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what is the best led headlight

beamtech led headlights

starting with the most budget-friendly option. beamtech offers a wide variety of 50w led conversion kits. with a total of 8,000 lumens, these led kits are plenty bright. at the same time, they achieve this at 6,500k color temperature. according to the manufacturer, the estimated lifespan of these bulbs is 30,000. although not the longest on the list, it’s still plenty to work with.

among the advantages of beamtech led lights is the fact that they run cooler, which means no integrated fans are needed.

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unlike many other led lights, the light patterns they produce are more consistent – similar to those of halogen lights. according to some buyers, fitment might be tricky on some applications, but overall they were happy with the beamtech kit. upgrade your car today!

  • love it

    • affordable
    • consistent light patterns
    • relatively low color temperature
  • leave it

    • not the longest lifespan
    • tricky fitment in some cases

lasfit ls plus series

lasfit makes it on the list with their ls plus lineup. it consists of a wide variety of 72w led kits, boasting 8,000 lumens at 6,000k color temperature – even lower than our first entry. because of a sharp horizontal cutoff, you have a solid light beam and minimized scatter, which prevents blinding other drivers. if combined with the stock low-beam bulbs, however, they will not offer the best drl solution. the lasfit ls plus series may be much more expensive than our budget entry, but the many positive reviews attest to the quality of the products, although in some cases, difficulties with the fitment have been encountered. check the latest prices now

  • love it

    • a wide variety of applications
    • minimized beam scatter
    • many positive reviews
  • leave it

    • some fitment difficulties mostly due to a complex manual

cougar motor led headlights

the cougar motor offerings can be considered the best all-rounders.

they combine great performance, good price, and longevity of their products. depending on which version you go for, you get 7,200 to 12,000 lumens at 6,000 to 6,500k. a 10,000 rpm turbo-fan is integrated, to ensure a prolonged life. the manufacturer claims a 50,000-hour lifespan. moreover, their led headlights boast a consistent light beam without any dark spots.

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in addition, the kits is a simple plug and play, as well as ip67 waterproof. besides the advertised longevity, each bulb comes with a three-year warranty – no other entry on the list does that. cougar currently offers three different led headlight series, each with a variety of applications, meaning they have something for everyone. order yours with next-day shipping!

  • love it

    • 50,000-hour advertised lifespan
    • three-year warranty
    • competitively-priced
    • up to 12,000 lumens
    • no dark spots
  • leave it

    • some of the offerings are not the brightest

hikari led headlights

hikari is another manufacturer competing for the best led headlights. it has a diverse product portfolio, offering from budget to premium solutions for your headlights. moreover, they offer not only led headlight bulbs but also complete conversion kits. as far as their headlight bulbs, they are compatible with most oem headlights.

even the basic led kit offers 9,600 lumens with a bright-white 6,000k.

the premium version takes the brightness up to 12,000 lumens. most conversion kits feature fans for cooling, while the premium ultra kit has a heat sink. the hikari ultra led is also the first to be included in the list of texas transit authority procurement program (sept 2018). all hikari led products come with a two-year warranty and a lifespan of 30,000 hours.find yours on amazon now!

  • love it

    • led kits and bulbs for every price range
    • two-year warranty
    • variety of shapes and sizes
    • exceptional brightness
  • leave it

    • some applications may require an additional adapter

auxbeam f-16

auxbeam comes with a nice mid-range solution, offering 6,000 lumens per pair or 7,000 if you get the f-16 plus.

with a color temperature of 6000k, it keeps up with the equivalents from hikari and cougar motor replacement bulbs.

the f-16 lineup stands out with a gold aluminum body and cree led chips. they also feature a built-in can-bus for avoiding error codes. auxbeam prides itself as offering the best led products for off-road applications. in addition to being ip-68 waterproof, they are also dustproof, and each bulb has a built-in fan. not only that, but because the heat sink is made of aerospace-grade aluminum, it stays 30 percent cooler than other products.

the bulbs come with a one-year warranty only, but their competitive pricing partially makes up for it. since there is a wide variety of sizes and shapes, auxbeam will most probably have the right led lights for you. should you choose to make a purchase, make sure you are getting the product directly from auxbeam, as they are the only authorized dealer.

  • love it

    • ip-68 waterproof
    • dustproof
    • aerospace-aluminum body
    • cree chips
    • competitively priced
  • leave it

    • mediocre 6,000 to 7,000 lumens
    • one-year warranty only

xenonpro led conversion kit

although the words “german engineering” are a bit of a cliché, we have a good reason to use them here. a true headlight revolution in led headlights. these conversion kits not only provide ample brightness at 9,000 lumens and a dense light beam, but they are also completely water, shock, and dustproof.

moreover, these lights come with a lifetime warranty, a 45,000-hour bulb life expectancy, and are energy-efficient at 45 watts.

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they illuminate the road perfectly, providing optimal clarity during night driving. with the lifetime warranty also come free replacements. moreover, their installation is an easy plug and play experience. for optimal performance and longevity, the lights also feature cooling fans.

  • love it

    • lifetime warranty with free replacements
    • energy-efficient at 45 watts
    • 45,000-hour bulb lifespan
    • provide great and consistent visibility
    • water, shock, and dustproof
    • easy to install
    • high-quality and durable materials
  • leave it

    • can trigger headlight flickering and dashboard warning light (can be fixed with anti-flicker capacitors)

drivevision led headlight kit

the texas-based company has some strong selling points, despite its products being more on the expensive side. their led headlights pack a lot of punch in a compact design. this also means the kit will fit on pretty much any vehicle. consistent performance and longevity is enhanced by a sophisticated power converter and led chip. thanks to a high-efficiency constant current switching and the latest synchronous rectification technology, over 50,000 hours can be squeezed.

the led chip is said to be developed by seoul semiconductor – the leading led supplied in south korea. this allows for 6,000k which gives you a bright white light, through a high-quality cast aluminum housing, which is also ip-69 waterproof.order yours today!

  • love it

    • high-grade materials
    • ip-69 waterproof
    • slim heat sink
    • easy installation
  • leave it

    • can be expensive

q & a

what are the best led headlights?

some of the best products come from hikari, drive vision, and xenonpro, who offer great performance and reliability, but can be a bit expensive, depending on which model you choose.

who makes the best led headlights?

it depends on the application. auxtech is known to offer some of the best off-road solutions, as their products are designed with external elements in mind. for everyday use, drivevision, xenonpro, and hikari offer some of the best performance, but at a price.

how long do led headlights last?

although it may vary, it’s usually between 30,000 and 50,000 hours of work.

are led headlights illegal?

in some regions or states, only led for lights are allowed. it’s worth checking the legislation for the state you are in or plan to go to, before making a purchase.

what cars come with led headlights?

over the last decade led headlights have become more and more common, and nowadays the majority of new vehicles have them from the factory.

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