CHEEK PADS – how to compress

CHEEK PADS – how to compress
  1. how is it done and do they stay compressed?

  2. in a beater dirt bike helmet that rubbed my temple, i took a spoon to a gas cook stove.

    when the spoon was hot i used it to massage the foam back a little, it sorta melts.

    remove the cloth liner first if there is one.

  3. what helmet? some manufacturers sell thicker and thiner cheek pad sets iirc.

  4. i usually put a book or two on them overnight if i want to compress them. you can put the book on just one or two corners if you just want one area compressed. different types of foam stay compressed more than others but they will all compress some.

    if you need to make big changes, remove the covers on the foam and it can be cut with a knife or shaved with a side grinder and a sanding disk. i normally use the book method first to compress the foam then remove foam if necessarily. if you remove foam first they may end up too small when they compress from use.


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  5. how tight is it? a new helmet should be snug when first bought. they will wear in.

  6. snowmule still learning what is and isn’t edible super supporter

    cheek pads - how to compress

    wear it more often. good excuse to go for a ride.

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