Can Anti-lock Brakes Reduce Motorcycle Accidents?

can anti-lock brakes reduce motorcycle accidents?
as you are looking at your motorcycle insurance policy, take into consideration whether or not you have an anti-lock braking system (abs). the benefits of this type of braking system are so important that many of today’s newer bikes have it. and, if your motorcycle has this feature, it may mean that you can reduce how much you pay in insurance. why do you want a bike with abs, and what does having it have to do with how much you pay for motorcycle insurance?

there are benefits to having this type of braking system on your motorcycle. those benefits include the following.

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  • studies indicate that these braking systems can reduce the number of motorcycle accidents that end in death. according to the insurance institute for highway safety, a study conducted for 2013 found that motorcycles with abs resulted in 31 percent fewer motorcycle deaths than those without it.
  • there are fewer accidents as well. the same study found that the number of collisions occurring on these bikes is about 20 percent less than those bikes without it. because they cause fewer accidents, there are fewer insurance claims.
  • abs helps to provide riders with the ability to stop faster. in short, both new and saw riders were tested, and those bikes with this braking system were able to stop faster. the shorter stopping distance is important because it means that, on both wet and dry surfaces, this can reduce the number of accidents and collisions occurring.

does your bike have it? if your motorcycle carries this type of system, chances are good you can qualify for a motorcycle insurance discount. all of these factors contribute to one big result. because there are fewer claims, there are fewer payouts. as a result, insurance companies will provide a lower rate to users.

if you have a motorcycle with an anti-lock braking system, be sure to get an insurance quote with this included. it could help you to save money. of course, the biggest benefit is the ability that this braking system has to save lives and to reduce the risk that your bike will be totaled. if your bike does not have it, it may be time to upgrade.

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