Does AAA Cover Motorcycles? (+What You Need To Know), 2020

does aaa cover motorcycles? (+what you need to know), 2020

updated november, 2020

You're reading: Does AAA Cover Motorcycles? (+What You Need To Know), 2020

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aaa offers motorcycle insurance, as well as other money-saving policies. choose between liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage. additional options available are uninsured and under-insured motorist coverage and medical bill coverage.

how much does aaa’s motorcycle insurance cost?

the american automobile association (aaa) provides coverage for motorcycles at an average rate of $35 per year. however, if you’re not an aaa member, your rates might be higher. on average, insurance rates are $75 to $200 per year for non-aaa members.

your rate depends on certain factors, such as the following:

  • motorcycle model
  • location
  • driving score
  • age

what’s covered by aaa motorcycle insurance?

aaa provides full coverage for motorcycles. there are many policies to choose from, including the following:

  • uninsured and under-insured motorist: you’re in an accident with someone who doesn’t have insurance. or, if they don’t have enough insurance to cover your repairs.
  • comprehensive coverage: your motorcycle gets damaged by something other than another vehicle, such as hail, fire, or falling tree branches.
  • liability coverage: all at-fault accidents with your motorcycle.
  • collision coverage: your motorcycle’s damaged in an accident and needs repairs. if it’s completely totaled, your insurance pays for replacement.
  • medical payments: all medical bills, no matter if it’s a not-at-fault or-at fault accident.

are there any benefits to aaa insurance?

aaa has an extensive range of added features that are available to add to your insurance policy, including the following:

  • tow services: roadside assistance is available for policyholders. you’ve got 4 tow service phone calls per policy (for up to 100 miles).
  • custom parts and equipment: repair and replace your motorcycle’s custom parts and unique engine.
  • safety apparel: repairs needed for your helmet and other safety gear.
  • locksmith services: if you lose your key or it’s stolen, you’re reimbursed up to $75.
  • trip interruption: up to $1,000 coverage for flood and accommodation during delays on your trips.
  • fuel delivery: run out of fuel on the highway? no problem. get gas delivered to you.
  • trailer assistance: if you’ve got additional transport and tow-behinds, they’re also eligible for towing services, locksmith services, air for tires, and extrication.
  • extrication: a professional retriever gets your bike if it’s stuck or falls into a ditch.

do i get discounts with aaa?

being with aaa allows you to enjoy many discounts available at leading stores, such as the following:

  • repair shops: aaa has many repair shops on its network, and you get a discounted rate when you use these services.
  • parts and accessories discount: need new parts for your aaa motorcycle? get them from napa stores or online to receive discounts.
  • vehicle purchases: aaa has many partnerships with leading car dealerships, allowing you to get discounts on your next purchase.
  • interstate passes: get to where you need to be with a 10% discount on interstate passes.
  • tires and accessories: adding to your motorcycle to increase quality gets done at a discounted rate.
  • car care centers: save money on your next car or motorcycle service by going to one of aaa’s partnership care centers.

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how do i apply for aaa motorcycle insurance?

to find your nearest aaa agency follow simple steps:

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  1. go to the aaa homepage
  2. enter your zip code
  3. navigate to the ‘find an agent’ page
  4. choose the nearest agent and give them a call or stop by for a visit

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