Zero Brake Pressure, Brake Fluid Res Empty, No Sign of External Leak [Archive]

Zero Brake Pressure, Brake Fluid Res Empty, No Sign of External Leak [Archive]
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Aramsl Hello,

Happily have not had to post in technical for a hanker while, but have a new emergence on my hands. While moving the car from one spot to another, I noticed the brake pressure was about zero … fortunately was going behind enough to avoid any incident. After checking the fluid reservoir, empty. I then put the car on a airlift to inspect the brake arrangement, and all cylinders were bone dry. I refilled the brake fluid reservoir, and after a hundred or therefore pumps of the bicycle, brake imperativeness returned, though it is n’t perfective. It still constantly requires a few pumps to go from zero to satisfactory atmospheric pressure, sol wholly insecure to drive. Before I diagnose far, do you think this is a booster write out or a master cylinder write out ? I have n’t had to touch anything on the brakes in my 10+ years of possession, so these parts are likely a few decades old. outwardly, they look very well, with no signs of escape.

Jim Rombough Aram The first thing you have to do is find out where it is leaking .You have filled the reservoir & pumped the bicycle to get some bracken pressure .But you didn`t mention bleeding the brakes .If you haven`t touched the brakes for 10 years you are over ascribable for a arrant change of fluid & a thorough bleed.
But there is not much point in doing this until you find & fix the escape .If you can not physically find any leaking fluid then it could be leaking inside the booster or you could be sucking it through the vacuum & burning it in the locomotive .If this were happening you would be getting white smoke out the exhaust .
JimVillers Aram … .. If it was losing fluid while sitting, the most probably place to look is the rubber coupling below the fluid reservoir. After refilling the reservoir, tie a composition towel around the line to make the leak easy to see .
tommd My two cents, after ten years it is time to rebuild the entire brake system.

Henry Magno I agree, absolutely time to rebuild if it ‘s a few decades. You have been lucky .
Aramsl so after my first post, the car sat for about 2 months, and again, no press, no fluid, and there was a pool of brake fluid underneath where the car sit. After refilling brake fluid this clock time, however, no total of pumping bring press second. I put the cable car on a hoist, all drums removed, and inspected each bicycle cylinder and all brake lines. No signs of escape, and pad and drum condition was excellent.

The master cylinder looked tire, was damp and corroded, so off it went. Replaced with a new Ate unit, and after bleeding all six brake cylinders, blackmail returned. no breeze in the system, wax clean brake fluid exiting the hemophiliac valve.

Next sidereal day, lapp consequence as before … zero blackmail on first heart, and normal pressure after 5-6 presses. There is a hemophiliac on acme of the bracken booster … which I have not touched … is this the following gradation ? Any other suggestions ? And when you suggest “ prison term to rebuild ” do you mean replace all rack cylinders, pads, booster, master cylinder ? I actually do n’t feel like that ‘s necessity hera .
tommd Aram, you could credibly find a particular component or two that has wholly failed, repair or replace it and be okay … for awhile. then in a short fourth dimension, another component will fail … And you replace it. Etc., etc. you said these parts are over ten years old. How hanker do you expect them to final ? I would not even want to install “ new ” ten-spot class previous brake parts that were sitting on a dealer ledge for ten years. Yours have been deteriorating amongst dirty cruddy, rusty brake fluent. They should be replaced at that senesce even if the brake system was operating absolutely. If the metallic element parts are all right, good clean them up. But I suggest all the condom parts be replaced, including hoses. Brake shoes may identical well be fine.

Jim Rombough Aram
I just went through this with my car .I was jumping all over the place trying to locate my trouble .if your brake fluid is disappearing you have to find the leak .It can`t barely vanish !
Put news newspaper under all 4 wheels plus under the master cylinder besides composition towels under the booster fittings & as Jim V suggested wrap paper towel around the pipeline going from the reservoir down to the victor cylinder .Top up the fluent .Now get in the car & heart the heck out of the pedal point.
Make sure you have put the drums back on before doing this or you will blow a wheel cylinder.
After all this pumping check the fluid charge in the reservoir .If the fluid is down you have found your problem, nowadays check all those papers to find where it is leaking.
If you still can`t find the leak go to your promoter. On the front of the booster you have a plug on each english, Remove the inside ballyhoo put some rags under it in shell there is fluid in there .If you get any fluent out of this hole .you need to get the supporter overhauled .If you don`t get fluid coming out take a short circuit piece of small cotton rope stick it in this hole as the fluid might be below the hole .There should alone be air in their.
Bleeding Start at the back of the booster then the front. adjacent right back wheel then in between the wheels then left rear. following right front man, then left front & last is the victor cylinder.
Let us know how you make out .
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