Factory HID Xenon Headlight

what brand of hid headlight does toyota use

Hello everyone!

First post here. So we recently purchased a 2021 Corolla Hybrid and one of the first things I noticed was that the LED headlights aren’t that great. It rains quite often here in Central Florida and when it really rains (which is often & Tropical Storm Eta is on the way), the white LEDs don’t offer much visibility.


I’ve always been a fan of HID Xenon headlights because I find that the 4300K range of light produces the best visibility and usability. On top of that, I love the fact that you can replace the ballast and bulbs yourself; something that LED headlights do not offer.

I’m a firm believer in the Right to Repair, and with more OEMs opting to provide LED headlights as standard, it’s going to be even more difficult to repair if anything goes wrong down the road. Yes, LEDs are incredibly reliable and long-lasting but defects do occur. This is one of the reasons why when we purchase any kind of lighting in our house, we believe it’s better to buy one with an open socket so you can decide the color/brightness of the bulb and if the LED bulb goes out, you don’t have to replace the entire light housing/assembly.

I’ve never owned any vehicles with factory HIDs, but did use aftermarket HID kits in our older vehicles. Although they produced a decent amount of glare, they still outperformed halogens and most LED aftermarket kits.

So, this led me down a rabbit hole of other headlight options available for the 12th gen Corollas. As I was looking through a dealer’s parts list online, I found that the 2020 Corolla Hatchback SE M/T had HID ballasts listed as replacement parts!

The part numbers for the HID Xenon headlights are: 8113012N00 & 8117012N00 (Part 1 on the diagram)

The ballast part numbers are: 8105612L80 & 8101612L80 (Part 8 on the diagram)

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I could not find the part numbers for the actual HID bulbs listed anywhere on that same webpage though.

I kept searching for “Corolla OEM Xenon” or “E210 Xenon” and many similar keywords but could not find anything on these HID headlights. If they’re listed as replacement parts under a Toyota dealership, it must be a factory option somewhere!

Another hour of searching and I finally found a dealership in Hanover, PA that lists HID Xenon headlights as standard equipment!

Factory HID Xenon Headlight

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Factory HID Xenon Headlight www.hanovertoyota.com

It’s a 2021 Corolla Hatchback Nightshade Edition with CVT, and it lists one of the Exterior features as “Adaptive Bi-Xenon HID Headlamps” 😳

I’m super stoked to find out that it might be possible to swap out our LED headlights for factory HIDs. These are obviously going to cost an arm and a leg but I was wondering if anyone had any idea if something like this could be done and if we’d need to replace the entire headlight harness?

Prior to purchasing the Corolla, we did some research on the headlight visibility scores and IIHS rates the Corollas as “Marginal” not even “Acceptable.” Only the XSE and XLE trims with the Advanced Lighting package got an “Acceptable” rating, and that’s because it has adaptive front lighting system (which I don’t think makes that much of a difference since the light output still remains the same, it just turns with the steering wheel to provide better coverage around corners).

It’s pretty pathetic that Toyota touts that they have increased the number of airbags from 8 to 10 with the 2021 models, but does bare minimum for safe car lighting! I believe there are only a handful of vehicles that even get a “Good” rating for visibility, let alone an “Acceptable” rating.

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I would’ve gladly paid for an HID package from the dealership if it was even an option on my trim. But at least we know there’s a factory option and I thought I’d try to get a discussion started on the viability of swapping our LED headlights for these factory HIDs. Thoughts?

Lakeland Toyota website w/ HID headlights or you can search your own local Toyota online parts dealer by going to TOYOTA > COROLLA > 2.0L M/T > SE Hatchback > 2020 > Body & Trim > FRONT LAMPS. HEADLAMP COMPONENTS):

Diagram of OEM FRONT LAMPS. HEADLAMP COMPONENTS. Contains 25 parts priced between $0.55 and $1,004.68. Fits 2020 TOYOTA COROLLA SE Hatchback 2.0L M/T.


Link to IIHS Report on car’s safety & lights: 2020 Toyota Corolla 4-door sedan

TL;DR HID factory OEM headlights are available for the 12th gen Corolla Hatchback Nightshade Edition