Pulsating Brakes When Coming to a Stop? Learn the Causes and Fixes

Pulsating Brakes When Coming to a Stop? Learn the Causes and Fixes
Mechanic Showing Brakes and Rotors
Pulsating brakes can be felt in the steering steering wheel as a steering rack shake, at the brakes or in the bracken pedal point as a brake pedal pulsation, or in the seat as a seat oscillation when brake. If you feel the brakes pulsate when coming to a discontinue, it ’ sulfur probably from bad brake rotors. We cover some signs of bad brake rotors and their causes and other possible parts that can cause the brakes to pulsate when stopping. If it turns out that wear brake rotors are causing the brakes to pulsate, we besides explain what you can do to fix them .

Signs Your Vehicle Has Pulsating Brakes

Brake pulsation is normally felt when the brake pedal is pressed and the brakes are hot. It normally means there is an issue with the brake rotor and can appear as

  • Shaking in the steering wheel (usually an issue with front brakes)
  • Shaking in the seat (usually an issue with the rear brakes)
  • Pulsating in the brake pedal

Signs the Brake Rotors Are Causing Pulsating Brakes

If the brake rotors appear with any of these symptoms, they are likely the cause of brake pulsation when stop and will need to be replaced or resurfaced. Problems with the brake rotors might besides indicate there is a trouble with another separate, like the brake caliper .
Brake rotor scored with hot spots at the 1 and 2 o'clock positionBrake rotor scored with hot spots at the 1 and 2 o’clock position

“Hot Spots” or Heat Scores

heating system scores are from an overheating return with the brakes. Grooved or score sections, besides known as “ hot spots, ” lawsuit minor discoloring on unlike sections of the rotor from hotness. The furrow lines in the rotor create build up, which creates “ hot spots, ” and the friction creates bracken pulsation. These are normally caused by a stick bracken caliper piston, sticking brake caliper slider, or a lodge brake pad .

Pitted Rotors

Rotors with pittingRotors with pitting
Brake rotors with bantam dotted divets throughout the rotor, besides known as scar, is a sign the rotor needs to be replaced. After the vehicle sits for a period of clock time, moisture accumulates on the rotor. Moisture finally seeps into the holey material on the rotor, creating “ pits. ” After the corrode dissipates from the surface of the rotor from driving the vehicle, the pits remain .

Gouged Rotors

Brake Rotor with metal gougesRotor with metal gouges Gouged rotors will have streaks of metal lines engraved from metal-on-metal contact. They can cause the brakes to pulsate, but they can besides make a grind noise. These are normally caused by a break brake embroider that has no brake pad material leftover, but they can besides be caused by a stick brake caliper piston, stuck caliper slider, or stick brake pads .
Worn brake pad with no brake pad material that can cause gouging and pulsating brakesWorn brake pad that can cause gouging

Other Causes of Pulsating Brakes

other defective brake parts can wear out the brake rotor. These parts can cause the rotors to wear out faster or cause the brakes to pulsate or vibrate when stop .

Damaged Flex Hose

Brake line hoseBrake line hose The bracken line hose that supplies brake fluid to the brake caliper can collapse, tear, or wrench from being reinstalled falsely. A collapse or damaged brake line needs a replacement. Anything disrupting the flow of brake fluid can cause braking issues .

Broken Brake Caliper Piston

Brake caliper pistonBrake caliper piston A interrupt or perplex brake caliper piston can ’ thyroxine expand or shrink back, leaving the bracken pads in contact with the rotor. This not entirely can cause pulsating brakes, but can besides wear out other parts sooner, like the brake rotors and brake pads .

Stuck or Frozen Brake Caliper Slides

Brake caliper slideBrake caliper slide The brake caliper slides need to be greased and capable of moving in and out freely. If the caliper luger is stuck and does not move, the brake pads can wear out and damage the rotor .

Stuck Brake Pads

Stuck brake pads that can cause pulsating brakesStuck brake pads The brake pads should be able to move freely within the brake caliper bracket. If the brake pads can ’ metric ton act, they won ’ metric ton be able to press into the rotors. A copulate of brake pads pressed against the rotor can wear them out and cause you to feel the brakes pulsating when applied .

Replace the Brake Pads and Brake Rotors Yourself

Worn bracken rotors means it ’ s clock for raw rotors and brake pads. We recommend replacing the brake pads and rotors together, since the new brake pads will need a clean and smooth surface to contact on the rotor .
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Pulsating Brakes When Coming to a Stop? Learn the Causes and Fixes


Pulsating brakes can be felt in the steering wheel as a steering wheel shaking, at the brakes or in the brake pedal as a brake pedal pulsation, or in the seat as a seat vibration when braking.


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