Best Led Bulbs For Projector Headlights in 2021 Top 10 Picks

when driving in the dark, one of the many safety precautions that we all have to follow is turning the headlights on.

while cars do normally have their own set of head and tail lights installed, it never hurts to go the extra mile and purchase a set of led headlights.

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side by side, led lights are also way more efficient than ordinary halogen lights, which is what truly makes this a great bargain.

in our article today, we will be taking a look at the best led bulbs for projector headlights. so without further ado, let us get to the very first product of the day.

best led bulbs for projector headlights reviews

below we will be taking a look at a few of the led bulbs for your car’s headlights that we thought were amongst the best in the market.

1. fahren h11/h9/h8 led bulbs for projector headlights, 60w 10000 lumens

for the very first product of the day, we will be checking out the led headlight bulbs from the brand fahren.

the canbus resistor of these headlights are made to be compatible with a majority of vehicles, and installation of this product does not take too long either.

these headlights from fahren are also equipped with a built-in ic, which protects the device from overheating.

however, do remember that for some specific car models such as ford, lexus, volvo, etc., you will have to install a decoder by yourself.

these headlights sport an exceptionally sleek build of only 1.2 millimeters.

this helps the product produce light beams that are more focused and cover a larger amount of area at a time.

moreover, the beam of this product can also be adjusted and rotated at a 360 degrees angle, thus ensuring that the user gets to experience optimum beam light patterns while driving.

constructed with heavy-duty aluminum, the bulbs are very durable and will last you for a long time.

side by side, its water, and dustproof characteristics make this product one of the best led bulbs for projector headlights.

key features :

  • canbus resistor is compatible with a majority of vehicles, thus making it very versatile
  • the product can be installed within ten minutes or less, hence saving you time
  • equipped with a 12,000rpm turbo cooling fan that prevents overheating of the product
  • produces brighter beams of light and can be rotated through a 360-degree angle, thus ensuring even light distribution on dark roads.

2. sealight h11/h8/h9 led for halogen projectors headlight bulbs

up next on our list for the best led headlight bulbs is the scoparc s1 from the brand sealight.

apart from producing light that is 1.5 times brighter than that produced by other headlight bulbs, the scoparc can also be installed pretty quickly (it usually takes around ten minutes or so).

purchasing this product will be a great investment because it will also prevent you from having to get a new set of headlights now and then.

it has been stated that the shelf-life of the scoparc s1 ranges anywhere between 15-20 years. however, this lifespan is subject to change depending on how you use it.

although it does not have an additional set of cooling fans installed, that does not mean that your purchased product will get damaged due to overheating.

manufacturers designed the scoparc s1 in a way that enabled a smart cooling system.

the best part about this is that you will not have to constantly hear the buzzing of the cooling fan every time the headlights are turned on.

even distribution of the light that these headlights emit makes sure that you get to see a larger portion of the area ahead of you.

moreover, unlike some other headlights out there, the scoparc s1 also does not produce extra glare and will not be harsh on the eyes of those on the street or in other cars.

key features :

  • features a battery life of over 50 thousand hours, thus saving you extra cash
  • does not produce extra glare and is therefore easy on the eyes of passersby
  • can be used in any weather conditions
  • equipped with a silent cooling system.

3. fahren waterproof led bulbs for projector headlights, super bright

we have yet another led headlight bulb from fahren for our third product of the day.

similar to the one we have seen earlier, the 9005 led headlights also come with 60w led chips installed and produces a white beam of light.

the 6500k white beam ensures that more ground is covered on dark roads. this reduces the chances of an accident occurring on dark roads by manifold.

the long-lasting life of the 9005 led headlights is further ensured by the specially carved heat-sink and the twelve thousand rpm cooling fan, which, when paired together, prevent the product from overheating.

you will be able to get these headlights installed within ten minutes. a constant operating temperature is further ensured by the ic system that this product is built with.

moreover, much like every other fahren led headlight, the 9005 can also be fitted on almost any vehicle that you could think of.

one downside of this product is that it may require an extra canbus decoder to be bought if you wish to install it in various models of jeep, volvo chrysler, etc.

these led headlights can also be turned through a 360-degree angle, and you may even keep it fixated on any angle that lets you get the best out of the lighting system.

key features :

  • installation of the product will not take up too much of your time
  • durable and long-lasting due to the aluminum build
  • produces a brighter beam that covers more ground
  • works with a majority of vehicles with the exception of a few
  • waterproof design makes sure that the product can be used in all weather conditions.

