Different Types of Car Brakes and Systems

Different Types of Car Brakes and Systems


share this post : Out of all the respective car parts and features, there ’ s hardly one more important than your car bracken arrangement. It ’ s the most master and necessary safety feature your vehicle uses to keep you condom. Think about it. What would you do if you were driving and you couldn ’ thymine stop ?

While most drivers ’ understanding of the car brake doesn ’ metric ton extend beyond pressing a pedal and slowing down, there ’ s a set more to this essential part. At Toyota of North Charlotte we ’ ve compiled the assorted types of brakes your vehicle might be using and what makes each one so singular .
Charlotte car brake system

What Are the Different Types of Car Brakes?

Before we dive into the different types of Charlotte car brakes that are out there, let ’ s check out a short bit of the history behind these parts :

  • At their inception, brakes were made of blocks of wood that created friction against wheels on horse drawn carriages. This type of brake system was able to stop these vehicles due to low RPMs and ample friction between wood and metal.
  • The Michelin brothers introduced rubber tires in the 1890s and rendered this system useless.
  • In 1902, Louis Renault pioneered the mechanical drum brake which used a cable-wrapped drum that attached to the vehicle chassis.
  • From there, different types of brakes were fitted to a variety of vehicles. This includes the hydraulic brake in 1921, the internal shoe car brake, and other Charlotte brake systems.

now that you know a moment of the history behind the most rudimentary automotive condom separate, let ’ s check out the different types you can find on vehicles today :
Electromagnetic Brakes
Used on several types of hybrid Charlotte Toyota vehicles, electromagnetic brakes work by connecting to an electric motor and recouping department of energy as they ’ re used. This makes using your more effective and provides your loanblend electric motor with a act of agitate.

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Frictional Brakes
normally found on bicycles and in Charlotte Toyota cars, this type of cable car brake system works by creating clash between two surfaces. You can identify this system by the presence of pads and shoes. When applied, these brakes press pads against a rotating surface ( the rotor ) to finally stop the vehicle .
Hydraulic Brakes
This type of car bracken system is singular in its use of fluids to bring your ride to a catch. By using respective alloy and rubberize fittings attached to cylinder in the wheels, this Charlotte bracken organization uses imperativeness to separate pistons to force brake pads into the cylinders and bring your vehicle to a stop .
Emergency Brake

Your Charlotte Toyota e-brake is unique in the fact that it works outside of the brakes on your wheels. Using a pedal or a manage, the e-brake, when activated, tensions a cable that connects your rear wheels and holds your vehicle. Most drivers use this function when parking but it can be used in place of your typical brakes in the event of car contribution failure .

Do you have questions about how car brakes work ? Toyota of North Charlotte is here with answers ! Chat with us online or visit the franchise at 13429 Statesville Road today .

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