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capture real time hd voice with the bluetooth® audio pack for gopro®

two products… one passion.

the gopro® camera captures the action and now, the sena bluetooth audio pack for gopro® gives you seamless audio to go with it. the device has an integrated hd microphone and an ultra hd recording function, which can be supported with the connection of the smh5 or higher bluetooth headset models. the audio pack is compatible with gopro® hero3, 3+ and 4 cameras.

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wireless sound keeps your setup simple and flexible

no matter where you mount your gopro® when it’s equipped with the bluetooth audio pack, external microphones aren’t needed. the quality of sound captured from the audio pack truly outperforms conventional microphone logic.

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capture the voices of your whole crew

the bluetooth® audio pack also mixes the voices from your headset’s intercom into your video soundtrack to capture the excitement of your adventure from everyone’s perspective. with the bluetooth® audio pack, your sena headset becomes the ideal microphone for gopro®.

easy to pair, easy to use.

after an initial setup, the sena bluetooth® audio pack for gopro® automatically connects you to the paired headsets and integrated voice prompts help with the setup. simple on/off switches make it easy to control various aspects of operation, while the led flash and voice prompts alert you when you’re ready to shoot.

optimized operation for life

with the waterproof housing option, your bluetooth® audio pack is protected in water down to 40 meters. additionally, all sena owners get access to free firmware upgrades, which ensure your bluetooth® audio pack for gopro® is always operating with the latest software updates.

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product specs

bluetooth audio recording

can be used while charging

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