4. sealight 9005/hb3 led headlight bulbs combo package

the second product from sealight on our list is the 9005 h11 low beam. this product provides its user with improved visibility in dark conditions due to the fact that this kit is equipped with both a high beam bulb and a low beam bulb.

truth be told, the purpose of the high beam bulb is to produce light that is brighter, while low beams will provide the user with an improved pattern for the beam.

not only is a better beam pattern helpful to you, but it is also less harsh on drivers on the opposite side of the road.

side by side, these headlights have led chips installed in them, which helps to get rid of black spots in the beam, thus further ensuring that a uniform beam is produced.

the cooling system that this product is integrated works silently and therefore will not produce any annoying background noise when in use.

because the lower end of the product having a measurement of around 0.72″, it can be used on almost every car out there.

lastly, installation of this pair of headlights will only take ten minutes out of your day since no further changes need to be made to it.

key features :

  • will not produce any irritating buzzing sounds when in use due to the product being equipped with a silent cooling system
  • minimized levels of glare make these headlights friendly to other drivers’ eyes as well
  • led chips prevent dark spots from forming in the light ray
  • improved beam pattern from the low beam ensures more area is covered at night.

5. sealight scoparc 9005/hb3 led bulbs for projector headlights

yet another set of led headlight bulbs from sealight that we have on our list for today is the scoparc 9005.

similar to its aforementioned scoparc counterpart, these headlights are also 1.5 times brighter than normal headlights. they produce a white light, which provides better visibility in dark conditions.

the installation of this product can be completed in just under ten minutes since you do not need to make any changes to the arrangement of the led bulbs.

side by side, the bulbs have a very long lifespan of around 20 years or more, even if it is used for a long period of time every day.

similar to the other product from sealight that we mentioned a while ago, this one also features a cooling system that does not come with a fan; hence you do not have to constantly fret over the fan getting damaged.

this is great news for people who are sensitive to a lot of noise since the scoparc 9005 boasts a silent cooling system.

last but not least, the glare-level of this product is very low, which makes it very convenient for both the user as well as other drivers on the streets.

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key features :

  • the shelf life of over 10,000 hours
  • glare-free light makes the product less harsh on approaching drivers
  • integrated with a cooling system that does not involve a fan, hence ideal for use by noise-sensitive people as well
  • easy installation will not take up too much of your time.

6. sealight h11 h8 h9 led headlight bulbs, 60w 10000 lumens 6000k white

the h11 from sealight has a luminous power of approximately 5000 lumen, which produces a light that will improve your vision at night.

however, this does not mean that the headlights will be so strong that drivers on the opposite side of the road will not be able to see anything past the lights of your car.

these headlights feature xenon white 6000k optics and a 1:1 halogen focus beam pattern, which makes it better than almost all of the best led for halogen projectors in the market.

during manufacturing, the headlights were equipped with a high-quality led chipset along with a 0.5″ thin heat sink, which prevents the device from heating up even during prolonged hours of use.

this, in turn, improves the shelf life and the overall superiority of the h11 headlight bulbs.

regardless of which vehicle you might be fitting these headlights to, installing this product will essentially take around a quarter of an hour to 20 minutes, depending on your level of expertise.

similar to a few other products on today’s list of the best-led bulbs for projector headlights, the h11 also comes integrated with a cooling system that does not make use of a fan.

as a result, you will not have to constantly listen to the whirring of the fan when driving.

the h11 headlight bulbs are designed to be well-protected against voltage, hence reducing any possibility of there being a short circuit.

moreover, the high voltage that the bulbs use is converted to light of a very high intensity, which makes sure that no spots on the road remain uncovered.

key features :

  • the cooling system is not equipped with a fan; hence fewer vibrations are produced
  • constructed with aluminum, which increases its durability
  • no glare design is less harsh on pedestrians’ eyes
  • longer lifespan of over fifty thousand hours.

7. auxito led for halogen projectors wireless headlight bulb

the next product on our list is the 9005 led bulbs from auxito. these bulbs are integrated with a pair of two-sided zes led chips, which work to produce light that is much brighter than that produced by other halogen lamps.

moreover, the higher light intensity prevents any sort of dark spots from forming in the beam, hence enabling the user to cover more area at night.

although they are not halogen bulbs, they are designed in a similar way and have chip intermissions, which are very fine,

which further makes sure that a more uniform beam is produced by these headlights. the bulbs have a long-lasting battery life thanks to the cooling fan that they are manufactured with.

since there will be no noise, you will be able to fit these headlights to almost any car that you want to.

however, do keep in mind that some cars might need an extra resistor to be installed before you get to equipping it with this device.

if you are looking for a set of headlights that are easy to install and are essentially an all-in-one package, the 9005 from auxito would be the perfect pair for you.

key features :

  • ip65 waterproof design helps headlights stay in good condition even in bad weather conditions
  • equipped with an efficient and powerful cooling system, which prolongs the longevity of the product
  • easy to install and will save you a lot of time
  • two-sided zes led chips have a luminous flux of approximately 12,000lm

