Cheapest way to send this jacket?

Cheapest way to send this jacket?

if you’re going to do much selling on ebay…

it will be a good idea to have on-hand a few each of the full selection of priority mail packages (flat rate, regional rate, & actual weight).

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in your listings, just state “priority mail”, then you will be free to select which priority mail option to use when you are printing your shipping label… depending upon where your buyer is located & maybe combining items into one package… your “best” option for an item may turn out to be quite different from what you thought might be best when you
wrote the listing.

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consider offering “free” s & h, and set your price high enough to cover what you want to get for your item & also enough to cover your packaging & shipping costs… then you won’t have to worry about your buyer complaining about what your s & h charges are.   

if you have a situation where you feel that your buyer has paid too much, then just refund them back the difference ~ they’ll be surprised & delighted with your refund.

as another poster mentioned… the time to figure your s & h charges is before you create your listing, not after the item has sold.    it happens, sometimes you learn a lesson & the extra out-of-pocket cost to ship the item dirves home the lesson.   if you haven’t yet done so, buy a decent scale ~ there are good ones available on ebay for around $20, & they quickly pay for themselves in the savings on shipping costs.  

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not knowing how much it will cost you to ship something will cost you quite a lot over time, and you must have accurate weights (scale should provide 1/10 of an ounce or better accuracy) & measurements to figure your costs.   be aware that bulky articles of clothing may package up such that the “balloon” costs come in for being “over-sized”.

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