What Causes Brakes to Lock Up?

What Causes Brakes to Lock Up?
What Causes Brakes to Lock Up? If you hit your brakes and they lock up as you come to a intercept, it can create a potentially insecure situation. We ‘re hera to help Wakefield, Reading, and Danvers MA drivers understand why. What causes brakes to lock up ? What can be done if they lock up ? The team at Ira Subaru answers those crucial questions to help you become a well-versed brake technical. Continue reading to learn more or skip to scheduling service right here on our website.

Why Brakes Lock Up

What Causes Brakes to Lock Up? Your car either has cram or phonograph record brakes. They ‘re a little bite different, but both types of brakes have the like end goal-to stop your car. There are besides other types of brakes that serve as reinforcements for the regular brakes. These backup brakes are the Anti-lock Braking System ( ABS ) and the emergency brake. The ABS is supposed to prevent your brakes from locking. The system operates through a calculator in your vehicle to send messages when it senses strange wheel decelerations. The calculator reduces press on the wheel so the brakes will stop the vehicle. Brakes can lock up if your ABS system is faulty.

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Other causes of brake lockup may be:

  • Overheated braking system
  • Incorrect brake fluid
  • Damaged or broken calipers, rotors, or drum brake backing plates
  • Worn caliper pistons or brake wheel cylinders

What to Do If Your Brakes Lock Up

If your brakes lock up after you ‘ve pressed on them, you may wonder what you can do .

  1.  Be sure to remain calm, turn on your hazard lights, and try to find a safe place along the road to stop. If possible, honk your horn to let other drivers know that your brakes may have locked up.
  2. Start looking for a safe position where you can pull over.
  3.  Don’t turn off the car until you’ve come to a complete stop. If your speed is under 40 MPH, try to activate the parking brake to help bring the car to a full stop.
  4.  Be sure to call our service center for assistance.

Repairing Your Brakes

What Causes Brakes to Lock Up? If your vehicle has locked up when you press on the brakes, our service technicians will determine what has caused the issue. There could be a problem with the master cylinder. When you push down on the brake pedal point, the fluid blackmail should be able to get to the brake pads or barrel shoes. If the chief cylinder valves and seals are not properly in position, the brakes may lock up. It ‘s besides possible that the brake fluid in your car may be abject. Brake fluid can be checked during a overhaul sojourn, and we ‘ll replace the fluid if needed.

Schedule Brake Repair With Ira Subaru

We hope that your brakes never lock up while you ‘re driving. however, if your fomite ‘s brakes lock up while traveling in Wakefield, Reading, and Danvers, contact us hera at Ira Subaru. Our service technicians will provide brake repair, including any necessary comprehensive examination fixes for the ABS system. If you have any questions for us, reach out to our avail team today .

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