Chevy Tahoe Headlight Bulb Size – Halogen, Xenon, LED – Replacement Guide

2019 chevrolet tahoe chart bulb number

headlight bulb high beam


headlight bulb low beam(with halogen headlights)

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headlight bulb low beam(with hid headlights)


center high mount stop light bulb


brake light bulb


turn signal light bulb front


license plate light bulb


license plate light bulb


parking light bulb


tail light bulb

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turn signal light bulb rear


back up reverse light bulb


side marker light bulb front


side marker light bulb rear


daytime running light bulb(with halogen headlights)


daytime running light bulb(with hid headlights)


trunk or cargo area light


dome light bulb


map light bulb


interior door light bulb


the well-designed casings that house your chevy tahoe headlight bulbs ensure you see other drivers and pedestrians. also, they make other road users see you with greater ease. this way, they make the life of everyone, including your dear ones, much more comfortable.

these bulbs always rely on the electronic system for power. as such, you need to ensure this system is up and running so that circuit problems do not affect the efficiency of your headlights. even if you have a warranty but does not do this, you will incur unnecessary loses.

you have enough options when it comes to quality chevy tahoe light bulbs. whether you want hid or sealed beam light, you’ll get a quality one on the market. not only that. you’ll easily access led lamps and halogen lamps. if you bought your car with headlight options, look for the mechanic who has the right information on how to determine your vehicle’s exact headlight system.

ensure your car’s headlight has the most efficient reflector. this will enable your vehicle to cast the best useful pattern of light on your roadways at all times.

which bulb should you choose? if you want an option that casts additional light, buy halogen lamps. hid lamps can also help you as it uses two electrodes that charge the xenon gas to produce the most light. but if you want one that operates at a lower temperature, led lamps are your perfect option.

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chevrolet tahoe headlight bulb size chart

aftermarket headlights

when the daylight is not sufficient, you rely on the lighting system of your vehicle to keep you, your family and other drivers, the passengers, and pedestrians safe. therefore, for long-lasting car
workality, you need to maintain your chevy tahoe headlights. whenever you discover some of them are faulty, replace.

the headlights in the front of your vehicle keep your visibility high at night or in the rain high. fog light also helps you to realize the same objectives when the weather is unfavorable on when driving near mountains.  you can use your hid headlight kit and xenon headlight kit to boost the quality of your light. but avoid broken or burn-out headlights. they cannot help you. so, replace them without any delay.


when should you replace your headlight bulbs?

if your headlight bulb is blown out or is dimmed, you no longer need it. halogen bulbs often begin to produce a significantly less amount of light as their filaments age from use. led and hid lighting are exempted from this category. for that matter, you need to replace your bulbs whenever they are not producing light or are inefficient. but how you do this will depend on your chevy tahoe headlight bulb size and headlight bulb type.

in some cases, your headlight circuit may fail. an inappropriate socket size alone might cause these problems. depending on the type and intensity of the fault, a chevy tahoe headlight bulb replacement can be the only proper solution. clearly, timely replacement is of utmost importance.

  • do you know how mechanics replace headlights? here’s what they do.
  • raise the hood (for halogen bulbs and sealed beams)
  • get the factory service manual and follow the stipulated procedures
  • inspect wiring and bulb sockets
  • turn on all your newly installed bulbs

these steps are easy to follow. but you must be adequately diligent to avoid unnecessary confusions during the installation process. are there some critical safety precautions? find the major ones below.

  • test for a faulty circuit if the light bulb lacks filaments that you can quickly evaluate
  • replace sealed beams and halogen lamps in pairs always for balanced light production
  • replace plastic lenses whenever you notice signs of degradation
  • frequently inspect the condition of major components, such as fuses and bulb sockets.

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