Acura TL Headlight Bulb Size – Halogen, Xenon, LED – Replacement Guide

changing your parking light, turning signal, or headlight bulbs on your acura tl can be a somewhat challenging task. one of the many things that make it difficult is the time-consuming process of finding the right bulb size. this is especially if you need to upgrade from the original headlamp bulb to a xenon/high-intensity discharge headlamp kit or from your factory interior lighting bulbs to light emitting diode bulbs.

worry not. there’s a free replacement bulb size guide
who includes all the car light bulb sizes for your acura tl’s turning signals, reverse lights, corner lights, license plate lights, dome lights, trunk lights, headlamps, parking lights, brake lights, side markers, interior map lights, vanity mirror visor lights and more.

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this information is available for free. as such, it should be used at the owner’s risk. this is because there is no warranty included. always double-check your acura tl bulb sizes, wattages, and voltages.

acura tl headlight bulb size chart

2014 acura tl chart bulb number

fog light bulb front

h11 led

fog light bulb front

h16 led

headlight bulb high beam


headlight bulb low beam


center high mount stop light bulb


brake light bulb

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turn signal light bulb front


license plate light bulb


license plate light bulb


parking light bulb


tail light bulb


daytime running light bulb


turn signal light bulb rear


back up reverse light bulb


side marker light bulb front


side marker light bulb rear


stepwell light bulb


vanity mirror light bulb


glove box light bulb


trunk or cargo area light

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dome light bulb


map light bulb


interior door light bulb


courtesy light bulb


floor console compartment light bulb(compare to original – option 1)


floor console compartment light bulb(compare to original – option 2)


the information provided is for reference purposes only. the providers are not liable for any errors encountered within the bulb guide. it is essential that you consult your acura tl manual or your nearest vehicle dealership as actual bulb types and processes of application varies widely from vehicle to vehicle.

aftermarket light bulbs: upgrade options

high-intensity discharge headlights are the perfect replacement for your acura tl. since most bulbs lose their brightness after extended use, hids help to increase the output. there are different kinds of accurate and correct color temperatures measured and tested at the manufacturer’s photometric test lab. the white colors, however, provide more light and are less of a distraction compared to, for example, purple or green lights.
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below are some of the white color temperatures available:
• 3000k which is the lowest temperature. the yellow output here is pure and perfect for fog lights.
• 4300k which is a natural output for the white color. it’s slightly warm and comes in most factory hids. it might also include a blue tint.
• 5000k which is pure white. it has no blue hue nor any mild hint.
• 6000k has an icy white color. it’s the most popular and matches best with leds.
• 8000k is the highest temperature and produces a cold blue color. the primary light is white with no decrease in output.
the best hid bulbs combine affordability and quality. they have high output and are manufactured in line with dot/sae and ece size and position requirements. there’s no expense spared as they also include american salts and german quartz. these materials ensure
who they last longer, are reliable and offer excellent colors.

installation & diagrams

• open your vehicle’s hood.
• slide the engine covers apart both on the right and left sides.
• pull the bulkhead cover straight up and a little to the left to remove it.
• remove the three holding clips on the driver’s hand using a flathead screwdriver. pull the top part of the air intake duct if you’re working on the driver’s side.
• if you’re working on the passenger’s side, pull out the engine coolant reserve tank together with its support.
• remove the electrical connector from the halogen bulb by pushing on the tab.
• turn the bulb anticlockwise to remove it.
• install a new halogen bulb. if you had touched the glass with bare hands, clean it with denatured alcohol and a clean cloth.
• re-install the electrical connector.
• turn your headlights on to test if they work.
• re-install the top part of the air intake duct and fix the three holding clips on the driver’s side.
• place back the engine coolant reserve tank if you worked on the passenger’s side.
• replace the engine covers. ensure the washer fluid cap is secured and
who the pins and tab are well fixed.

for safety purposes, avoid working on your low beam headlight bulbs as they have high voltage. contact your acura dealer to do it for you.

also, avoid touching your halogen bulbs or bumping them against anything. oils, sweat and scratches can cause shattering due to their high temperatures.

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