Why Is My Engine Misfiring?

When the combustion malfunctions, the engine misfires. Let’s find out the symptoms and causes of an engine misfire. Modern or more recent engines tend to misfire more frequently. If you think your engine is misfiring, finding the source of the problem is typically difficult if you don’t know where to check or what to search … Read more

Does a Straight Pipe Hurt Your Engine?

A car’s traditional exhaust system reduces noise and pollutants but also limits airflow and raises backpressure, which prevents an engine from operating to its full capability. Some people replace their exhaust system with a straight pipe to increase power and improve the exhaust sound. Although using a straight pipe has drawbacks, is damaging the engine … Read more

What Happens if Water Gets in Your Engine?

Nobody needs to be an expert on automobiles to realize that water has no place in an engine. Electricity, fire, and water don’t typically combine nicely. Sadly, water does get into engines, particularly in vehicles whose owners reside in flood-prone locations. Your engine may hydrolock if water gets inside of it, and this will finally … Read more