Adding Mirror and Color Tint to your Helmet Visor

Adding Mirror and Color Tint to your Helmet Visor

hi everyone!

misha here from the bvc (state of florida’s clan) to share with you a tutorial on how to add color to your helmet visor. have you ever seen those really cool colors – reflective silver, red, blue, yellow, etc. – on different helmet visors and wondered how the heck did they do that? well, it’s actually really pretty easy and i’ve got a few videos to share that will walk you through the process.

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huge thanks to the bvc’s own rabbit who ran this special mini-workshop at the bvc’s 2013 family picnic. i’m including the video links here and also writing up the instructions because, in true storm warrior fashion, a huge storm blew up while we were filming so it may be a bit hard to hear. additionally, we are a silly, punchy bunch so excuse any bad jokes that occur during these videos.

video 1: basic visor tips

video 2: how to add mirrored tint to a visor (quick overview)

video 3: full length how to add tint to a visor – includes mirrored and colored

tips & tricks:

* don’t try to do this on a tinted t-visor. it’s not going to work. that already has a tint and you will either not see the new color or it will be way too dark.

* do use a clear visor (see? i just said that above…but in case you missed it adding mirror and color tint to your helmet visor )

* do share! a roll of the tinting material will do a lot of visors. if you want to do this, consider throwing in with multiple people in your clan to minimize costs and maximize awesomeness.

* do only attach the film along the top edge of the visor. when you attach your colored or mirrored film to the visor, you can attach it using tape to the top of the visor, but don’t try to attach the sides or the bottom because it may bubble.

* do use scotch tape to help you with peeling the backing off the mirrored tint. if you put a tiny piece on each side, and then pull on each, it will usually easily pull apart.

*do work from the center out as you squeegee – this will help get rid of bubbles

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where to buy

* you can get the mirrored tint at lowe’s or other hardware type shops.

* the colored tints can be found at specialty hobby stores like hobby town usa – you may also be able to use gels for theater lights if the plastic is thin and bendable enough.

* clear plastic welding shields can be purchased at lowes, but harbor freight has them cheaper (these may be southern stores only – if anyone has suggestions please let me know and i will edit this post to include them). you may have to ask for a “safety visor” instead of welding in order to get the right product. nappa auto parts also has them.

step by step:

note: this is directly from the third video listed above <3

you will need:

– clear plastic visor (recommended using a “safety visor” or welding shield type)

– cut piece of mirrored tint (if you want the mirrored look)

– cut piece of colored plastic (if you want color with the mirror)

– hard, smooth surface

– something to use to smooth the plastic that will not also scratch it such as a rubber squeegee

– gila window film application solution (in a spray bottle)

– paper towels

1. cut your mirrored tint to the same size as the plastic color (if you are using a sheet of hard colored plastic). if you are not using colored plastic, you will need  a clear sheet to just get an uncolored mirrored visor. the size of this is about the same of a standard sheet of paper – 8 x 11

2. peel the backing from the mirrored tint. don’t peel it all the way off, yet. just get it started.

3. grab your clear or colored piece of plastic. this sheet should be stiff enough to be able to take the flimsier mirrored tint, but not so stiff that you cannot attach it to your visor. lay it on a smooth surface.

4. spray it down with the window film application spray.

5. pull the backing all the way off of the mirrored film and place it down onto the clear or colored sheet of plastic.

6. use a rubber squeegee or other similar item to smooth out the film. this is very important – take your time here and try to get all the bubbles out. work from the center out as you do this as it will really help to get rid of the bubbles.

7. trim off any excess mirrored film.

8. dry it off using a paper towel.

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9. do any additional squeegeeing as needed.

10. leave it to dry for a while.

attaching to your visor:

1. the tint side does not show. either the colored side or the clear side is the side that faces out.

2. cut it in the shape of your opening/visor.

3. set the tint on top of the visor, and tape it down along the top edge only. the colored film should mold to the visor’s curvature.

4. attach your visor into the helmet as you normally would.

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