8. sealight h11/h8/h9 led bulbs for projector headlights, 400% brighter

sealight knows how important it is to manufacture led bulbs that will produce an even beam of light.

keeping this in mind, they designed this product to be a 0.04 inches extra fine one so that a very concentrated beam is produced.

this will reduce all possibilities of a dark area being left uncovered when driving at night. the h11 headlights are also manufactured with csp chips and have a contrast rating of 6500k.

this produces light that is almost four-hundred percent stronger than light produced by normal bulbs.

with a recorded installation time of fewer than 10 minutes, this product is sure to be a great fit for you if you are looking for something that does not require additional modifications to be made during assembly.

say goodbye to spending extra cash on thousands of halogen bulbs because the h11 from sealight has a fast-working, 12,000rpm cooling system paired with a heat sink made of aluminum.

not only would this equipment stop your bulb from overheating, but it will also make the device last longer.

in fact, the h11 headlights have an estimated shelf-life over around 50 thousand hours! similar to the other sealight products on this list, the h11 is compatible with a wide range of vehicles.

in case if your car does not support these headlights, simply get an additional set of canbus resistors installed beforehand.

key features :

  • 12,000 rpm cooling system and aluminum heat sink provides efficient temperature control
  • 6500k contrast rating and 10,000lm luminous flux produces a brighter beam of light to prevent dark spots from developing
  • easy to install design will help you save precious time
  • made to be compatible with any vehicle.

9. auxito 9005 led headlight bulbs mini sized canbus ready 80w

we are approaching the end of this list, and for our ninth product of the day, we have one more led headlight bulb set from auxito.

each aluminum built 8000lm bulb make use of a direct current power supply, which should have a voltage rating of anywhere between 12 to 24 volts and a power rating of approximately 40 watts.

the board made of 0.079″ superfine copper allows for 360-degree rotation of the headlights, thus ensuring that more area may be covered.

side by side, the light from these bulbs is also soft on pedestrians’ eyes due to the reduced amount of glare.

setting it up will not take you too long either since you do not have to make any changes to the assembly of this device.

all you need to do is connect it to a power supply with the stated voltage rating, and you are good to go!

its ic system, along with the 12,000rpm fan that this beast is integrated with, not only helps to make it last longer- but also makes this device highly compatible with a lot of vehicles.

further endurance is locked in by the aluminum body and the ip67 water and dustproof design of these led headlights.

the main reason why your product will not face a lot of overheating issues is that each bulb is designed to act as an independent driver.

this prevents any of the electronic circuit components in the bulbs from coming in contact with the source of the heat, hence extending their longevity.

key features :

  • equipped with independent drivers and a 12000rpm cooling system that prevents the product from getting too hot
  • water and dustproof design help make this device more long-lasting
  • the adjustable beam can be rotated to any angle for more access to every nook and cranny on a dark road
  • glare-free and oem beam pattern helps evenly distribute the light and is less tough on others’ eyes.

10. car rover led bulbs for projector headlights 50w extremely bright

to conclude today’s list, we present to you the h1 bulbs from the brand car rover. integrated with the latest model of dual-sided korean csp led chips, each of these bulbs produces light with a luminous flux of 5000lm.

the contrast rating of these bulbs is 6000k and produces a bright white light, which is perfect for night journeys.

its ability to be rotated at whichever angle you want it to be in makes the design of this device appear even sleeker than it already is.

side by side, this beast also comes with an adapter that you could remove if you wish to, hence making it possible for you to fit these lights even inside your projector or reflector.

high endurance level and seamless heat dissipation are provided by the aviation aluminum cooling system these bulbs are made with.

furthermore, these bulbs are also made to be suitable for most vehicles out there; by giving it a length of approximately 20 millimeters.

the best part is that you will be able to equip your car with these awesome headlights by yourself in just under 20 minutes!

last but not least, we thought it would also be worthwhile to mention that the h1 headlights from car rover are waterproof and will even work when immersed in water.

key features :

  • lasts you for over 30,000 hours
  • doesn’t take too long to install
  • the h1 headlights are compatible with many cars and come with an easy-to-remove adapter
  • waterproof and will persevere even through harsh environmental conditions
  • equipped with the most up-to-date dual-sided korean csp chips
  • produces a very bright white light that is also easy on the eyes.

