SYLVANIA – 880 Basic – Halogen Light Bulb for Fog, Cornering, and Headlight Applications (Contains 1 Bulb) : Automotive

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reviewed in the united states on november 29, 2018

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ok here is how i did this. i went to a really big retailer many will know that starts with wally to buy some groceries. i went to there automotive department and looked up exactly what bulbs i would need for the complete front of my car and the prices there. i sent myself a message on my phone with the bulbs and there exact receptacle. i went home and looked them up online at varied retailers checked them out on honey as well and found my best price on amazon ordered and installed myself. these are light bulbs it is not a very hard thing to do and you can look up videos online for any clarification/instruction you may need.

reviewed in the united states on october 10, 2020

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10/2020 – bought 2. i put in one and you can see the old one is just not as bright as the new one. swapped out the 2nd one and it looks the same now.

i now have a spare old 9140 bulb and it should match the brightness of one that dies in 2029.

my plan is simple.. 9 years from now i will get to brag to my wife and kids how i saved a whole $10.99 today all because my genius fog light bulb hoarding from the the olden days of covid-19.

tldr: i saved $10.99

reviewed in the united states on july 13, 2016

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this is a basic bulb, as it says on the package, but it’s perfect for my needs. it’s well built, it’s exactly as bright as the oem bulb it replaced, and it was inexpensive. sure, it’s not a fancy led or hid kit, but as a result it doesn’t require any rewiring or worrying about reflector patterns and beam shapes. it’s not some interesting purple or blue color, but i don’t have to worry about it being legal, and it helps me see better in the fog. it’s no brighter than the bulb it was replacing, but it has a long life span and i don’t have to worry about it melting my reflector or lenses.

installing this bulb in my 2005 chrysler sebring was very easy. i removed the one screw from the front of the bumper that was holding in the fog light assembly, unclipped the cable from the old bulb, twisted the old bulb out, twisted the new bulb in, plugged in the cable, and screwed in the screw to reattach the fog light assembly to the bumper. it was faster than filling my gas tank, so i’m glad i didn’t pay the $25 that my mechanic wanted to replace the bulb for me.

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this bulb works just as well as the factory bulb and was very cheap. what more can you ask for?

reviewed in the united states on december 2, 2015

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this was half the price of the local auto parts store. changing the bulb in the drivers side of my 2004 mazda 6 was very difficult. the service manual says to pull the bumper out and then pull out the headlight assembly to remove the cover. how many hours would the dealer charge for that? i was able to do it with nimble fingers but it took me 3 hours to figure out how to do so without breaking something. there’s a little clip on the top that needs to be released and 2 tabs on the bottom of the bulb cover that will only release when you push the air cleaner assembly backwards…no need to remove or loosen anything else. installing it was hard because the connector needs to be held with a locking vice before and during the change so it doesn’t disappear inside the housing. hope this helps someone.

reviewed in the united states on november 2, 2020

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they weren’t kidding when they said basic, they are no where near as bright as halogens or led’s. i used them on my craftsman lt2000 lawn tractor, so my level is expectation was low, but… when these burn out i will not purchase these again. i think its partly my fault for believing the good reviews.

reviewed in the united states on july 24, 2020

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this is the only choice for my fork lift
i did try to get all kinds of led h3 bulb, but all fail and i need to purchase this item again.
this item have a life limit, and will burn out about every half year. any way i purchase 5 pc last time and i don’t need to get back to it again in short time.

reviewed in the united states on march 4, 2013

style: 880verified purchase

this item did not work for me, but since i am reviewing the item i will say that it is high quality and works perfectly. great oem replacement if your vehicle uses 880 bulbs.

the vehicle fit guide said this bulb would fit my 2008 hyundai santa fe. the guide is wrong. it is an 880 bulb, but the fog lights on my santa fe are 881. the one number does make a difference. aside from the obvious 90 degree connection, the retention studs are placed differently on each style bulb. you can plug an 880 into an 881 socket and get it to work, but it will not be “lock” into the plug.

take away from this experience: don’t trust the vehicle fit guide as your sole source of information. verify before you buy.

as usual, provided a no-cost return option for me. it’s always a pleasure to do business with

reviewed in the united states on february 1, 2021

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slightly less money than else-where when one shops around. however, as with most driving/fog lights, they are almost always a (pain-in-the neck) job to replace !!! it,s not the bulbs fault. don,t we love those engineers !!! these bulbs are of good quality and a good brand name, for my 2003 subaru forester.

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5.0 out of 5 stars installed this weekend and all good

reviewed in canada on july 19, 2021

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great price compared to local and fast delivery, bulb
writings well and arrived without issue.

m. lopez alvarez

5.0 out of 5 stars es exactamente lo descrito.

reviewed in mexico on july 31, 2019

style: 9140verified purchase

el foco quedó perfectamente en el faro de la camioneta, muchas gracias, sobre todo por el ahorro vs. haberlo comprado en la agencia.


1.0 out of 5 stars one star

reviewed in canada on october 16, 2017

style: 899verified purchase

didn’t fit my truck as it said in the description they would

amazon customer

5.0 out of 5 stars five stars

reviewed in canada on october 22, 2016

style: 898verified purchase

product was as described. fits my 2002 ford escape

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