Car Washing 101: 7 Rules to Follow on your next Detail

Car Washing 101: 7 Rules to Follow on your next Detail

Washing your car or hand truck is one of the easiest and quickest ways to care for & maintain your vehicle. And if you ‘re like us, you ‘re a tauten believer that a clean cable car just simply drives better. so read along below as we walk through the 7 basic rules we use when we ‘re cleaning cars at the garage or our identical own daily drivers .

We ‘re detailing Jay ‘s 2015 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R in today ‘s position, but these same steps will apply no topic what type of cable car you ‘re cleaning .

1. Wash in a cool, shaded area
Before you get started, you ’ ll want to park your car/truck in a shade area and make surely the airfoil is cool to the touch. This will help ensure products aren ’ triiodothyronine drying on the cable car or truck prior to rinsing them off .
2. Wheels & tires first
First up on the exterior wash “ reach list ” are the wheels & tires. You ‘ll want to clean these before the paint because they ’ re typically the dirtiest part of your vehicle. Plus, if you wait to clean them until the end of your lave you ‘ll run the hazard of splashing crap & bracken dust back onto the clean key .

Pressure Washing Mustang Wheels | Leno's Garage

now is a good prison term to point out a major detailing cardinal : avoid cross-contamination wherever possible. We suggest using tools & buckets designated for specific sections of the vehicle. Using the wheels & tires as an example, this area is normally fully of brake dust & road dirty. The last thing you want to do is take the laundry hand you ’ re going to use for your key and wipe down your wheels with it. If you did that, your wash baseball glove would pick up the sharp brake dust particles, trap them in the fibers, and then scratch & swirl your key when you wash it later in the process .
When cleaning your wheels, it ’ s important to note that you work one at a meter. Avoid applying cleaners to all 4 wheels first, and then start detailing them. While you ’ ra working with the first gear one, your cleaners will dry on the early three and can potentially harm them .
angstrom far as tools & chemical are concerned, we ‘d suggest the pursuit :
Use your craved wheel clean for the barrel and face of the wheel. You can use an general-purpose clean for the tires and wheel wells .

Wheel Cleaner - Ford Mustang GT350R | Leno's Garage

This is where having a nice categorization of brushes will come in handy. You ‘ll want to use stiff bristles for sturdy areas like tires & wheel wells, but for sensible wheels/rims, you ‘ll want to use something that has a soft nylon bristle. The soft bristled brushes will help avoid any scratches or swirling on the roulette wheel ‘s finish .

Soft Bristled Wheel Cleaning Brush | Leno's Garage

Make sure and rinse every rack clean once you ‘re finished scrubbing & clean .

3. Rinse it
once we ’ rhenium done with the wheels, we ’ ll focus our care on the paint. We like to rinse everything down first. This way we knock ampere much crap off as possible. It seems reasonably simpleton, but it ‘s actually an crucial step. The less you have to scrub and wipe away from the open, the less chance you have of installing swirls and “ love ” marks .

Rinsing Down Ford Mustang GT350R | Leno's Garage

We use a pressure washer at the Garage, and they ‘re big tools. however, we know not everyone has that luxury. The steps we describe hera can be used with a garden hosiery and you ‘ll be just as effective .

Garden Hose Rinsing | Leno's Garage

4. Use two buckets for washing
We ‘ve already covered the two-bucket washout method acting, but if you ‘re not familiar and want to learn more you can click here to read & watch more about it .
here ‘s the tools & chemicals we typically use for the car wash :
With your rinse & wash buckets prepped & fix to go, grab your wash hand, load it up with saponaceous water, then start washing at the top of the vehicle and work your way down .
Foamy Chenille Wash Mitt | Leno's Garage

*If you ‘re working on a tall fomite and need some supernumerary stature for those hard to reach areas, you can use a step stool .

5. Start at the top
With any car or hand truck you ’ re wash, it ’ mho authoritative to start at the top, and then work your way to the lower areas. This serves two purposes : first, the bottom portions of the car or truck are typically the dirtiest, so you want to save them for end. second, as you begin washing from the top, your soap and water tends to run down to the lower helping of the car efficaciously “ pre-washing ” everything as you go along .
We typically follow the same pattern on every wash. Below is the order we normally wash in :

  1. Start with the roof and glass sections of the vehicle
  2. Hood and top of the trunk (if applicable)
  3. Top half of the sides of the vehicle – this is typically just below the windows to just above the rocker panels.
  4. Front grill and bumper area
  5. Rear tailgate or bumper area
  6. We save the lower rocker panels for the very last

Don ’ thymine forget to thoroughly rinse your wash baseball glove between each section, this will help avoid imparting those annoying twirl & scratches. If it ‘s a hot, cheery day out, you might consider rinsing after you wash each major part to avoid having soap & urine dry on the coat .
once the vehicle is wholly washed, give it a thorough final rinse to make certain all the soap remainder is gone. From this decimal point, we ’ ll focus on dry .

6. Use quality microfiber towels
When it comes to drying, applying protection or any other prison term you ‘re considering touching the key, make sure and use high quality microfiber towels. This ca n’t be stressed enough. any clock time you touch the paint you run the risk of scratching or eddy, so you want to use towels that are balmy and designed for the undertaking at hand .
Twist-weave microfiber towels are great for drying. The long fibers of these towels act like a wick and absorb big amounts of water easily .
Soft, plush manner microfiber towels are ideal for sprays, waxes & sealant applications .

7. Don’t forget the inside

obviously we spend most of our time IN our cars & trucks, sol do n’t skip out on cleaning the inside. Use a vacuum to get the majority of the dirt & dirt and finish with a quality interior surface clean. This dance step can easily make the biggest impact when it comes to the fomite “ find ” blank .
Interior Cleaning | Leno's Garage

And there you have it, 7 easy to follow steps that are certain to help simplify your following car wash & detail !
If you have any questions or thoughts, feel release to leave a gossip in the section below. If there are any other detailing topics you ‘d like us to cover, feel exempt to drop us a production line at information @ .

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