top 10 led bulbs for projector headlights | comparison chart

product name

4k resolution


short assembly time


powerful cooling system

fahren h11/h9/h8 led






sealight scoparc s1






fahren 9005/hb3/h10






sealight 9005/hb3 high beam






sealight scoparc 9005



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sealight h11 h8 h9 led






auxito 9005 led






sealight led headlight bulbs






auxito 9005






h1 led bulbs, car rover






things to consider before buying led bulbs for projector headlights

now that we are done reviewing 10 of the best led bulbs for projector headlights- let us go through some of the features that you should look out for in headlight bulbs before purchasing them.

the lux measuremen

we are not talking about the soap here when we say lux. this measurement is basically an indication of the lumens per square meter that your led bulb will produce.

in other words, a led bulb with a higher lux count means that it will produce a more concentrated and brighter beam of light.

now, this is a good thing because if the light from your car spreads out way too much, you will not be able to see too far ahead of you in the dark since black spots will start to develop.

to conclude it all, always go for a led bulb that has a higher lux count than its competitors.

the color rendering index (cri)

if you are looking for a way to find out how well your chosen headlights will help bring out the color of nearby obstacles, the cri is what you should check.

usually ranging from numbers one to a hundred, a higher number on the cri scale will indicate a better pair of led headlights.

custom-made chipsets

you would be surprised to know that most led bulbs that you will find in the market are manufactured with chipsets that were not initially made for them.

as a result, the chipsets give out way too soon, and your headlights stop functioning shortly after you purchase them.

to prevent yourself from facing this fate again, look for headlights that are integrated with chipsets that were made especially for the said led bulb(s).

a good way of being sure of your purchase is to buy headlights from well-known brands.

the color of the bulb

whenever you go shopping for your next set of led headlight bulbs, steer clear of bulbs that project light that has a yellowish tone to it.

yellow light does not do a very good job at lighting up the road ahead of you, and this might even lead to accidents.

when given options, always choose a bulb that produces ‘daylight’ white light.

this kind of light is the closest rendition of the natural daytime light and will therefore help you spot every sign and obstacle that comes your way.

shelf life of the product

in the market, you will find bulbs with a range of different shelf lives ranging from 10,000 hours to even 30 or more.

you may have already guessed it by now, but we would still like to mention that you should always invest in led bulbs that offer a shelf-life of more than 30,000 hours.

the longer the stated time of performance for the bulb, the better its cooling system would be.

usually, bulbs with a lifespan of over thirty thousand hours are built with a heat dissipation system that consists of both a cooling chip and a cooling fan for more even heat distribution.

frequently asked questions (faqs)

now that you know what you should be looking for in your led headlight bulbs- let us move on and take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions that customers ask regarding the products on our list today.

1. is the fahren h11 compatible with hyundai sonata as a fog light?

this depends on which year your hyundai sonata was released. in a more general case, the fahren h11 will be available for use in hyundai sonatas that were released in the years +61404532026.

if your car falls within this range, you may use the fahren h11 either as a fog light or as a low beam light.

2. why did my projector bulb blow up?

one of the main reasons behind this might be because there is a defect in the projector itself.

usually, when this happens, a wrong amount of voltage is supplied to the bulb, thus causing it to get overheated and then blow up.

another reason why this might have happened is that the power supply was not switched off, which again led to overheating of the system.

3. what are the measurements of the external driver of the sealight hb3?

the outer driver of the hb3 from sealight has measurements of 1.8″ x 1.1″ x 0.5″.

4. are led headlights worth it?

we say yes! a big reason why we would advise you to switch to led headlights is because of the increased luminous flux that they have to offer.

your usual halogen bulbs only have around 1000 lumens. on the other hand, the number of lumens that a led headlight possesses starts from 3000lm, and this value only grows.

side by side, halogen bulbs have a maximum life expectancy of 3000 hours. after switching to led, you can expect your bulbs to serve you for over 30,000 hours.

5. are bulbs with a light intensity of 6000k better than those with a light intensity of 8000k?

yes, bulbs that produce light that has an intensity of 6000k are better. this is because 6000k light intensity is what scientists refer to as “real white light.” in other words,

the bluish tinge that white 6000k lights have to them correctly imitates natural light, hence enabling you to see better in the dark.

with 8000k lights, the blue color is more prominent, thus rendering them comparatively less effective for use in the dark.

6. does the sealight h11 require an additional harness or ballast when using it on a 2008 honda accord?

no, you do not need to purchase or equip your 2008 honda accord with an additional ballast or harness for these headlights. simply connect it to your car, and you are ready to hit the road!

final words

we hope our review of the best led bulbs for projector headlights was helpful for you. from now on, do not forget the neat tips and tricks we discussed, because it can surely save you a lot of hassle and fuss.

moreover, be sure to share these nifty tips with your friends as well; who knows? you might end up learning new things as well.

so, for now, it is goodbye from our end, but it is a temporary departure because we will be back to share more tips soon. until then, take care, and keep making use of that projector.

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