An Introduction to Headlight Layouts

An Introduction to Headlight Layouts

headlights have many parts associated with it, but they are all intended to serve the same function. each headlight is designed to illuminate the road ahead at night-time or in low-visibility conditions such as severe fog or rain. it can be switched to provide high and low beams, as needed. the high beam provides long-distance illumination whereas the low beam covers a shorter distance. headlights are powered by the vehicle’s battery.

the main part of the head light assembly is the headlight bulb. the headlight bulb is the source of light emitted from the unit. it produces light by passing electric current through a filament that glows due to electrical resistance. this light is reflected out of the unit by specially designed reflectors that disperse the light across the viewing area of the driver.

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the headlights in newer models of cars usually include the turn signals as well as marker light, whereas in older models they were housed in separate units. in newer cars, the attached turn signals are housed at the corners of the units and include the reflector as well.

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in older cars, it was a simple matter to replace a bulb for the headlight by pulling out the old one and just putting in a new one. with newer cars, especially ones with hid headlights, the job can be much more complicated but it is a good idea to understand which parts are needed. the diagram below gives an example of what parts can be replaced and what are considered to be parts of the headlight unit.

an introduction to headlight layouts    

all headlights we carry are complete units built to factory specifications. they are built to be direct plug and play units that require no modification to install. some units come with bulbs and others are sold separately. (please inquire at the time of purchase).

while ordering the headlights, be sure that all the options such as hid and projector bulbs are the same as the unit needed.

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an introduction to headlight layouts    

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