Disc Trailer Brake Kits, Parts and Accessories

Disc Trailer Brake Kits, Parts and Accessories
Trailer tide phonograph record brake systems consist of either a HYDRAULIC or ELECTRIC/HYDRAULIC ACTUATOR, hydraulic BRAKE tube, ROTORS and CALIPERS. Disc brakes are a more nautical friendly alternate to drum and shoe systems. Some of the leading manufacturers are KODIAK, DEEMAXX, DEXTER, TIE DOWN ENGINEERING and UFP and they all sell a variety of unlike coatings and/or materials. Trailer Parts Superstore® sells disk brake assemblies, complete magnetic disk brake packages, disc brake actuators, disc brake tubing and plenty of disk brake compensate parts & accessories. HYDRAULIC DISC BRAKE SYSTEM COMPONENTS:
DISC BRAKES are available in sizes compatible with axles rated from 2,000 lbs ( with brake flange ) up to 10,000 lbs and change in size classes from 8 ” rotor up to 13.1 ” rotor. The two most common size for general applications are 10 ” class and 12 ” classify brakes, which fit 3,500 pound and 5,200-7,000 pound axles. Trailer Disc brakes provide superior braking power over brake drum brakes. A turn back lockout solenoid or testis valve should be installed at the actuator before facility of phonograph record brakes. A particularly designed Disc Brake Actuator is besides available from TIE DOWN ENGINEERING, DEMCO, UFP, or TITAN to allow for slowly facility .
When selecting dawdler disk brake components for your trailer, consider the weight unit of preview in full loaded with all cargo and equipment. For multi-axle trailers, consider how many axles will be equipped with brakes to meet your stopping requirements. besides, to get the most benefit from your brake system, follow the instructions for caution and sustenance in the initiation and service manual included with each actuator, foundation brake, and brake tube kit.

The “G5” S.S. Disc Brake kit from Tie Down Engineering replaces 10 ” Drum Brakes and mounts to the existing 4-hole axle brake flange. Includes individual piston aluminum caliper, patented bi-metal aluminum/ stainless piston, oil impregnated tan bushings, ceramic pads with stainless sword backing plates, stainless steel steel luger pins, bearings and seals, galvanized mounting bracket and complete installation instructions
The Trailer Disc Brake assemblies from KODIAK TRAILER COMPONENTS offer the stick to advance features :
Corrosion Resistance is crucial on all types of trailers and of major retainer in salt water or other caustic environments.
Kodiak pioneered the use of brass fittings, stainless steel guide bolts and sleeves, and stainless steel steel pistons as standard items in trailer disk brake calipers.
Kodiak rotors are offered with an E-coated finish, Silver Cadmium Plated, and Stainless Steel ( not available in integral hub/rotors )
At a minimal, all Kodiak caliper castings and caliper mount brackets are e-coated with options for silver cadmium plate or an all stainless steel steel product.
Note: On a stainless steel sword caliper, all parts are stainless steel except for the fittings, which are brass, and the back plate on the clash pads, which are zinc plated carbon steel .
The electric over hydraulic system is a identical adaptable means of supplying robust braking world power for a wide range of towing applications. Components of the electric/hydraulic system are mounted on the dawdler and dwell of an electric/hydraulic might whole, barrage, hydraulic lines and hydraulic phonograph record or drum brakes. A 12 volt office provide and electronic signal are supplied from the tow vehicle. The electronic signal is generated by an inertial bracken restrainer of the type typically used with electric trailer brakes.

When the hustler applies the tow vehicle service brakes, the tow vehicle restrainer generates an electronic signal in proportion to the inactiveness change ( slowing ) of the tow vehicle. The electric/hydraulic power whole receives this signal and produces hydraulic atmospheric pressure in proportion to the signal lastingness. The leave press is distributed throughout the preview brake system.

Typical applications for electric/hydraulic brake systems range from modest single axle utility trailers to boastfully multi-axle amateur vehicles, american samoa well as standard trailers, equipment trailers and flats, receiver, one-fifth bicycle and gooseneck styles. Electric/hydraulic trailer brakes are easily supported by any tow fomite equipped with an electric brake accountant, allowing tractability in tow vehicle/trailer combinations. Modifications to the tow vehicle are minimal and unobtrusive. Electric/hydraulic brakes are compatible with tow vehicle ABS. The dawdler bracken may be applied independently of the tow vehicle brakes. maximum braking effort is applied to the trailer brake in the event the trailer becomes uncoupled from the tow vehicle.

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