wet and dry weather

9 best bicycle touring tires for adventure bikepacking[2021]

if you are worried about the changing weather on your trip, you have got a winner here. the vittoria randonneur is a tire that stands proud with its 30 tpi carcass and long-lasting compound. the prime advantage of this is the ability to ride your bike on both wet and dry terrain easily.

other than offering you a smooth ride, the tire also ensures that you don’t face the hassle of getting it repaired repeatedly.

therefore, it comes with a double layer puncture protection termed as double shielding technology feature. this keeps your tire from getting flat on the way.

the tire is not too heavy, thus makes it easy for you to ride at higher speeds.

material synthetic
wheel size 28 inches
bead wire
pressure 70 psi (max)
tpi 30
pros cons
double layer puncture protection heavy as compared to other models of the brand
more tpi for enhanced traction tough to mount
helps in maintaining direction

michelin protek cross bicycle tire

best for balanced mobility

9 best bicycle touring tires for adventure bikepacking[2021]

the renowned brand is not just limited to making tires for heavy vehicles, but it also excels at making bicycle rubbers.

the michelin protek cross bicycle tire is best known for its stronger and specialized tread design. the treads are made in a way that sticks the tire to the surface no matter if it is dry or wet.

the structure of the tire consists of a 1mm reinforced tread that makes sure that your ride does not stop due to a flat tire.

other than that, the reflective band and logo on the sidewall of the tire enhance visibility at night. it is e-bike ready, so you can use it if you buy an e-bike without any hassle.

dimensions 26.5 x 26.5 x 1.25 inches
wheel size 27.5 inches
bead wire
e-bike ready yes
material other
pros cons
easy to mount may slip on the street while cornering
1mm tread for puncture resistance
the reflective band enhances visibility.

panaracer tour tire with wire bead

cheap and good value for money

9 best bicycle touring tires for adventure bikepacking[2021]

among all the tires on the list, this one has a great price as compared to its features. how? the tire has black urban commuter tread that maintains awesome traction with the surface for a smooth and safe ride. the 27 treads per inch design of the tires keep them from slipping while cornering.

moreover, the treaded design of the tire also makes it fit for almost all surfaces, dry, wet, or gravel. to improve visibility at night, it features reflective tape too. all of this comes at a price as low as $20. although, it varies based on the size.

so, next time you plan to go on a bike trip, do check one of the best adventure bike tires.

dimensions 26 x 26 x 2iinches
pressure 85 psi (max)
bead wire
weight 740 g
material rubber
pros cons
wire bead design enhances tire performance. may damage quickly on harsh surfaces
high tpi enhances traction. a bit heavy
fit for almost all surfaces

continental travel country

best for multiple terrains

9 best bicycle touring tires for adventure bikepacking[2021]

no matter your trip has a tarmac path, forest trails, or meadow paths, this masterpiece from continental will be your perfect companion. the highly elastic natural rubber material acts as a perfect armor for your tire, keeping it from punctures.

other than that, it significantly reduces your effort while riding with its low rolling resistance feature. moreover, the rubber-reinforced sidewalls ensure minimum sidewall abrasions and premature wear that may occur due to additional force in the beginning.

if you are looking for the best road bike tires for puncture resistance, this is the one.

dimensions 26.77 x 26.77 x 2.36 inches
pressure 85 psi (max)
bead wire
color black
material rubber
pros cons
enhanced puncture protection it may turn out a bit narrow after mounting.
deep treads ensure safety while cornering.
fit for multiple road surfaces

kenda k-193 kwest commuter wire bead

best for wet terrains

9 best bicycle touring tires for adventure bikepacking[2021]

last but not least! the kenda k-193 tire is best suited for those who love to ride in the rain. this is because the tire has deep water grooves that help in channeling water while you are riding. further, it also maintains excellent traction for a skidless drive.

the steel wire bead of the tire keeps it fixed to the rim while enhancing the performance.

the minimal yet smooth treads of the tire make it ideal for terrains like the city, bike path, and others. plus, the treads also make it one of the tires with low rolling resistance.

dimensions 26 x 1.5 inches
pressure 65-100 psi
bead wire
weight 639 g
material rubber
pros cons
fit for both front and rear application the sidewalll may fail after some time.
best for sports bikes
ideal for wet roads

how to choose the best touring bike tire?

9 best bicycle touring tires for adventure bikepacking[2021]

as you have gone through all the reputable and best-rated adventure bike tires, it is time to choose one. but, it is not that easy. here are some factors that you need to surely consider while making your final pick!

  • treads: tread patterns decide how smooth the tire runs on the surface. for instance, if you are riding on a smooth road, go for a tire that has minimal treads for speed. if you are riding on a rough, muddy surface, deep treads will do an awesome
  • rolling resistance: look for a tire that has low rolling resistance. low rolling resistance will decrease your effort and thus will help you cover more distance in less time.
  • puncture resistance: to keep your tire running for long, do keep a check on the thickness of the tire. some of the tires come with thicker treads that make sure that your tire does not go flat from minor debris on the road.
  • weight: weight is also a factor that can affect the performance of a tire. heavyweight tires can highly increase your effort in riding the bike.

in a nutshell, it is necessary to keep all these factors in mind while choosing a tire for your bicycle. happy touring!!

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