Do Helmets Prevent Injuries in Motorcycle Crashes?

Do Helmets Prevent Injuries in Motorcycle Crashes?

motorcyclists have specific safety gear they can wear on the road. one of the most vital pieces of equipment is a helmet. a helmet is essential in preventing some of the worst injuries from occurring. it’s critical for riders to have safety gear in the event of a devastating collision.

as helpful as helmets are, can they effectively prevent all injuries?

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if you are a motorcyclist, you should know a few crucial aspects of wearing a helmet and how these pieces of equipment can help you. it’s also helpful to understand how injuries can occur even if a helmet is present during a crash.

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helmets can help prevent fatal injuries

motorcyclists should wear helmets. they are useful in preventing some of the most catastrophic or fatal injuries. they can protect the outer layers of the motorcyclist’s head, while also covering his or her eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks, and more.

using a helmet can help a motorcyclist avoid external trauma. according to the united states centers for disease control and prevention, motorcycle helmets reduce the risk of death by up to 37% and head injuries by 69%.

helmets don’t protect from all injuries

as helpful as helmets are, and motorcyclists should use them, they don’t prevent all injuries from occurring. unfortunately, motorcyclists can still sustain significant head injuries, such as concussions and hemorrhaging, when they experience a severe crash.

riders must operate their motorcycles with safety in mind. ensure the necessary precautions are present to prevent a severe accident from occurring in the first place. defensive driving combined with the use of safety equipment can help motorcyclists avoid catastrophic harm.

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when negligence does exist, and someone else causes a motorcycle crash, any person who suffers an injury can take legal action against the responsible person. taking legal action includes pursuing compensation for lost income, medical expenses, physical therapy bills, and more.

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