EL Wire Motorcycle Tron Helmet

introduction: el wire motorcycle tron helmet

i always liked the tron movies and daft punk and i wanted one of the cool helmets to wear it with my scooter .

luckily the tron movie costumes were made with el wire and el tape and that’s available from many electronics stores like sparkfun.com and adafruit.com

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this instractable will be easy to build but need patience and daft punk music 🙂

step 1: parts

part list:

  1. your helmet (any kind).
  2. el wire* (any color you like).
  3. duct tape or double face duct tape.
  4. glue gun.
  5. batteries*
  6. alligator wires (for prototype only).

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*the el wire i used in this tutorial is 2 meters and specially made for cars , it need 12v from the car lighter .

* i used 2′ 9v batteries connected in series = 16v to light this , it should be ok.

it should be fine if you used shorter wire or broader , it depends on your design .

*the batteries i used was received from the electronics build night by jameco .

step 2: design

this mod should be permanent , so you should be sure about the design.

first you should imagine a design and draw it on a paper or do like me and just start with duct tape .

put the duct at the angles and try to tension it to see how it will look.

note: the double face tape i used was a complete fail and pain , so i used normal duct tap .

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step 3: test and redesign

after building your design prototype with duct tape , light it up to see how it really looks.

if you like it , start gluing with glue gun under the same places you put the duct tape and the glue the straight lines .

in my case i needed more enhancement to the design .

step 4: turn on and enjoy your ride 😉

this mod was made at cairo hackerspace.

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