7 Common Car AC Problems and Solutions

7 Common Car AC Problems and Solutions
common ac problems In Arizona, you may use your fastball and air conditioner all in the same sidereal day equitable depending on the clock time. Afternoons can get quite stifling requiring that blast of cool air travel from your vent conditioner. fortunately, this is the time of year that if your alternating current does go out, it ’ s not the end of the earth. however, you don ’ t want to be without air conditioning besides farseeing because the temperatures will only continue to rise ! Most people are not certain how to diagnose their car ’ mho A/C problems. There are respective reasons why your car ’ s air conditioner may stop work, here are the most park problems and how they can be fixed .
The Air Conditioning system is comprised of many components including a compressor that is driven by the engine ; an expansion valve that regulates the menstruation of refrigerant ; and two heat exchangers including the evaporator and condenser. Refrigerant is a fluent that turns into a flatulence and back to liquid form, flowing throughout the system .

Problem: No Cold Air from A/C

Most frequently this issue is caused by a refrigerant escape. Your A/C ’ s components rely heavily on the refrigerant to cool the fomite. Without sufficient refrigerant, the early air conditioning components will be ineffective to function. A leak can occur at any time but most frequently due to a hole in a connection, hoses, compressor, condenser, or a tear evaporator. Unlike an oil leak, unfortunately, refrigerant leaks are difficult to identify. This is because refrigerant is meant to evaporate when exposed to the environment .
Solution: An expert automotive technician will need to add a fluorescent leak tracer dye and refrigerant to the system. once added, the technician will run the tune stipulate and using a blacklight, will be able to identify the escape to begin repairs and ultimately perform elimination and recharge to once again blow cold tune .

Problem: No Air Coming From the Vents

This issue isn ’ metric ton as clear cut as hot air out coming through the vents. A knowing technician will need to eliminate the possible causes by checking respective components first. The technician may begin checking for :

  • A blown fuse or bad relay – If the ventilation fuse blows there will be no baron to the cetacean drive preventing air from blowing through the vents. Likewise, a bad relay can besides be the perpetrator since the relay takes the small electrical current and uses it to regulate the larger current needed for breathing .
  • damage to the cetacean motor or blower resistor – The electric fan centrifugal is what pushes the air through the vents in the car, alike to a winnow in your home. Blower motors that have malfunctioned ascribable to wear or age will prevent publicize from coming through the vents. similarly, the cetacean resistor works with the blower motive to control the horizontal surface of how much air is produced to flow through the vents ( low, average, senior high school ) based on your preference .
  • Blocked air intake – Vehicles have two areas where publicize enters the vehicle. One is where air enters your vehicle through vents by the lower half of the windshield and the early is the air that is recirculated from inside the cabin. If either of the air intake areas is blocked from a clog filter or other debris, your vents may blow little to no air .
  • Damaged belts and hoses – The air condition arrangement is equipped with many hoses and belts that operate the system. Any sort of leak, separation, or blockages will prevent proper airflow from the vents .

Solution: Replace fuses and/or the relay, first. If the exit persists, you ’ ll want to visit an technical A/C Technician to test the other components related to the ventilation system. Repairs or successor may be required .

Problem: Air is Cool But Does Not Get Cold

Most much this offspring is due to humble refrigerant. When there is not adequate refrigerant in the system the atmospheric pressure is reduced which prevents the clutch from triggering the compressor to begin its cycle. If adequate refrigerant is in the system it could besides be caused by :

  • Blocked or Failed Condenser – The condenser is the device that takes the refrigerant from its gaseous state by removing the heating system and transforming it back into a melted state. If the condenser has a blockage or is differently damaged, the air coming through the vents will not be cold .
  • Failed Clutch Switch – If this component is not operation, the atmosphere compressor will be unable to operate, thus preventing it from condensing the melted refrigerant into gas.

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Solution: A technician will need to test these major components to look for blockages, damage, or failure and replace them as necessity .

Problem: AC Smells Like Mildew

When you turn on your air conditioner and noxious spirit of mildew hits your nostrils, it ’ south because of the growth of bacteria in the organization. This is park with vehicles that seldom consumption A/C, are older, or that frequently use the maximal setting ( due to excess moisture in the unit ). Bacteria, mildew, fungi, and other micro-organisms may develop behind the splashboard on the evaporator. This growth produces a foul olfactory property that comes out of the vents .
Solution: Air filters can collect dirt, water, dust, and early pollutants and after some clock time producing an smell. Replacing your air filter will help combat this issue. If replacing the filter does not eradicate the malodor, a technician will need to add an anti-bacterial solution into the evaporator area to kill mold and other contaminants from the organization .

Problem: Car AC Makes Noise When Turned On

Anytime your cable car makes a make noise that wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate there earlier could be a bless of trouble. Air conditioning systems are relatively calm when in use. When you turn on your publicize conditioning and hear rattle, humongous, or other unusual sounds, it ’ mho normal to feel a bit aflutter about what is causing the issue. It could be angstrom simpleton as leaves or other road debris blocking the unit and producing all sorts of strange noises. It could besides indicate a major component could be in failure. If a bearing is worn out the air travel condition will produce a grate or squealing sound. A rattling sound could indicate the compressor ’ second cling to has failed .
Solution: Continuing to use your A/C may only make things worse. Take your vehicle to a sure technician for inspection. A thorough inspection will be able to determine if a major component is in failure and whether it will need to be replaced .

Problem: Water on the Floorboards

Bacteria builds up on the air conditioner ’ randomness evaporator coil in the A/C heater box located under your dashboard. The bacteria from airflow mixes with the condensation from the coils, creating a slimed film on the A/C fins and producing a moldy smell. After time, the film builds up and can clog the drain line. The enfeeble lineage is a rubberize hosiery that begins in the evaporator heater box, goes through the floor, and to the undercarriage to remove surfeit moisture. once plugged, water from the condensing fills up the heater box and begins dripping out and onto the floor of the fomite, typically on the passenger side .
Solution: If you notice the floor of your vehicle is damp, don ’ thymine hesitate in getting your vehicle to an automotive plaza for immediate repair. A technician will need to determine what has caused the drain line to become clog and animate or replace the hose as necessary .

Problem: Air Conditioning Goes from Cold to Hot

When you ’ rhenium drive and the air suddenly goes from comfortably cool to dreadfully hot, you know there ’ s a problem. It ’ s possible that the expansion valve that dispenses the right measure of refrigerant to the evaporator has failed. A jam expansion valve prevents the refrigerant from reaching the evaporator and, if moisture is present, causing the valve to freeze .
Solution: Air condition should be cold. If it ’ s not a license technician will need to properly test the system ’ s imperativeness and audit components for blockages or malfunctions .
No matter what symptoms your air condition may be experiencing, a qualify automotive technician knows how to properly diagnose car AC problems and how to properly restore your air conditioning ’ s function. Need service on your car ’ sulfur A/C ? Visit a Sun Devil Auto near you for solutions to all your breeze condition woes .

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