Best way to strip paint from helmet?

Best way to strip paint from helmet?

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So recently I acquired a target deluxe Fett helmet for a repaint project. After a few years of Fetting here on TDH my skills have definitely improved and I am most impressed with the paint job I’ve been putting on the target helm, so much so that I am no longer satisfied with my regular helms paint job and want to repaint it. My biggest question is what’s the best way to strip the old paint job? Just sand it back down to the resin? Or would dousing it with some acetone and strip it off with that? I’m just afraid the acetone will ruin the actual resin. Any suggestions would be most appreciated, thanks!


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I heard oven cleaner works? Was it painted with humbrol enamels?

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It was painted mostly with spray paints, sorry forgot to mention that above.

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I just use goof off, the graffiti strength works wonders.

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Castrol Super Clean works great on my Warhammer figures. It comes in a purple jug.

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Cool, thanks all, Im sure ill find something that works that wont destroy my bucket.

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What’s the base material of the bucket , did I miss that’s somewhere ?

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I just use goof off, the graffiti strength works wonders.

Goof off product is awesome and is awesomely named…almost as awesome as Cat Crap…but its a close second.

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Just wanted to add a little warning that if you use Goof Off, make sure to use it low quantities and apply it like with a rag, cue tip, or cotton ball. I squirted some on to remove the sticker label and the hot glue chunks off my Target helmet, and it began to eat through it in chunks. The inside of the dome even has some discoloration where it all ran down in streaks!

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The helmet is a resin cast. I’m planning on completely stripping the whole paint job and starting from scratch. Cyris, you say it ate through in chunks, do you mean the paint or the actual plastic of the helmet?

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The plastic. I didn’t use it to strip the paint, though I probably could have in hindsight! It didn’t do any significant damage, just melted the surface layer a little. I think as long as you use it sparingly and don’t squirt it directly on the helmet that might be okay.