Amber Shield

Amber Shield

i currently wear an arai vector and changed out my clear visor for a high visibility yellow (no not to be seen ‘high visibility’ but one that makes things sharper in view. lol)

this is the the visor :

amber shield

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at first it took a day to get used to as it’s like riding around wearing shooting glasses. haha ! – but it didn’t take long to see the huge difference.

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amber shield

here’s why they are used :
here’s what i have noticed :
clear sunny day : no real change (except less glare from the sun off windows and reflective surfaces – less blinding)

overcast day : everything is alot sharper or crisper. can’t explain it, just lightens everything.

rain : rain this visor is made for. fog and rain and mist – just get seen through – increases field/distance of vision a good 20-30%.

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evening/dusk : i have found out that the yellow tinted visor is actually uv protect like sunglasses – not as dark but still uv rated (on the package). even riding directly into the setting sun – no squinting – it blocks out glare from the sun direct like sunglasses (not as extreme as full sunglasses – but it works oddly well).

night : can’t even explain it – it is amazing at night. lightens all light sources and if you flip the visor up to clear, open, unrestricted view – it gets darker.

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